Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - May 2011

There's no shortage of colorful blooms in our garden on this May Bloom Day.
Since most or the color is provided by glorious tulips that's what I'm going to concentrate on, and later, in another post, I'll show what else is blooming.

Most of these photos were taken on Wednesday and Thursday of this week when I was lucky enough to have a couple of days off work and the sun was actually shining! We've had lots of rainy, cloudy days and rain is pouring down again tonight. I'm glad I didn't wait until today to take photos for Bloom Day.

Here are the same tulips as the above photo, but from a different angle.

A long shot of that garden and the one behind with blue Grape Hyacinths. Click for a closer view.

Looking down toward the road - the same 2 gardens as above, plus the Lily Garden.

Do you notice that we have new neighbors? They're a young Amish couple - one of many who have recently moved to our area. That's their barn.
It's quite difficult to get good shots with unobstructed views of our beautiful surroundings these days. Nevertheless, we're enjoying having them as neighbors, getting to know them, and learning about their lifestyle. Posted by Picasa

This was the view beyond the Top Lilac Garden last Wednesday....

And yesterday, Saturday afternoon, it looked like this! Another young Amish couple had a house raising just down the road. Those 'ants' you see on the roof are 13 young Amish men. They can certainly finish a job in a short time.
We have another family with about 10 (or more) children just a short walk the other way up the road.

I have to be innovative with the camera if I want shots without buildings.
The crab apple trees should be blooming very soon.

Van Eijk tulips backlit by morning sun.

The Driveway Garden

Pink Impression and Purple Flag Posted by Picasa

Lovely deep red passalongs, so no name, and a few daffs just finishing.
I plan to post photos of the daffodils in a later post. They were absolutely spectacular, but the days have been too busy to blog while they were putting on their wonderful show.

Ah, there's a view with lovely afternoon light and no buildings! Posted by Picasa

Just to the left of center in the background the house of our new neighbors to the north is almost hidden by the Weigela. 

A purple and white mix of Triumph tulips.


The Driveway and Lilac gardens. Posted by Picasa

Hannah loves a good photo shoot. Here she is in the Lily Garden.

These yellow and orange beauties are Daydream.
I don't know the name of the reds.

I'm guessing the purples are Passionale.

This gorgeous pink has no name. Posted by Picasa

Oh, there's Hannah again - surveying her domain!

Blue Heron with their fringed petals

and dark throats.

That afternoon light is breathtaking!
I love the way it lights the burgundy Heuchera in the foreground. Posted by Picasa


Red Emporer with Grape Hyacinths by the steps.

Purple Flag and Pink Impression

This is the morning view outside our back door....when the sun shines :) Posted by Picasa

Carol of May Dreams Gardens is our gracious host for Bloom Day. If you visit her website you'll see a very long list of bloggers offering their May blooms for your perusal and enjoyment.

Happy May Bloom Day everyone!