Sunday, May 14, 2006

Colors of Spring

I hope all you mothers out there had a very Happy Mother's Day!

The iris are blooming! This rich shade of purple is so lovely against the green leaves. Those are the fringed tulips again.

Don't iris have a fascinating shape?

Creeping phlox (subulata I think). A friend gave me a whole lot late last fall and they all survived the winter. I'm so pleased!

Salmon tulip....delightful!

Sweet-natured Grady showed up in our barn at the beginning of winter. He's a neutered male and must've been someone's pet because he certainly loves to be loved! He's always with me when I'm in the garden...along with a few other feline buddies.

These lovely late tall white tulips have a decidedly lemon tinge. I've never noticed that in previous years. The new camera is causing me to notice so much more detail!

The deep pink shade of these tulips just takes my breath away!

Spring colors...a pretty combination!

I like the shed in the background with this pinkish red tulip.

The lovely reds again. It was really hard to choose which photo of this group to post. I'll probably put more photos of the reds in another post. They're so photogenic :) Posted by Picasa


Alice said...[Reply]

Dear Ms Kerri

It is getting colder where I live and the trees are losing their leaves and there aren't so many flowers out. It looks like you have lots of pretty flowers and I really do like bright colourful flowers.

Please Ms Kerri, could I come and stay with you for a while - I think 3 months may be long enough -for a start. If you don't have much room, I could happily stay in your big red barn with your pussy cats, although I don't really like cats a lot.

I could help you in the garden because I see that you have a nice seat with wheels, and I do like to sit down.

I do hope you will say that I can come and stay. Should I start packing my bag now??

Thank you, Ms Kerri. I promise I will be no trouble.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

Hello Kerri,
Do you think I could join Alice in the big red barn ? I like cats so they can snuggle next to me and leave Alice alone.
I miss the tulips, daffodils, etc, and I LOVE your pictures.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...[Reply]

Like all of us, I see Grady likes to take time out for a spot of sun bathing.
Your tulips are really lovely Kerri, I must remember to get some in for next year. I had just a few in my garden,, but not one has flowered this year, they have all come up blind for some reason. Marion

Sue said...[Reply]

You could have a lot of company on your hands if you keep posting such pretty pictures! That Grady looks like he's found a comfort zone with you :)

Kerri said...[Reply]

Dear Ms. Alice and Jellyma,
By all means start packing your bags and get here as fast as you can! I'll put you right to work in the gardens, and I could use some help cuddling the cats too!
The more the merrier! Everyone is welcome, but bring your own trowel!
I'm so sorry you didn't get any blooms on your tulips. Perhaps next year they'll do better. I hope so! Zoey posted a good article on why tulips sometimes don't bloom. You'll find her at the Perennial Passion link on my sidebar.

FRIDAY'S CHILD said...[Reply]

Wow! those are lovely tulips. We don't grow them here but I do love them. I like them when they're just like what you have in the picture now. I see them here only in flower shops and they really cost you a fortune as they are imported.

MissKris said...[Reply]

I come here and I feast my eyes and my spirit on your beautiful imagination takes flight too, let me tell you. I won't say I'm exactly envious of all the land you have to garden in but my little 40'x 100' lot isn't much more than a blip on your radar screen, lol! But one nice thing about a small city yard is I can tear it up and replant whenever I want and it doesn't end up costing a fortune. The past few years, tho, I've finally become satisfied with how everything "works" together tho...and it's a pleasure to just sit back and enjoy God's handiwork. I am SO glad I stumbled across your site, is a true joy and I anticipate every visit!

Alice said...[Reply]

Those tulips are so delectable that it must be so hard to tear yourself away from their sight and go to work. I'd certainly want to stay home and look at them all day - as I know you would, too.

It's such a pretty collection of colours that blend so well together.

ms*robyn said...[Reply]

oh my! look at those tulips - they are gorgeous. the whole place looks lovely. just a question though - do you ever miss Australia? like get homesick?

Zoey said...[Reply]

Beautiful tulips, Kerri.
I also like that photo with the barn in the background.
The purple iris go so well with the fringed tulips, too.
I just love tulips. (I think because they last such a short time).
I am surprised that you don't have deer or rabbits eating them.

Wendy A said...[Reply]

Your flowers are lovely. Just what I need to see as the temps drop here in Tassie. They look good enough to eat.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

Your pictures are gorgeous. Oh it must be breeze of delight around your house. I love the picture with your cat in the background...what a life.

Hope you are doing well.
Take care,

Sigrun said...[Reply]

So wonderful pictures! Your photos are very good, Kerri. And I like the pink colour!


Sonia said...[Reply]

Gorgeous tulips and great pictures, Kerri!
Thank you so much for your compliments about my Mother's Day Post. Wishing a belated Lovely Mother's Day to you, too!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

Kerri...I know I can always come here for some eye candy. Your tulips are beautiful as well as that sleeping Brady. Don't you find that tom cats are more loveable than females?

You take such marvelous pictures of your flowers...and they are so crisp & clear...Of course you have the most colorful subjects to photograph...your flowers.

judypatooote said...[Reply]

I feel like I'm taking a trip through Holland, with all your tulips....they are beautiful...and Grady does look a bit
Some of my tulips didn't bloom either....I think that you have to dig them up and split them after a couple of seasons of blooming.... although I never have, and they have been planted at least 15 years....maybe some of my tulips are lazy like Grady.....

TUFFENUF said...[Reply]

You take such nice photos and the flowers are so beautiful. Thanks for a great blog and a nice post! Keep taking photos!

Karen said...[Reply]

Beautiful colours in the garden. So many tulips!