Sunday, January 22, 2006

Spring and Summer Colors

I hope these flower pics add a little color to your day.

Here's a host of golden daffodils........

Same garden below, a little later.

These peonies have huge blooms and there's the weigela (for Alice) in the middle.

Weigela again...closer.

Same garden yet again......mid-summer

The scanner didn't do these phlox justice. I lightened the picture but it's still too dark.

Here's "Mr. Lincoln"....

And here's me, camera in hand, with Kylie in the garden, where I love to be :) I don't know why Kylie keeps showing up on my blog. We do have 2 other children! Stay tuned.....

I hope you had a pleasant and relaxing weekend.


kylieps said...[Reply]

I MUST be the favourite daughter!
Hahahahahahahahah. (evil laugh.) When you're number one, you're really number one.
(and I'm humble too. One of the qualities I like best in myself, I must say.)

Kerri said...[Reply]

You're a frightful child! I can see I'll have to concentrate on getting your brother and sister's pics on this blog....if just to show there's no favoritism here :)

Sonia said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri! I just found your blog through Val and I love your beautiful garden and your charming house! I will return soon!
All the best to you, from Sonia, São Paulo, Brazil.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures of your garden. I can't wait for spring to start seeing green again!

Kylie sounds like me with my mom!


Alice said...[Reply]

Gorgeous flowers again, but I am developing a severe case of 'green envy'. Admittedly this year was good - we had heaps of green grass around the countryside (not on our lawn areas, though) but of course it is now all yellow as it's gone to seed. I still love the way a green lawn enhances a garden, even if they do take a lot of water. I really miss ours and look forward to re-sowing two of them in the autumn.

All of your flowers are so bright and 'cottagey' - it must be a total joy to spend your summers in the garden.

chest of drawers said...[Reply]

Thankyou for dropping in and leaving a message on my blog - I love all your beautiful photos! Our garden is covered in a metre of snow at the moment and as I also grew up in Australia where you never have to bring anything inside for the winter,I find gardening very frustrating here.
I can´t wait to see the first spring blooms, until then I´ll have your lovely pictures!