Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Corner

Alice has inspired me to show you my blogging corner! So here we have it…..

I love to use the Webshots program as wallpaper and screensaver. They have so many beautiful pictures, and it’s free! Or you can pay them a little something and choose from even more pics.

This hydrangea pic is one of my absolute favorites. I don’t grow hydrangeas, only dream about them. They don’t grow well here, although some people have success with them. My son and his wife have better luck with them out near Rochester. They’ve got a little microclimate going on there because of Lake Ontario. They can grow several things that we don’t have much luck with…like azaleas and rose of Sharon (hibiscus family).
Lest you think I’m normally neat. I’m not! I had to tidy up my desk considerably for these pics. Mind you, I want to be neat, and I do tidy up sometimes, but after an extraordinarily short time the clutter is back! Argh! I need a magic wand. It's nice to have the family pics in the corner to keep me company.

If I look over my right shoulder I can see out through the sliding glass doors to the front porch and yard. I’d like to be facing this view so that I could watch the birds using the feeders while I’m at the computer. But alas, I can’t, so I just scoot my chair back every so often and check out what they’re up to out there.
There’s also a fern hanging inside the glass doors which blocks some of my view, but it’s pretty, and doesn’t ask for much, so I let it stay there.
I like the old desk that my computer and paraphernalia sits on. Its character doesn’t show very well in these pics. The boards on the side are what make it interesting. There are 3 spaced between the legs on either side.
I’d certainly like to have as much space as Alice has on her new desk. Lucky girl, she is. My hubby is going to add some shelves underneath for me. He built a new drawer to replace the original, which was lost…broken and thrown away probably. I have yet to stain it.
Oh guess what I used to take these photos? Yes, our brand new Canon Power Shot digital camera! I’ve been learning to use it and experimenting with it this weekend. I love it!
I hope to post something more exciting and fun soon, but this will have to do for now. I have lots of thoughts about what I THINK are interesting subjects (you may beg to differ), but not enough time to write them down lately. Maybe you should be grateful for that :)

Tanya, you want to read a dry and boring post? Read this! Where's the humor???

Wait! Here's something funny: I just did a spellcheck and it wanted to replace 'blogger' with 'flogger'. Spellcheck just cracks me up :) Thank heavens for a little levity! Now I can happily get some sleep.


Val said...[Reply]

What a great post! And what a fun thing to do, if a few of us post photos and write about our blogging corners. I'll work on mine for tomorrow's post. And I'll have to check out Alice's post too.

Heh heh, I find spellchecker funny too, if sometimes annoying. What gives me the irrits though is the grammar checker - as if! I've turned that off completely. There's enough regulation in our lives as it is.

Alice said...[Reply]

Ah, very pretty, cosy, homely, and comforting, surrounded by loved family members. I presume these shots were taken with the new camera?

I actually use my own photos as Wallpaper on the computer and, in fact, all of the photos on the computer (hundreds of them) come up as a flashing screen saver (not sure how I achieved that as it was an accident). Most of the time it's okay, but sometimes there are some pretty ghastly sights on the screen when I walk into the room (mainly me) but fortunately they only stay for a second or two.

I agree with Val about the grammar checker - I'd never get to the end of a passage if I reworked it as suggested. So I just turned it off too and continue to write using bad grammar.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

Well you just have a lovely work area! Very cozy. That is exactly how my area is...filled with things that make feel happy and info at my fingertips.

Now I will know where my friend spends her time writing to all of us.


Urban Agrarian said...[Reply]

Your gardens look really nice. Thanks for stopping by my blog. To answer your question about where I found you. It was at Gardening for Dummies. To answer you 2nd question about pics of Paris. There are a few other pictures of Paris scattered through the blog. I started the blog thinking I would mostly write about my gardening. However I started it last November and live in Massachusetts so there aren't too many gardening things to write in winter. The year before my husband became ill we spent a month in Paris. I took photos every day, so there are a lot saved up that happen to be of Paris that I blog about once in a while.

Tanya said...[Reply]

Loved reading this post. And I'm so curious about other bloggers that it's great to get a chance to sneak into your world. And there are so many similarities. Most of my furniture is rustic (originally out of necessity, now just because I like it). And I have Webshots as a screensaver also. Although an IT guy at uni a couple of years ago kept screaming for me to get rid of it because it slows the computer down so much (I've nothing but time on my hands now (ha) so that doesn't worry me). I also get to check the birds outside my window. Well, one bird, a mudlark, that likes to do a little dance only 2 feet from me, ending it with headbutting the window!!

Enjoy the camera. Mine goes everywhere with me - even to work! And you can always bet that when I don't have it, the $64,000 photo opportunity will present itself...

Oh, and lastly. Both Kylie and I want to know when you and/or Alice are going to start making travel plans to the other side of the world??

Alice said...[Reply]

Kerri - I have just emailed a brief reply to your 'Netzero' message to both you and Kylie. (8.30am 8/2)

Alice said...[Reply]

Kerri _ I will give AAPT a call. I've had nothing back from Netzero since I sent what they asked for.

shellyC said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri

Thanks for commenting. Have had a good look at your blog...and like Tanya says...when are you and mum going to meet up..or at least exchange cuttings.

Sharon K said...[Reply]

I just read you blog for the first time and I love your little corner of the world where you blog. The fern looks beautiful and it brings the outside in.

kylieps said...[Reply]

Hi Mum,
Nice desk. I don't think I've ever seen it before- there have always been too many piles on it! Haha! Don't you just love how the internet brings us together, but not close enough for you to smack me for my smart mouth? Love you!