Wednesday, June 28, 2006


This is what I woke up to this morning.

There's extensive flooding in upstate NY due to very heavy rains which began on Sunday afternoon. We couldn't believe we could get even more rain than we've already had in the past several weeks, but rain, it did! The water just kept pouring out of the sky!

The road was blocked off by a fire truck.

The creek that runs through our meadow beside the house was flooding and pouring water over the road.

My husband leaves about 5:00AM for work. I thought about him driving through all that water and called to see if he'd made it OK. He said he had to drive through flooded spots in the road at least 4 times, but he got there eventually. All the county roads around Cooperstown, where he works, were now closed. He said he'd never seen rain come down as hard as it did during his drive.

The river below our farm is way up over its banks. We usually can't see the water from our yard. Posted by Picasa

By 9:30AM the waters had receded and the road was reopened.

The rain stopped falling here about 9:00AM and later the sun came out and shone brightly all day. We had high humidity, but oh, it was wonderful to see that sun again! I did some tidying up in the gardens late this afternoon. The weeds were very easy to pull...that's probably the only good thing I can think of to say about all this rain!

And guess what the weather is doing tonight? Yes, raining again! How can there be that much water up there?


PEA said...[Reply]

We've also been getting a lot of rain these last couple of days and this morning it's pouring poor potted flowers are water logged and looking worse for wear. It's gone from one extreme to was so dry for a long while, now we're getting too much rain at once! I'm glad your hubby got to work safely!! Flooded roads can be so dangerous.

Alice said...[Reply]

"How can there be so much water up there" you ask. That's easy - BECAUSE IT'S NOT OVER HERE!!!!

I do think you've had quite enough, though. Do you perhaps know someone called Noah? If so, perhaps you'd better check if he's been building an ark in his backyard. Forty days and forty nights of rain could be a bit of a problem.

Tammy said...[Reply]

When we lived in KY our roads flooded out so often we had to develope alternate routes which took us a few miles out of the way but were safer in we did not have to go through the water...hope you dry out soon!!!

Dianne said...[Reply]

We've had a terrible time of it here in the greater Philly area. Water in the basement, soggy yard, closed roads. So much for the predicted drought!

HORIZON said...[Reply]

What a wash out Kerri!
I've been reading the news on it and you guys got a pelting.
Glad your home is ok and you and your husband are well, kittens too.
Take Care

Apple said...[Reply]

I was wondering how you were doing as I watched the news today. We've had rain but not enough to cause any flooding. I'm glad that you're doing OK. Tell your husband to be careful on the roads!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

I have been watching the news with great interest since I knew you lived in upstate NY. I'm glad your home is high on a hill and has not flooded.
I hope the rain has stopped by now and the creeks & river goes back to normal. I know that there is much to repair and I pray for the lost and their families.