Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Dad and I want to wish you
a very
Having you for a son is a real blessing.
We hope you have a wonderful day.
Alice has done such a wonderful job
with her recent photo collages that I wanted to try one.
Thanks for the great idea Alice.


Alice said...[Reply]

Happy Birthday, Andrew.

Great job with the photos, Kerri, and you even went one better by framing them. Well done.

Motherkitty said...[Reply]

Hi, Kerri. Just hopping over to say "hello" and to thank you for your very nice comments on my site.

You and Alice are so talented with the picture collages that I really am going to have to try this. My sister-in-law (Abandoned in Pasadena) started posting old photos of us from the 70s, following by my daughter (Alipurr). I really like the collages much better, though, because it's a neat way of seeing how one person has grown up over time.

My husband and I are also gardeners, although we're basically starting from scratch this year. I had a pool installed last fall on top of our garden spot. So, we will be adventuring to start organic gardening anew. We had worked on our garden spot since 1975 and it was just about perfect. Oh, well, on to bigger and better things.

I will have to get yours and Alice's advice on how to do the collages when I get ready to do one.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

Happy Birthday Andrew! I hope you have a wonderful day.

You did an absolutely lovely job on the collage. I have never seen one done before. Your son is very handsome.

All the best to your family,

Motherkitty said...[Reply]

Kerri, quick note to let you know that I just spent some minutes looking at the photos of your garden, flowers, yard, and I feel totally inadequate. You are a marvel and your yard is absolutely gorgeous. I plan to spend more time reading your posts and getting to know you better. Maybe you will inspire me to plant more flowers.

Val said...[Reply]

Mmmm, I'd like to know how you got those curly things on the border. You didn't use Picasa2, did you?

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Love the little possum in the lower right corner!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri....
Lovely picture you've made. Here's sending birthday wishes to Andrew from Wales UK. Marion

Zoey said...[Reply]

Nice collage, Kerri. What program did you use?
Hope Andrew had a wonderful birthday. You have such a lovely family.

Sharon K said...[Reply]

A happy birthday to Andrew .You just like Alice did a good job on your collage and you have given me a good idea for birthday wishes in my family. Thankyou

Kerri said...[Reply]

Thank you all for your very welcome comments. You should all try this, it's fun. I used Adobe Photoshop for the actual collage and then found the frame for it in ArcSoft Photo Studio. I think the same frame is in Picasa2. See, it's the same one around Alice's new have to squint because it's small, but it's there :)
Glad to have you all visit!!

Zoey said...[Reply]

Ah, I just came from Alice's blog and I wondered if that frame was the same one!
I must have Picasa1 because I don't remember seeing any frames in it. Has there been a recent update to Picasa?

kylieps said...[Reply]

Beautiful photos, Mum. How did you do that frame???
I must know

Andrew said...[Reply]

Nice collage, Mom! That is one handsome son you have there! Thanks everyone for the nice birthday wishes!