Sunday, February 12, 2006

Birthday Boy!

Kyle and Corey with birthday candles

February weather can be precarious so we were very lucky to have great traveling conditions. We totally missed out on that whopper of a snowstorm they’re currently suffering through
in New York City. It was reported on the news as being the worst storm since they began recording statistics way back when. Not even a flurry here. Amazing!

Practising blowing out candles

Kyle is such a dear little birthday boy. He copies almost everything his 4 year old brother, Corey does....which can be good OR bad :) He's at that very cute stage, toddling around and talking in abbreviated words and sentences……..i.e. for 'yes' he says 'es', and 'I go' when he's off somewhere, and 'wadder' or 'juice' or 'milk'!!', holding up his sippy cup close to your face when he's thirsty, and so on. He uses his manners very well when reminded :) He knows ALL the animal sounds and loves to play farm and Noah’s ark. But his very favorite thing is DUCKS! Consequently, on his birthday cake, napkins and plates was a yellow ducky.

Eating ducky cake...mmm, good!

On Thursday night he came down with a stomach bug and it looked like the party might have to be postponed, but he was doing better by Saturday. He still looked a little pale and wasn’t quite back to his normal sweet natured and curious self, but he did well in spite of that. He loves having company and seemed to enjoy his party immensely. So did Corey, who enthusiastically helped open presents. Actually, he was a little too much help and had to be reminded that it was Kyle's birthday :) It’s a bit hard to differentiate when you’re only 4!

Opening presents with Corey...ah, I think that's mine.

Terri’s family and our 2 girls, Kylie and Kathy, came in the afternoon for the party.

Ross, Kylie, Corey & Kathy being silly

After the presents were opened, we ALL had fun playing with the new toys :)

Opening fork lift with Dad..oh boy!

I took loads of pictures with our new camera and thoroughly annoyed everyone :) My kids and my husband love to pick on me about my overzealous picture taking (among other things). Terri is a little kinder. I told them they should appreciate my enthusiasm :)

My dear children rewarded me by pulling faces and spoiling several ‘could’ve been perfect’ shots. I vowed to get them back for that, so they should beware of future posts!! (insert evil laugh) On second thought, why wait? I'm going to get Andrew right now by posting this picture of him crossing his eyes!! (Andrew, the reason there's not a GOOD photo of you, Terri and the boys on this post is because you ruined that perfectly great shot that I took of all 4 of you!!! You WILL be sorry my boy!)

Gotcha Andrew!

Grandma & Grandpa (us) with the boys
Look Mommy, playdo!
It's not often enough we have all the family together at one time these days and we just love it when we do.

Happy 2nd birthday little Kyle!


Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

Happy Birthday Kyle!!

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. All your pictures turned out just great. My family complains about my picture taking also and then they all want copies.

Thanks for sharing such a lovely day with us.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...[Reply]

Belated birthday wishes to Kyle, What a great weekend with your family. I must say, you haven't changed much from the 'grandma' picture in this posting to way back in the '70's. Marion

Alice said...[Reply]

Great to see a real family occasion well documented with the new camera. Obviously lots of fun for all. I agree with Marion, Kerri - you really are standing up to the rigours of blogging (and emailing) very well ... lol.

Kerri said...[Reply]

Thanks for your lovely comments ladies. It certainly was a fun day.

Connie, did you see that Alice has tagged me with the same meme as you? :)

I appreciate those nice compliments Marion and Alice but I think you're being much too kind :)

Val said...[Reply]

I love the photo of the little guy blowing out the candle - such chubby cheeks!

I can go one better than crossing the eyes - both my boys can force one eye to go in a different direction than the other - horrible! (must find that photo and post, heh heh)

Wendy A said...[Reply]

What a little cutie. They sure grow up fast. You certainly don't want to miss any photo opts.

kylieps said...[Reply]

Phew! I'm so glad I missed out on the photo op there Mum. You're going to leave me out of the gallery of shame right?

Kerri said...[Reply]

Val, can't wait to see that photo :)

Kylie, if I post it, you'll be in it kiddo! You've earned your place :)

Sonia said...[Reply]

Happy Birthday Kyle!!! All the best to you!

Love the photos! You have a lovely and beautiful family, Kerri. Congratulations!!!

Kali said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri ~ it's been really nice catching up on your blog...Your grandsons are real cuties, and you have such a lovely family...thanks so much for sharing your photos :)