Monday, January 16, 2006

Green and Growing

What, in this frigid landscape am I referring to you may wonder. Our Christmas tree, that’s what!
Yes, I sheepishly admit that our tree is still up and decorated. I don’t generally leave it up this long but it’s growing! It has loads of cute little pine cones sprouting from the branches. We don’t remember ever seeing this phenomenon before with past trees. I’ve been reluctant to condemn it to death, but this week it will be undecorated and out of the house, by hook or by crook! It looks so pretty, but is becoming an embarrassment to me. I have to let go and move on!
Don’t you just hate packing up all the decorations when the season is done? Obviously, I do. It’s a long job putting them out, but at least the results are pleasing. Putting them away is just a long boring job. On the bright side, we’ll have different décor to look at. It’ll be the same old stuff we had before Christmas but maybe I’ll be inspired to do something imaginative after visiting all those wonderful blogs!
Our lively little tree will have the branches cut off to be used as mulch for some perennials, and then will go onto the compost heap in spring, so it won’t go to waste.
I wish I had a digital camera so that I could post a photo of the little pine cones for you. I did take a couple of pics with my faithful little Vivitar, so you may see a picture eventually. A digital camera is on our wish list. I think it’s time to go shopping for one, so if anyone has any helpful suggestions as to which one to purchase, please feel free to offer your advise. We’ve thought of a bigger one that will accommodate our 300mm telephoto lens (which we use on our dear old Cannon camera) but have just about decided that a smaller one would be handier for carrying around. I guess we should start small and then get bigger later if we want to.
By the way, the sun is shining gloriously on the snow and the temperatures have risen quite a bit. Much prettier outside today!
Many thanks to all who left comments on my blog. It’s so lovely to hear from you! I’m hoping to hear much more and learn much more……


Kali said...[Reply]

The heading to this post had me wondering. I would love to see the tiny little cones growing on your Chrissy must be all that love and warmth it's feeling!
Pulling down and putting away Christmas decorations isn't my favorite job either, but know doubt you'll feel much better once it's all done.
In regards to recommending a digital camera, I'll refrain because it is such a personal thing and there seems to be so many out there...This is my second one, both being gifts from hubby. The first was an Olympus and this is a Canon Power Shot G6. It is great for my needs.
Good luck with the removal of the decorations :)

kylieps said...[Reply]

Hey Mum,
You're such a good writer. And how did you get your letters to turn green? I'm impressed. (And we all know I'm not easily impressed.)

Alice said...[Reply]

Kerri - I don't know much (anything) about the technicalities of digital cameras, but when we were discussing the purchase my husband wanted one with all the bells and whistles (this is from someone who cannot or refuses to learn to send an email or use a mobile phone). I said that if we had one 'with the lot' we would never use it; all I wanted was a small one that could fit in my handbag or even my pocket so that I could take photos on the spur of the moment. Mine is a Canon IXUS 30, it's very compact and I know it can do lots more than I yet know how to do but it serves the purpose well. I can fit it into the pocket of my jeans when I go for a walk. So far Richard has scarcely used it as he says he doesn't know how (despite being told/shown, so I don't know how he was going to manage anything more complicated. All the photos on my blog have been taken with this little camera - I think most have turned out fairly well although I don't claim to have any photographic skills whatsoever.

Kerri said...[Reply]

Kali and Alice,
Thanks for the thoughts on cameras. Alice, your photos are beautiful, as are Kali's. Both of you have a real eye for photography. We've actually been thinking of a Canon Power Shot. Kylie's boyfriend has one which I've used and really liked. His is an S410. I'll have to do some research to find out the differences. Alice, your husband and mine have some characteristics in common :)

OldRoses said...[Reply]

My neighbors leave their outdoor decorations out until spring. They even turn the lights on every night. I agree that taking down the tree is much more of a chore than putting it up.

Val said...[Reply]

Hee hee, look at my solution to the Christmas tree decorations: