Sunday, August 06, 2006

Settling In.....

Firstly, I've been meaning (but kept forgetting) to say thank you so much to everyone for the all the very lovely birthday wishes for my birthday. You all helped to make it a wonderful day.
Thanks also to those who've sent my dad happy birthday wishes too. I wish he had a computer. He'd love to read those comments. Perhaps there's one he can look at in the assisted living fascility where he lives. I'll have to inquire about that.

All the new lilies are growing well and have had several blooms. Apparently lilies love lots of rain!

This is Cherry Cheeks.

This one is Charles Johnston. I thought I remembered it as being more purple, but it's definitely a cherry red. I was dismayed to realize that I'd picked two that are very similar. CJ has a more greenish throat and is a slightly darker red.
My mind was on overload looking at all those wonderful colors, so it's not surprising that I did something so muddle-headed :) I'll put purple on my list for next year!

Here is Catherine Woodberry....a lovely lady in orchid pink!

Dallas Star is a wonderful combination of shades. I love the lavender pink with the chartreuse throat.

Here is Persian Market. I Love this coral shade too. I hardly ever meet a pink I don't like :)

Butterpat is our bonus lily. They always give us a free one with our purchase. Isn't that great?

Butterpat has cute little 2 and a half inch blooms. This picture gives you more of an idea of the size.

Here are 2 views of the new fence garden where I've planted 3 of the new lilies.

The tall beige-yellow lily is a division of one of my originals, over 15 years old.
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Our weather has been perfect for the past few days with temperatures in the 80's (26º+C) and a nice breeze. Great weather for gardening!
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Karen said...[Reply]

A wonderful post Kerri. You know how much I love daylilies. ;-)

Looking at your 'Catherine Woodbury' makes me realize that that must be what my unknown one is. (I have no idea what the ones are in the front yard that were called 'Catherine Woodbury' when I bought them -- but they do look a lot like 'Luxury Lace'.)

By the way, I think I am going to add 'Dallas Star' to the list of daylilies I want. It's really quite stunning. Oh, and I wish I had the space to make a nice triangular fenced bed like that. It's perfect!

Sue said...[Reply]

80's sounds like glorious weather! Ours has been close to that or a bit cooler.
I never tire of seeing your lovely garden and the wonderful explanations your provide...
PS Isn't butterpat the cutest name???

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

Your lillies are beautiful and I love them all and I mean all.

Perhaps you could print out your post and the comments to give to your dad. I did that for my grandson to put in a keepsake box and another grandson just to look at because of no internet connection.

We passed a bank with a temp reading of 102ºf today and it sure felt like it too. I envy your 80ºf day and hope that it's coming our way.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

Oh Kerri you just have some beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing.


Alice said...[Reply]

Our weather has cooled down too - in fact, it's to be -6º tomorrow morning. Anyone care to swap?
However, once the everything thaws out, including us, it's supposed to be a whole 14º, and up to 20º later in the week.

Stunningly beautiful daylilies, Kerri. I really must plant some this year - so long as they are not orange.

Val said...[Reply]

Your garden would be a hit in an Open Garden scheme. Do they have such a thing in places outside Victoria? (Victoria used to be known as The Garden State, until marketing types took over). Ooh, Alice, I heard about the -6º = brrr!

A late happy birthday to you and your dad. Leos - the best! I'm one too, heh heh.

Motherkitty said...[Reply]

Beautiful pictures. How on earth do you remember all the names? My speed is plant something and when it comes up and actually blooms, I can say we have a pretty yellow lily or a beautiful pink lily. You should get together with my sister, mrsgreenthumb. She's a master gardener and knows everything about plants, including all their Latin horticultural names.

Love your yard and the rustic fences.

PEA said...[Reply]

I'm always in awe of your flowers, they are so beautiful and the lilies are no exception....GORGEOUS!! I love your new rustic fence garden, it's so delightful!! We are also enjoying some wonderful temps and the humidity is now all gone:-) Take care dear Kerri!! xoxox

Zoey said...[Reply]

Love all the new lilies, especially the two reds (even if they are so similar). :)