Thursday, August 24, 2006

Phenomenal Phlox!

Phlox (paniculata) are one of the stars of the summer garden. They give us a nice long season of bloom.

There are three different colors in this garden, and more spread around in other gardens around the yard.

I love this pale pink with the red eye. It combines beautifully with the Cerise Queen Yarrow (achillea).

This Monarch butterfly apparently likes it too.

The red phlox is a wonderfully bright shade which really livens up the garden.

Malva (Mallow) and petunias are planted at the top of this garden, among other things, and gloriosa daisies are spread throughout.

This Black Swallowtail settled on the Mallow just long enough for me to snap a quick shot. I chased it for quite a while before it cooperated!

I prosaically call this the driveway garden, since I seem to lack the imagination to come up with a more interesting name :) Posted by Picasa


Karen said...[Reply]

Lovely photos. You still have so many beautiful flowers. My garden is winding down, down, down.

Carol said...[Reply]

Oh your phlox is so beautiful Kerri, I love it! And those butterfly shots are gorgeous!

Alice said...[Reply]

You have perennial phlox in colours I've not seen before, and how clever of you to grow butterflies, I must look for more P.Phlox this year.

Your garden is a florist's paradise. I can imagine the bowls and vases of flowers they would have everywhere with such abundance to choose from.

It's almost too much ... STOP, STOP!


Shell said...[Reply]

What gorgeous gardens you have created. Your photos are lovely. I always feel that gardeners are partners with God in making the world more beautiful. You certainly ARE.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful world!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

Everything is looking so green and colorful in your garden...the rains really must have helped your garden. The summer heat has ended most of my blooming flowers except for a few hibiscus and Rose of Sharon.

Missy said...[Reply]

I enjoyed looking at your photos, and your "Driveway Garden" you could call your "Welcoming Garden". Makes for a wonderful welcome to enter a yard with such beauty.