Saturday, February 25, 2006

Purple Would Be Nice

I’m looking outside at a white landscape again. We’ve been back and forth between green (well, we’ve had some brownish times too….i.e. MUD…) and white this winter, so often that it’s making me downright dizzy.
This afternoon the snow is being blown straight across the landscape by a very stiff wind, and sometimes it wraps the snow around the trees in swirls. We’ve had frequent snowfalls throughout the day. It’s a good day to be indoors. Between snowfalls the sun peaks through the clouds occasionally and brightens things up, but the wind chill is vicious.

I’m thinking we need some COLOR, which brings me to my subject heading. Purples and pinks are at the top of my list when choosing plants….I have to force myself to branch out and take home other colored plants as well. I like them all, of course, but my eye is always drawn first to the pinks and purples. Someone else said the same thing on a blog I was reading recently, but I can’t remember who it was.

Our showiest perennial is most definitely the deep purple Jackmanii Clematis vine that grows in a fairly sheltered nook on a trellis attached to our side (enclosed) porch. When in full bloom, it inspires gasps of pleasure and many an admiring comment, as most varieties of Clematis are inclined to do. It grows with so much vigor and abandon that I have to zig zag string between the top of the trellis and the porch roof to give it something more to cling to. I love this plant with a passion!

Susan with my nephew, Christopher....back in the early 70's

Because of the color, it often brings to mind a very dear Australian friend whose name is Susan. We met when I was still in my teens and she was renting a room from my mother after my brother moved out. Susie and I became like sisters. She has a zany sense of humor and a vibrant personality. She, Mum and I had some wonderful, fun times together. One favorite memory is of a Saturday morning ritual we had. She and I would each take a cup of tea into Mum’s bedroom, and one for Mum, of course. We’d sit on opposite sides of the bed and the three of us would discuss the week’s happenings. It was such a cozy time and we’d laugh a lot.

How does the color purple fit into this story? Susie and I had this silly saying, "Purple’d be nice!" I can’t remember exactly how it came to be. Perhaps it was because we both had purple pantsuits…..bold colors being the fashion during the ‘flower child’ late 60’s and early 70’s. We might be going out to a party and one of us would say, "What’re you wearing tonight?" Susie (or I) would inevitably say, "Purple’d be nice" :) And, of course, we found numerous other opportunities to use the phrase. It never failed to make us laugh.

So purple usually brings Susie to mind, and since I’ve been blogging, it also brings Tanya (Alice’s daughter) to mind. Hi Tanya….I hope you enjoy reading this post about PURPLE :)

Susie and her dear husband, Barry, became the proud grandparents of another grandchild on Friday, February 24th....a baby boy! Congratulations to them, and to his mum, Erika and the rest of her family. There’s nothing Susan enjoys more than being a grandma.
Have fun with that new little one Susie!


Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

I have a lot of different lilies. I have really experimented with color. However, purple is our favorite color also. My husband started saying years back "purple is the color of the 90's" and here it is 2006 and we still love it.

Wonderful story about your friend Susie. It is great to have those memories. Congratulations to your dear friend on her new grandbaby!


Alice said...[Reply]

And a right royal colour it is too. I also love purple and pink flowers, but I like to team them with white and yellow.

What wonderful memories to have of your early years with Susie, and to be able to share experiences throughout your lives. Congratulations Susie, Barry, Erika and husband on the birth of your little boy.

Tanya said...[Reply]

Ah-ha. So that was the purple story. Great to read, and lovely flowers.

I have to say that your last post (the fish and chip one) got my mouth watering. I had to have fish and chips for dinner tonight as a result. Ate too much and I'm still full, hours afterwards. But so worth it :)

Reflection Through The Seasons said...[Reply]

Wonderful memories Kerrie. Yes, purple is a stunning colour in the garden, purple and pink - lovely together. I had a bunch of flowers bought for me a few days ago, pink roses and purple freesias, gorgious! Marion

Sue said...[Reply]

Loved reading the purple story. When I was in high school my bedroom was done totally in purple. My Mom made the bedspread, curtains, throw pillows etc.
I loved it and hadn't thought of it for a long time! Congrats to your dear friends on the new baby!

Zoey said...[Reply]

Your clematis is goooorgeeeous. How old is it? I have tried twice to go clematis, but both times it died. I would love to have one growing up my arbor...maybe it's time to try again. Do you do anything special to it?

Kerri said...[Reply]

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and for your lovely comments.
Zoey, the clematis vine is probably at least 10 yrs old. It's the 3rd one I tried...the other 2 died, so you should definitely try again :) I've found a sheltered spot works better for our NY climate. I prune it back to about 2 or 3 feet in the spring, keep the roots mulched, or plant something to shelter them so that they don't dry out so easily.
There are 3 different types of Clematis (A, B and C) which need to be pruned differently. I read a great article about it in Garden Gate Magazine. It was really helpful.

Zoey said...[Reply]

Thanks for the info, Kerri. Maybe the third time is the charm!