Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Red, White and Blue

Happy Birthday to the United States Of America...my home, sweet home.
I'm proud to be an American!
And I'm proud to be an Australian too (although no longer a citizen)...land of my birth.
I hope all my blog friends in the U.S.A. had a happy Fourth Of July!

I thought red, white, and blue flowers might be appropriate to celebrate the birthday of our nation.

Red dinnerplate dahlia...yet to be planted.
We're trying to get a new garden ready for planting, but the continuous rain has foiled our best laid plans..over and over! We made some progress on Saturday, and I just may get the planting done tomorrow if all goes well.

White million bell petunias. I love these dainty flowers. These are planted in a window box with a geranium, regular petunias, and white alyssum (Sweet Alice..to remind me of my dear friend).

And blue larkspur (delphinium ajacis). I call it butterfly delphinium. I had it years ago but haven't had it recently until now. This was part of a mix of seeds I planted last year. It's very tall, and the color is so vibrant...really beautiful.

Plus a touch of calico! From the left are Maddy, Annabelle and Jasmine, having a little rest after a bit of play....trying to chew poor, patient Mom's ear, paws and tail.

Madelaine (Maddy) being as cute as can be :)

Dinner time! Isabelle is a good mother!

May God bless our troops who put themselves in harm's way to keep our country safe and protect our freedoms.
And may God bless America! Posted by Picasa


PEA said...[Reply]

Your flowers are so beautiful and the kittens are so adorable...I could sit there and watch them all day:-)

Alice said...[Reply]

Happy Birthday, Mrs and Mrs America.

I hope all my American blog friends enjoyed their special day and all the celebrations.

HORIZON said...[Reply]

Happy 4th Kerri. The Larkspur is beautiful- l love delphiniums but so do my slugs- argh.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

Happy 4th right back at ya!!!

I just want to pick up those kittens and hug them so much. They are just the cutest.

Take care,

Tammy said...[Reply]

Amen and amen!!!
Loved your post!!
Hope you had a happy 4th...we did!!

Sigrun said...[Reply]

Kerri, have you got my last mail about rose-breader Schultheis?


squire said...[Reply]

the red, white and blue are indeed lovely. thanks

Sue said...[Reply]

Hurray for the red, white and blue!
Loved all your colors!
Hope you had a great 4th...
Those calico kittens are growing so fast!
Will they become part of your cat family or are you trying to find them homes???

Kerri said...[Reply]

Sue, we're trying to find homes for them. It's going to be very hard to part with them, but I hope someone will give them a good home and lots of love. We have 3 more in the barn who are only about 3weeks old. Two of them are calicos as well!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

Since you have named the kittens that must mean that you are keeping all of them...I know you say you are looking for a good home for them...but will you be able to part with such cute cuddly furry little kittens as these. They're so cute!

Your red, white and blue flowers are very appropriately pretty. Hope your 4th of July was celebrated with the ones you love.

Sandy :)

snappy said...[Reply]

lovely flowers.I hoped i would find some red white and blue pics for july 4th day.Thanks!
The kittens are sooooooooo cute by the way..

Val said...[Reply]

And doesn't Isabel look like she needs a rest. All mothers would sympathise!

Marlene Depler said...[Reply]

Red, white and blue flowers! What a creative post for the Fourth of July! How long have you lived in the U.S.?

Carol said...[Reply]

Aww I love the kittens!