Thursday, August 31, 2006

Glad Colors!

In addition to plenty of delicious fresh veges, our vegetable garden has produced a wonderful crop of gladioli this summer...planted by my hubby. I picked the last 2 blooms today. But there's one more that hasn't opened yet.

Glads are so photogenic! And the colors are so amazingly vivid.

I found a dreaded Japanese beatle on this lovely white bloom.

Isn't nature amazing?....such gorgeous creations!

Each new bloom seemed more exquisite than the last. But they are all glorious!

Naturally, I took lots of photos, so I made a collage of some of them, to show you the array of colors.
There are more in the flower gardens, planted a bit later. Hopefully they'll bloom soon, and add some bright color to the fading summer blooms. Posted by Picasa


Tanya said...[Reply]

Dame Edna would be so proud!! I love the white ones.

Alice said...[Reply]

I love glads, too (Dame Edna notwithstanding). But how do you grow them without needing to stake them? Please, please enlighten me. I hate having to stake any plants but gladioli are a right pain for falling over. Is the trick to plant them deeper in the ground. Ross's Glads are so pretty. Gosh, he's nearly as big a showoff as you are, Kerri.

Well done, Ross. You are a very talented gardener as well as all your other lovely qualities.

Lee-ann said...[Reply]

Kerri, they are so stunning and the colours well just beautiful!

And they were in your vegetable garden wow!

The photos make you think you could be there......well done! to Ross.

Have a lovely day

Karen said...[Reply]

Beautiful colours!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

Your hubby's glads are so beautiful. Ross did a fantastic job. I just love the assortment of colors, and can't wait to see the coming glads.

Sigrun said...[Reply]

Oh, your collage is so beautiful. I like gladiolus, but they are a lot of work, they do not stand alone.

Yesterday my daughter sends me a pic from a pink glad, it is a dream.


Sue said...[Reply]

I love glads also. My grandma always had loads of them in her garden and nice bouquets in the house. I don't think she had the lovely color varieties that you have pictured here. (Maybe they weren't available years ago?)
I especially love the collage..
Beautiful post, Kerri (and Ross!)

squire said...[Reply]

Dang gal, your place is soooo pretty.

Tracy said...[Reply]

Love those glads! I have the white and pink in my garden. But they seem to like being in pots better. That orangey-coral one is stunning. Hope you cut some to bring inside.

snappy said...[Reply]

Beautiful photo's kerri.How did you do the collage?I was thinking today of an end of year one when the winter is here of my fav photo from each month that i have photo's for..Love Gladiolus even when they fall over..

PEA said...[Reply]

Oh my gosh, how beautiful they all are!! The variety of colours is amazing! The only flowers we have in the veggie garden is sunflowers, thanks to Chippy planting the sunflower seeds we feed him! lol Your glads are truly breathtaking Kerri!! Hugs xoxo

Carol said...[Reply]

Pretty glads. I also planted some in my vegetable garden.

Val said...[Reply]

I'm with Alice about not wanting to stake things. It always seems like Mother Nature has fallen down on the job when that's required.

Japanese beetles - now THAT'S brought back memories from my childhood in New York. Our next door neighbors, who became lifelong family friends, planted a horrible, ugly, thorny hedge between the two properties when our houses were being built. This hedge seemed to attract thousands of Japanese beetles so that instead of seeing leaves you'd see a mass of beetles. Ugh! The hedge and beetles didn't stop us kids of both families from forging a crawl space through the hedge so we could visit each other easily. I hope your beetle infestation is not a bad one, Kerri.

Shell said...[Reply]

I just had to run over to your place to look at the GORGEOUS flower photos. You have an absolute green thumb and talent for photography all rolled into one.

Stunning photos!

Have a great weekend. Take some more!

Jeanette said...[Reply]

great photography
I love your pink theme and the Colours of the Gladies are beautiful

Wendy said...[Reply]

Stunning! Your garden is simply stumming even down to the kittens!