Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Lovely Lilies

Cleo...This is a Persian lily. It's my favorite

In an earlier post (Close-ups, Jan. 25th, 06) I mentioned that I had a nice story to tell about lilies.
A couple of years ago, near my birthday, my husband, Ross found an ad in the Pennysaver (free local paper) about a day lily farm that was having an open house weekend. He proposed a Sunday afternoon outing (as my birthday present) to visit the farm, and then dinner at a very popular restaurant, which we rarely seem to get to even though it’s our favorite. It’s called Brook’s BBQ, and the chicken is out of this world.
Ruffled Apricot
Now you have to understand that this is a very unusual thing for my workaholic husband to propose……so unusual that it produced thoughts of awe and amazement!! He’s not much for socializing, and if we’re going out he’ll usually ask things like, "When are we coming home?" or, "How long do we have to stay?"
He’s always happy to stay home and work on the farm. But in his later years he seems to be changing a bit (for the better). I think he’s becoming quite a romantic :)
Janice Brown

We found the farm without difficulty and oh, what a glorious place! There were day lilies everywhere….big and small, short and tall, and such a wonderful array of colors. I’d originally thought about maybe buying a couple but when faced with all those beauties how does one choose just two? They were surprisingly inexpensive, beginning at $5, and there were a lot of beauties for that price. We ended up with five (a couple were a bit more expensive…$7 I think) and a freeby as well, a bonus for coming on open house weekend.

By Myself

There aren't usually a large number of hot days during our NY summers, but this day was quite hot. They had home made cookies and lemonade on a table under a canopy, with cozy chairs to plunk down in out of the sun. And books to look through with pictures of all the lilies they grew...just in case some weren’t blooming. The couple who owned the farm were very friendly and helpful.

Chicago Star

I love some of the names of the lilies…and there are so many! People are developing new hybrids by the thousands it seems. I think I have photos from this past summer of all 5 that we bought (I've already posted a pic of ‘Janice Brown’ in the 'Close-ups' post, but I've added another). We had 3 lilies growing already…a pinkish burgundy, a soft apricot and a pale pink (I don’t know their names). These were planted about 15 years ago.

Freeby...I don't know the name. This was our bonus lily

Needless to say, we spent about 3 or 4 hours wandering through the lovely gardens (there were other flowers and veges too), trying to choose which to buy, and never made it to the restaurant for dinner. We had to be at a church function at 6PM, so had to take a raincheck on the dinner.
We came home content and happy with our purchases, filled with the peace that descends when you’ve spent some precious time doing something you love with someone you love.

We'll certainly be going back for another visit when I've made room in the gardens for more lovely lilies!


Alice said...[Reply]

What a lovely outing for your birthday, especially as you love daylilies so much. Of the ones you posted I like Janice Brown the best. Saying that you were spoilt for choice reminds me of looking for irises. Hundreds to choose from in such glorious colours.

Shame about the dinner but it will be there everyday but it won't be Open House at the nursery every day.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

Your photos are beautiful!!

I so agree with you about lilies. They are my absolute favorite flower. I began a few years ago planting bulbs of all different kinds. I posted a couple of my lilies in December. I can't wait for spring.

I tagged you on my blog...when you get a chance.

Take care, Connie

Sharon K said...[Reply]

Lovely pictures, I have yellow day
lillies at the lake around my little pond. I will post a picture of my pond soon. Your flowers are beautiful

Reflection Through The Seasons said...[Reply]

Hello Kerri..
First I have to thank you for visiting me and the comment you left. It’s always a thrill to get a newcomer.

What a lovely outing for your birthday, I can well imagine that you were spoilt for choice, decisions! decisions! such beauties to choose from.

Like Alice, I think my favourite is Janet Brown, I do love pink! but that’s being a bit meany to the others, for they are lovely too.

I adore day lilies and have several clumps of them growing in my garden. They spread quite quickly don’t they, they have even grown thro’ a dry stone retaining wall, but I leave them be, it must have been hard work for them, so they deserve to stay put.

I do love having a peek into other peoples homes and it was nice to see your blogging corner.... pretty pink curtains too!!

I have book marked your blog, so I shall keep in touch. Marion

Wendy A said...[Reply]

Your husband sounds just like mine. Works all the time and social functions are a chore for him. I love lillies. Oriental Lilies are my favorites. Can't wait to get my garden started.

FRIDAY'S CHILD said...[Reply]

Your husband is just like mine. He would rather stay home watch TV. We don't have a garden but we have lots of plants in a pot. He loves to work with them. He does not like going on leisure trips. For him it's a waste of time.
Anyway, the flowers are really so beautiful. I love flowers but hate tending them.
Thanks for visiting.