Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What Else is/was Blooming?

The dandelions are finally finished blooming! Our lawn was a sea of yellow for quite a while. It was actually pretty with the bright yellow against the green lawn, but those dandelions sure are resilient. There were always a few that would pop right back up after I'd mowed over them, singing ha ha, you missed me :)

There were apple blossoms everywhere! We have some wild apple trees across the road in the hedgerow.They've finished blooming too. They were truly beautiful.

I took some pictures in the early evening after a rainy day recently. The sun shone on the wet plants and bathed the landscape in a wonderful glow. Most of the tulips are finished blooming now, except for a few late pinks.

Here a few more pictures of the late whites. I'm pleased to note that these blooms haven't become smaller as the tulips have multiplied.

This was taken before the rain shower.

And this one after the rain.

We have hostas around the front porch. They're wonderful until the snails attack. After all our recent rain we'll probably be overrun with the slimy little monsters. Ug! Time for a counter attack!

This tansy is a pretty filler but it's very invasive. I have to dig it out continually or it will take over everything.

My hubby brought home pansies for me on our anniversary in April. He knows how much I love them :) dainty in blue and white, and occasionally a pink one shows up. A few johnny jump ups have popped up here too.

The bleeding heart bushes were slightly damaged by a heavy late frost, but have bounced back since all our recent rainfall and have grown very large this spring. They reseed easily. Our white bush isn't blooming yet.

Centaurea can be invasive too. I have to be really ruthless and yank most of it out, just leaving a little to add its color to the early bloomers.

The aliums are pretty with the deep purple iris. I like their height.Posted by Picasa


Travel Advice and Tips said...[Reply]

Is that your garden? It sure is beautiful.

Sigrun said...[Reply]

Kerri, you have made wonderful photos with the new camera! I love my hostas more than Mr. Wonderful (no,no) and I always give Slugpellets around them!


snappy said...[Reply]

did you let the Tansys flower?Love the pics.Does the bleeding heart seed?I would love some seeds from you (see my last post about memorial garden).Looks very pretty the flowers.

Motherkitty said...[Reply]

Kerri, as always, your flowers are beautiful. We have been busy planting lots of bulbs so maybe next spring I can post lots of flower pictures like your.

Alice said...[Reply]

You could dig up, cook and eat the dandelions until such time as Ross can grow his vegie garden! By the end of summer you could have a lawn free of dandelions. They are supposed to be highly nutritious but I don't know how people actually prepare them.

All your flowers are so lovely, but the one I like best is the Bleeding Heart. It seems to be a very popular plant over there but I rarely see it here. I look forward to seeing the lupins in flower, too.

Tammy said...[Reply]

Just beautiful as favorite this time was the white tulips set against the red bard.

Sue said...[Reply]

Great photos as usual Kerri...

Val said...[Reply]

Forget me nots and johnny jump ups (I think they're usually called heartsease in Australia) are a great combo, but they can become overbearing. We had to pull them out, but unfortunately I think we did too good a job, they haven't reappeared.

HORIZON said...[Reply]

So enjoy coming into your blog for a peek-always wonderful photos and magical colour. I like your names for the flowers to, ie. 'Johnny jump ups'. :)
Would you mind if l added you to my links list so that l can get my daily dose?

PEA said...[Reply]

Your pictures are so beautiful and I'm amazed at the colours!! As I had mentioned in an earlier comment, I had never seen white tulips before so I was delighted to see you post more pictures of them! SImply gorgeous!!

Stuart said...[Reply]

Oh Kerri... I've had to look away as I've been viewing your photos. I found myself in autumn guise coveting every snap. How blessed you are to have a beautiful garden with all those wonderful flowers going berzerk.

Karen said...[Reply]

I love the alliums and iris together. I don't know if you're referring to the allium or the iris when you talk about height. I like the medium iris. It's so hard to find any. It's all mostly tall or dwarf iris.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

Isn't Spring glorious?
I just love everything in bloom and I think that those of us who live with winter dead months for part of the year, really appreciate the colorful blooming and coming to life of the plants & trees, in the springtime.
Your pictures are lovely as always and your visit to Coopertown (post) was so informative that it made me feel as if I was there.