Saturday, February 18, 2006

21st Birthday Presents

Whenever I wear this pendant it makes me think of my 21st birthday. It was one of my favorite presents. I love the design and the color of the stone. It’s a locket, which opens to reveal a tiny picture of our family when the kids were quite young. Kathy, our youngest was about 3, Andrew 9, and Kylie 11.
When I wear the pendant to school, the kids, especially the kindergartners, always notice it, and ask me to open it and show them the picture inside.

Ms. Robyn, does this qualify as vintage?

Another favorite present, which has endured through the years is this Oroton wallet.

I’ve carried it with me in handbags for all these years and it still looks good. Most people in this country who notice it have never seen Oroton before. I’m sure they must have it over here, but maybe it was never as popular as it was in Australia back in the 60’s. I wonder if it still is popular in The Land Down Under. Oroton is made in Germany

In this country 21st birthdays are generally not such a big deal as they are in Australia, although I’m not sure whether they still have big celebrations for them in Oz these days. That’s a question I’ll have to ask my Aussie blog friends.

Graduation from high school is the big event celebrated here.

Does anyone else have a favorite 21st birthday present to show?


ms*robyn said...[Reply]

21st celebrations are still big here and 18th birthdays seem to be getting big too. I tell my children that they either have one or the other and so far the two eldest have chosen a 21st.
Oroton is quite collectable here now - sometimes on ebay Oroton can go for quite a high price.

Val said...[Reply]

21st are big here in Melbourne. Fortunately both our boys are not party animals, and preferred a small family gathering.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

That locket is absolutely beautiful. I bet you felt very special when you received it on your 21st Birthday.

I just can't think of one particular gift I got on my 21st. My family has always really been big on birthdays so I am sure we had a family party.

Take care, Connie

Alice said...[Reply]

The locket and the wallet are both lovely but I am blown away by that beautiful family photo. If it was mine I'd have it hanging on every wall. You, Kerri, look particularly lovely in that photo.

kylieps said...[Reply]

Wow, Mum! I'd say that photo is DEFINETELY vintage! (Alice is right, you do look particularly lovely.) You know, I saw that wallet on sale for $40 in a vintage store recently...