Thursday, September 16, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - September 2010

 Our days have been cool and windy lately, but Monday and Tuesday gave us warm sunshine in the afternoons and that felt very good. Today was mostly cloudy and gray, with a very nippy breeze...not condusive to gardening, but I managed to force myself to go out for a little while and tidy some edges, which always seems to need doing.

As autumn approaches we still have quite a lot of color in the garden.

Jasmine follows me around, hoping for a photo op. 

She's a real ham!

The annuals are blooming beautifully in the Lily Garden, along with late perennials, filling spaces where daylilies bloomed earlier.

Sedum Autumn Joy has grown into a larger clump than I expected, hiding the 2 small Knockout rose bushes in this bed. They'll grow taller next year with a little luck. The Buddleia/Butterfly Bush is attracting plenty of butterflies with it's fragrant blooms.

Queen Elizabeth Rose is looking beautiful in the Rose/Clematis Garden, and those pink petunias, Homestead Purple Verbena and Alyssum are still making a pretty show. I cringe at the thought of frost. Posted by Picasa

 Obedient Plant/Physostegia Virginiana is gorgeous in the Pink Garden.

Japanese Anemones have replaced the Shasta Daisies in the Daisy Garden, and Gloriosa blooms still keep coming.

Hannah wants her picture in the post too! I love the color of this Chrysanthemum.

It's beginning to look a lot like autumn here on the farm and we're feeling sad to see the summer end.

There's lots more blooming - window boxes and containers are still looking colorful - but this is at least a small glimpse of how the gardens look in mid-September. I hope to post more photos soon.

Thanks again to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for inspiring Bloom Day. Visit her Bloom Day post to see gardens far and wide, as our seasons change once more.

Happy September Bloom Day everyone! Posted by Picasa