Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The craft show I worked at last Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday in Western NY was not as busy as it has been in the past. Spring shows are notoriously slow, but this is usually quite a good one. The weather was beautifully warm and sunny and this keeps people at home working in their yards and gardens. We have better attendance when the weather is cold and wet. However, we appreciate the customers we do have, and enjoy seeing our fellow crafters and their wares.
Our husbands always call to chat at night once or twice while we’re away…we just like to check in with each other. This time I hadn’t left a phone number for my hubby so we planned to have Chris’s husband call him with it. Saturday night when she was chatting to her hubby about the events of the day I remembered seeing a number on the room key card and so I gave that to Chris to read off to Dick. He agreed to call Ross and pass it on.
We became engrossed in the movie "Bewitched" which was showing on TV, so it was some time later before we realized that Ross hadn’t called me yet. I joked to Chris that apparently my hubby didn’t love me anymore, and we continued watching the movie.
Now picture this: The closing scene with Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell in a romantic embrace, whispering the final lines to each other……suddenly Chris sits bolt upright, eyes wide, and spouts, "I’ll bet that was the number for Domino’s Pizza!"
"What?" I say, bewildered…..trying to ignore her and watch the closing scene.
"The key card had a picture of a pizza on it!", she says, and begins to laugh.
The realization of what she’s saying begins to sink into my thick head, and I start to chuckle, saying, "Hush, you’re ruining the end of the movie", but she keeps laughing, louder now.
Then I begin laughing and we can’t stop………
We just kept on laughing hysterically for about 10 minutes…couldn’t stop for the life of us! It seemed like the funniest thing we’d ever done. Then of course, after a while, it seemed like the stupidest thing we’d ever done....the ‘blondest’ thing we’d ever done :)
When we eventually managed to contain ourselves I felt rather bad about not calling Ross earlier, since he hadn’t called. He always calls! I had assumed he must’ve fallen asleep on the couch while watching TV or reading, which he often does. Anyway, I called him at about 10:45PM and woke the poor guy up. He had indeed reached Domino’s Pizza! Strangely enough, he wasn’t anywhere near as amused as we’d been by our little fiasco. Sometimes men have no sense of humor, you know?


Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

They just can't take a joke!!lol

You two are silly. Well it sounds like you made the best of the trip. Sorry you didn't sell more.

Take care,

Val said...[Reply]

Hee hee! I'm laughin'! And the great thing is that years from now, without prior warning, you'll both think of this simultaneously, and have another laugh-fest.

Alice said...[Reply]

See, Kerri - I TOLD you that Ross would be much better off ringing me ----- although my pizzas aren't as good as Dominos....lol.

MissKris said...[Reply]

Whatta ya know...your comments finally loaded for me, lol! I got a kick out of this post. You know, as I was reading here catching up and you mentioned the blogger friend who didn't realize NY had something other than New York City in it...well, my Dear Hubby went on a business trip a few years ago to Auburn, NY, and said the same thing...he said the Finger Lakes region was one of the prettiest areas he's ever been in. Are you anywhere near there? The only thing he didn't like was the high humidity in the summer because we have very little of that here in Portland.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

Misskris...my ears are burning, are you talking about me? *LOL* I'm the blogger that didn't know a thing about NY except NY City.
Thank God for Kerri who has kept me informed with pretty pictures and stories.

Sometimes, mistakes just happen when were're not paying too close attention to what were're doing...like reading the hotel card key. Most of the time they're supplied by the pizza places so you'll call them. That's really funny and like Val said above, some day down the road you'll just think of what happened and start laughing uncontrollably once again.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

Apparently I wasn't paying too close attention to my spelling of "we're" I got carried away with re a few times.

Sue said...[Reply]

This was too funny! I related the story to Bill who mustbe seeing it from the guy's point of view! As you say "no sense of humor"
Hope you're enjoying sunshiney days and time in the garden (with all your kitties of course!)

Mary Jane said...[Reply]

enjoyed your latest post...and just love your home...

Chloe said...[Reply]

no, men don't have a proper sense of humour.
I enjoyed your blog. :)

squire said...[Reply]

I love it, I love it.

jellyhead said...[Reply]


I do feel for Ross - missing his darling wife, having only the pizza operator to talk to, then being woken up late at night by a cackling Kerri! (Ross you have to admit it IS kinda funny though!)

micki said...[Reply]

Very amusing story!!