Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sunday Blessings

I always love to read Sue's Sunday blessings posts. She is such a positive and uplifting person!
Last Sunday we were blessed with a visit from our youngest daughter, Kathy, and her friend, Brandy.
The girls have been close friends since their high school days, when they spent as much time together as they could. They roomed together their first year of college.
Brandy was married last year, and Kathy was one of her bridesmaids. They live a couple of hours apart now, but still get together quite often.

The girls had great fun with the kittens, of course, and the clematis made a nice backdrop for our photos.
Kathy (and her two siblings) are cat lovers (how could they not be...growing up with so many barn cats over the years?). They love to come home to the farm in the spring and summer to see the new crop of kittens.
Brandy badly wanted to take Murphy home, but her husband tells her he's allergic to cats. She'd like to test this claim to see if it's genuine, and not just a ploy to avoid having a cat....but, she decided she'd better not. Maybe next time :)

This is such a typical Kathy expression. I love this photo!

Brandy graciously took several photos of the three of us, trying to get at least one good one, where we all smiled and didn't look cross-eyed, or too wrinkled (in my case) or something :) The kittens were not very patient, but Toby always loves to be held (the gray cat that Ross is holding).

Are they gone now?

'Cause we're tired of all that picture taking...we need a nap!
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Tracy said...[Reply]

Hi from a fellow upstate NY gardener. Just wanted to say that your garden is lovely! And those kittens are adorable.

Sigrun said...[Reply]

Lovely photos from a nice familiy! The girls looks so pretty.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri! I love your blog, you know. I have been checking out the archives. I love your ideas, your photos, and your writing. How fun for you (and me). :)

Love, Brandy

Sue said...[Reply]

I loved seeing these photos! Thanks so much for your sweet words. I am laughing as I write this because our daughter's share the same name. They also have a best friend with the same name. Our daughter, who was 8 months pregnant at the time, was also in Brandi's wedding!
Brandi is a teacher in another town, but they still get together whenever they can!
Such fun coincidences!

Sue said...[Reply]

Blogger is being blogger and it posted my comments twice! Sorry!

Sue said...[Reply]
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Tammy said...[Reply]

Brandy and Kathy are very pretty girls...I'm sure you had a great time judging from the fatigue of the kitties!!

Sonia said...[Reply]

What a beautiful family! All of you look great!

Apple said...[Reply]

I love the picture of the three of you. The last two with the captions are purfect!

Christine said...[Reply]

What I love is how relaxed Toby is in your hubby's arms~

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

Your daughter and her friend are lovely and I especially loved the one with you & Ross in it.

Kittens are always such good props to use when taking pictures...and it sure looks like you wore the kittens out.

PEA said...[Reply]

I loved seeing all the pictures and your daughter certainly is a beautiful girl:-) It's great that she and her friend are still in touch and see each other as much as they's no wonder they love coming to the farm with those precious kittens there!! They look so pooped out in the last picture...adorable!!

Motherkitty said...[Reply]

You guys are soooooo cute. I loved the pictures. And, I WANT those kittens, but husband says no more for this household. I tried to grab one of Alipurr's little kittens to take home but it was no go. It's great that your daughter and friend were able to make it home just to play with the kittens. No wonder they were all worn out!

jellyhead said...[Reply]

Kerri, you look radiant, and Kathy is a beautiful blondie, too!

Hello! from Vancouver! I'll catch up with you more when I get back in a week!

Carol said...[Reply]

Pretty Girls with pretty kittens! This last photo, so sweet!

HORIZON said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri.
Have been out of blogland for a few days but what a surprise when l checked back in here! Lovely lovely photos of your family- l am smiling.
The corner of your home in the pics below is stunning with the flowers- brave lady fixing it up in the rain.
Kittens everywhere- l think they are wonderful but am sad to say l am also allergic so can sympathise with Brandy's husband.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

You look like you had such a nice visit. Really enjoyed your pictures.

Those kittens are just way cute and your captions fit them perfectly.

Take care,

Val said...[Reply]

Yes I agree with all the comments, it IS a lovely photo of the three of you. A real delight. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

Alice said...[Reply]

Beautiful series of photos, Kerri. Even the kittens are so cute and you know that I'm not a cat person (catty sometimes, maybe - ha,ha) but they look so happy and peaceful.

Your clematis are quite stunning, especially against the white walls.

Glad you had a such lovely time with Kathy and Brandy. Times to treasure!

Val said...[Reply]

Love these photos, and the captions are spot on!

I love the fun coincidences too, that Sue points out, that occur so often in the blogosphere.

Alice said...[Reply]

Guess who's smiling at me from the middle of my computer screen now?

clairesgarden said...[Reply]

love the family pictures and the kittens are so cute, I see your clematis now , it looks the same, thanks for its name.

squire said...[Reply]

The kittens are cute but the girls are lovely. Lucky you.

Sharon K said...[Reply]

The pictures are so cute. The girls will have a forever friendship I am sure. Love the kittens and the flowers are beautiful

Lee-ann said...[Reply]

Friendship is such an important part of our lives and I see in your daughters face and that of her friend that they are very dedicated to their friendship it is lovely.

The photos are so nice I feel as if I was behind the camera on that day and how lovely is your Clematis stunning still. will it be like that for the whole summer?

Kittens are so lovely and I am sure they will be very hard working barn cats as the time goes on.

I will be back again soon.

best wishes

Candy Duell said...[Reply]

Your kittens are so cute. I love the pictures. Great job! As for where in NY I live. I live inbetween Saratoga Springs, and Lake George. A small town on the Hudson. Are you nearby?