Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hawthorn Hill Farm

In one of my first posts, back in February, I think, I wrote about the first visit we made to this absolutely glorious daylily farm two years ago. The farm is on a hill above Cooperstown, NY, in a very picturesque setting.
Dick and Sandy DeRosa are the owners and what a wonderful job they do! They're warm, friendly and helpful, ready to answer any questions and offer advise.
We wanted to go back last summer, but sadly, didn't get around to it. On the spur of the moment after church today, we decided to go.....

And were so glad we did. This is what greeted us! If you're obsessed with daylilies, this is the place for you! I wasn't obsessed until my first visit here. Now I am!

You go from lily to lily gasping "Oh, look at this one, and this one, and oh, look at THAT one!" At least, that's what I do. My husband just follows along, smiling, and writing down the prospective 'picks'. He's a very patient man :) In truth though, he loves the place as much as I do. It's like being in Paradise.

Can you imagine trying to make up your mind which ones to buy????
This is Dallas Star, one of my final choices.

I'm not positive, but I think this is Cherry Cheeks, another pick. If it isn't, it's very similar. I took so many photos, I don't really know what's what, except for a few that stuck in my memory (not much of anything does these days :)

That yellow lily below is very tall and the blooms are huge. It's called Mary's Gold. I have a large yellow already called Chicago Star (it's a bit shorter and has flower that is more yellow than gold), so this one didn't come home with us. We ended up with 5, including a rose pink with a red eye named Persian Market, a deep cherry red named Charles Johnston, and Catherine Woodbury, a light orchid pink as well as the two named above. Both Sigrun and Karen have this beauty (Catherine Woodberry). We were also presented with a free bonus lily named Butterpat, which has cute little yellow blooms.

This gorgeous thing was one of the most expensive at $15. The prices start at $5 and there are plenty of beauties at that price, which makes them very affordable, unlike some of the very expensive daylily growers. The highest price is $15, but most of them are less.
Karen, you would love this place. You should add it to your list of places to plan a vacation around. It's not so terribly far from you!

My dear husband took me out afterwards to Brook's BBQ in Oneonta for a belated birthday dinner. The restaurant is a very popular one and was so busy the line stretched out the door for quite a way. We opted for takeout, which had no waiting, and brought it home. Mmmm, SO good!!! This is some of the best barbecued chicken you'll ever eat! You should all add it to your "Things to do before I die" list. I'm not kidding!
Our daughter, Kylie, came to stay overnight on Saturday for a 'birthday visit' and it was lovely fun having her here. She made me a delicious chocolate cake. It was a rather calorie-laden weekend!
All in all, it was a lovely weekend and my Sunday was overflowing with blessings.
I hope yours was wonderful too.Posted by Picasa


Gabriel said...[Reply]

Happy Belated Birthday!
We don't get that chicken over here in Singapore, but we do have Kenny Roger's though. I'm not sure if it's as yummy as Brook's BBQ.

Sigrun said...[Reply]

It seams, you had a good weekend with a wonderful cake. I had no cake, but my grandchild for three days! half year old!


HORIZON said...[Reply]

Kerri - it is so nice to hear that you had a nice birthday- what better than to go to that nursery farm and have a cake made by your daughter.
I never knew that there were so many Lily varieties! :)

Tammy said...[Reply]

Just stopped by to see what you had posted for today...beautiful lillies!!

Motherkitty said...[Reply]

Sounds like you had a lily-filled Sunday. What beautiful flowers and what beautiful pictures! Can wait until you post pictures of these growing in your yard next spring. Glad you had such a lovely birthday with your family.

Sue said...[Reply]

I love lillies! (did you know that was the meaning of my name?)
I'll look forward to pictures of them next year :-)
So glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend with cake and not having to cook!
Blessings indeed!

Karen said...[Reply]

Oh, I am already drooling over the photographs -- imagine what it would be like if I was actually there! Next year I think I will be planning a few excursions to daylily farms.

Sharon K said...[Reply]

What a wonderful garden of lillies, they areso pretty I can all most smell them. I just went out this morning and picked a bunch of day lillies for Tammy. I hope your birthday was good and I know you had to enjoy that cake.

Alice said...[Reply]

I can imagine the dilemma of trying to select just a few gorgeous lilies from so many. It's like choosing roses, or even bunches of celery at the market - the next one always looks

I haven't been to a daylily farm, but I'd certainly love to go(may I come with you next time, please?) but I've had the same difficulty choosing irises - almost every one looks like one that I MUST have.

Hmmmm, I'm hungry for BBQ chicken, and it's only 7.00am. Don't suppose there's any chocolate cake left either?

(PS: Guess who got mail yesterday?)

jellyhead said...[Reply]

Yeah, you've made me want BBQ chicken, too (at 7:38 am!).

Those day lilies are so lovely - I'm glad you enjoyed your 'shopping'!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

I envy your trip to buy daylillies. I especially liked the last daylilly...the coral fringed looking one. I was given an address of an Iris and Daylily Garden in Frenchburg, Kentucky...They are supposed to have over 400 different varieties of Iris and over 700 different varieties of Daylillies. I can't wait to go, since I love Daylillies.
I think I have missed their blooming season for this year and will have to wait until next year.

Zoey said...[Reply]

What a great birthday you had!

The daylily farm outing looks like such a fun place. I don't know of any near me, but I am sure there must be something similar. I will have to investigate.

Val said...[Reply]

Kerri, that sounds like me at a bearded iris farm, one flower is more magnificent than the last, I'd be marking them all down in the catalogue (arranged alphabetically as were the flowers themselves!). But of your photos, the ones I like most are the first two with those - you got it! - picturesque fences in them.

Happy Birthday too, Kerri!

PEA said...[Reply]

How I would have loved to be with you on that Daylily you, I would have had a very hard time choosing which ones I wanted! It's only recently that I've discovered how many kinds of lilies there are!! Beautiful pictures as always!!

Val said...[Reply]

Have a great year ahead too. Ive only just discovered that I have two types of day lily in my garden!So I am a complete novice - one yellow, now finished; and a lovely apricot one still flowering well.

Isabelle said...[Reply]

Cab't remember if I've commented before, but have been enjoying your blog for a month or two. Your garden is wonderful! I'm so envious - I have a little city garden (in Edinburgh, in Scotland). But I love it all the same. And your kittens - aah. We can't, alas, have cats because of allergies, but your photos are so sweet!

Marlene Depler said...[Reply]

A belated happy birthday! The chicken and cake sound delicious.

Thanks for sharing all the photos of your flowers. Beautiful!