Wednesday, January 25, 2006


It's a wonderful white world of winter outside tonight. We had a snow storm this morning which made driving to work a treat...I'm being facetious here, but it really was quite beautiful. I saw a big pine all covered in snow with the wind bouncing it's huge boughs up and down. I've never noticed that before. Amazing! The snow was being blown down in big fluffy blobs from all the big maples and pines. It looked like 'raining snow'. So, while I was a little nervous about all the snow I had to drive through, I also greatly enjoyed the journey :)
Here are a few bright close-ups of the gardens to add a little color to our otherwise 'all-white' day........

Yes, the bees do love the echinaceas (purple coneflowers). Why are they called purple? They look distinctly pink to me! Have you seen the white ones? So pretty.

That little fence garden is very photogenic :)

Ah, the lovely lilies! This one is Janice Brown.

There's a sweet little story behind this lily and 5 others scattered about in our gardens. Maybe a subject for a future post? We'll see....

au revoir for now.....


Alice said...[Reply]

Thank you, Kerri, for enjoying the journey on our behalf. I read about an old man who was a truck driver, carting goods between a number of towns. Fellow drivers couldn't understand why he was always so cheerful when he got to work, so they asked what made him so different to the rest of them. He said, "When you get in your trucks in the morning, you think you are going to work. But when I get into my truck in morning, I'm going for a drive in the country." Same route, different outlook.

Stuart said...[Reply]

Gorgeous fence Kerri and those Rudbeckias shining out from between the railings look fantastic. Thanks for the glimpses of your garden.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]


I so love lilies!! Would love to see more and hear your story.


kylieps said...[Reply]

That's a great photo peeping through the fence Mum!

judypatooote said...[Reply]

Wow, it's beautiful in NY too.... Alice you have competition with those flower pictures.....