Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Colors Of Summer

There are so many flowers blooming now and the gardens are looking very colorful. It's hard to keep up with my posts at the moment because there's so much to do outside.
The asiatic lilies have almost finished blooming. They were beautiful! Now the day lilies are blooming!

Asiatic lily....This one is very tall

A shorter lily, slightly different shape


Amazingly, this is the same short lily...it fades to a pretty pink after it's been blooming for a while. The blooms have lasted for a couple of weeks.

Another one in a lovely bright orange

Hemerocallis (Daylily) Cleo. It was the first daylily to bloom. This a one of my favorites and my most vigorous grower.

Bright Summer Phlox, daylilies, monarda and cranesbill geranium

Monarda (bee balm or bergamot) The bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love this flower. I have it in several different colors

Delphiniums, gloriosa daisies and a pink mystery flower planted as a seed mix in our vegetable garden last year. My best guess is Collinsia, but the plant is much shorter in my plant encyclopedia. Can anyone tell me the name of this flower?

The Gloriosa daisies (black-eyed Susans) and Shasta daisies are blooming madly. They always put on a great show!

Coreopsis and achillea (yarrow-Cerise Queen)

Close up of the achillea..lovely color!

Faithful Pete, keeping me company

I love the color of this delphinium!
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The picture above of the this same delphinium with the evening primrose in the background was supposed to be included in this post, but my finger slipped and I hit the enter key, instead of the key above it, which lets you queue photos for a post.

Apparently most of the plants loved all the rain we've had because they're blooming extravagantly this summer!


Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

Oh how I would love to be at your place right now! All the flowers are gorgeous. Your lilies are beautiful. I bet the air has it's own unique perfume.

Your cat just looks so handsome sitting in the tree.

I always love your photo. Thanks.
Take care,

Alice said...[Reply]

All of your plants grow and flower so well that you will soon need a GPS to find your way to the road. The variety of flowers and their colour range is just amazing.

Well done, and I'm glad you're having perfect weather to enjoy it.

HORIZON said...[Reply]

Utterly stunning Kerri- so many different types of lilies- bet the scent is wonderful!
Your home is a picture too :)
I have been quite busy out in the garden this past week also- starting on the kitchen renovation asap.
Take care and bests,

FRIDAY'S CHILD said...[Reply]

They are all beautiful flowers. I love how their colors shine so brightly. Your faithful Pete is not only keeping you company but he is enjoying the view.

PEA said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri:-) Your flowers are so very gorgeous and how I'd love to be walking among them to admire them!! So much colour to delight the senses:-) Your Pete reminds me of a cat I once had while growing up:-)Beautiful pictures!! xoxo

Zoey said...[Reply]

Beautiful! Love those BE Susans with the red centers. They look like Rudebeckia hirta. I planted some last year, but they died over the winter.

Great picture of Faithful Pete. He matches the fence post.

Sigrun said...[Reply]

Beautiful flowers,Kerri. Your Delphinium looks great, I have only two blue one.
And the cat - so cute, and you have such a lot of land, so much place to plant what you want. If you have time.


Val said...[Reply]

Such lovely flowers, your blog is truly well named! I keep thinking of the contrast of summer and winter. How you must enjoy the riot of colour. Thank you.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

Oh how beautiful your flowers are...you certainly do have the greenest thumb I've ever seen!!!

We have had more rain this year than last year, but my flowers did much better last year and I thought it was because they got too much rain...But your's are certainly blessed by all the rain. Maybe it's the excessive heat we have been having.

Pete looks like he is enjoying the view perched on that rail. He's a very pretty cat.

Daisies & Blackeyed Susans have always been my favorite flowers, but all your flowers are gorgeous and so vividly colored...I love the contrasts of colors in your garden.

Val said...[Reply]

Are those asiatic lillies the ones that have that wonderful scent (very strong)?

We inherited day lillies in our garden and they certainly provide a lot of blooms for little work.

Tanya said...[Reply]

Wow. Lillies are my favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE flowers and these are just gorgeous!

Sue said...[Reply]

Your garden looks just stunning. I feel like I'm on a virtual tour! Hope you're getting loads of gardening time in. I always love your kitties to appear in a post! The heat here is just beastly!
I've read that it's hot everywhere in the US, so this may be one time I didn't send some rain your way!

TUFFENUF said...[Reply]

Well it is obvious what a great gardener you are. I fell like I have to mention also that I think you are a great photographer! Thanks for the beautiful pics!

Lee-ann said...[Reply]

Kerri again you are showing some beautiful flowers and I am so pleased I have dropped in to see them.

The work you put in before they bloom must be such a lot but the end results are a lovely reward.

you have a lovely lot now keep the photos coming :o)

DellaB said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri ... I will add my delight to everybody else's ... what a good job you do! and very welcome...

Here in Queensland even though it is winter, we have very heavy water restrictions, no hose watering at all, only buckets - so things are starting to get dry and brown - not the gorgeous colors you have to show us.
thank you

Rachel said...[Reply]

Found my way here from Abandoned In Pasedena's blog. Lovely flowers, just lovely! Living in the country is the best too. I love the picture of Pete. He looks like our cat, Little Bit.

Carol said...[Reply]

Crazy cat photo Kerri! As if Pete is growing out of the wood! Very lovely colors of delphinium, monarda and alchillea indeed. I'm a big fan of all shades of pink!

Merle said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri ~~ I love your photos of your flowers. You must work hard to have them blooming so well. Thanks for sharing them with us. Take care, Merle.