Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bossy Birds

The blue jays were very busy at the feeders today.
A biting wind was blowing, and when the temperatures drop more birds flock to the food.

Um, excuse me Buddy.......we were here first!

The bossy jays were not happy to share the seeds with this starling.

Nobody loves me....guess I'll go eat worms.

Poor little guy.......

But he didn't let it get him down.....he found something better.

Ross made this orange/apple feeder last spring, hoping to attract a few Baltimore Orioles....but we only saw a couple, and they didn't seem to take an interest in the feeder.

We've found another use for it this winter. I made suet cakes and stuck them on the nails. To keep them in place I covered them with a net bag. This downy woodpecker is enjoying a nice feed.
We'll try again in the spring to attract the orioles with fruit.

Last week poor Phoebe hurt her foot and was feeling pretty miserable. Ross gave her a series of penicillin shots and she's walking on it much better now.

She is Zoey's sister and has the same big feet. She also has that same loveable nature that Zoey had.

Toby, their brother also had another sore foot the week before. I wish I knew how they were hurting their feet. Posted by Picasa

The weather is supposed to be very cold for the next few days so we'll have to hibernate. Being outside in the freezing wind today was not at all pleasant.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


jellyhead said...[Reply]

Those blue jays are so pretty, aren't they?

Thanks Kerri for your cheering words on my post recently :)

Rug up, drink hot chocolate, and pat those sweet kitties for me!

Jeanette said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri
Still looks bitterly cold there
love the colouring of the bue jays all your other bird feeders

Apple said...[Reply]

My Mom gets quite upset when the blue jays are bullies but the cardinals can be as mean as they want if they deign to show up. LOL.

Poor Phoebe. Odd that a couple of them are getting sore feet.

Stay warm. I hope you don't have to feed the furnace too often when it's cold like this!

I like the new blogger look and the Garden Blogger Directory banner.

Laurie & Chris said...[Reply]

You got some great shots of the birds. I would love to beable to just sit and atch them.

Thanks for visiting our blog I hope we didn't GROSS you out to much.

Susie said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri,
Your birds are having a wonderful feast aren't they! Clever of you to cover the fruit with a net! We've been reading about the bitterly cold weather in your area..
It's sunny here, but not real warm.
Poor Phoebe's foot! Wonder what could be going on??
Stay warm and cozy.

squire said...[Reply]

It is great to what the birds feed.

Alice said...[Reply]

Those birds are really enjoying their meals at 'Cafe la Spooner'. Do they leave you a tip? Yes, I'll bet the do - the sparrows in particular

Looks like you will have to upgrade the carpet in the barn - that old one is just too rough on the kittens' feet!

Cris said...[Reply]

Now I know why you have such a way with birds, because your parents had a pet shop, and thanks for the wonderful pictures.

Kentucky Gal said...[Reply] nice to save a vet bill and be able to do the shots that I've given Hubby a few I think I could do it if I had too...the only thing is knowing the dosage...Clarence had a sore paw when we got him of course we were on strike and strapped for money but I found an antibiotic spray for cats at our Tractor Supply store and that seemed to help. Oh, he adjusted to the litter box moving with flying colors!! He is one smart kitty my Clarence!!

Sonia said...[Reply]

What a beutiful bird's photos, Kerri!

I hope that Phoebe will be fine very soon!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...[Reply]

What wonderful birds visit your feeders Kerri. I love the blue jays.

Poor Phoebe, hope she’s better soon, not much fun having a poorly paw in cold weather, or at any other time come to that. Marion

Wendy A said...[Reply]

I love the blue jays. They strike a cord. I remeber being a kid and they were so curious. They love to steel food off the picnic tables.

Lovely pics Kerri. Hope it warms up for you soon.

Anita said...[Reply]

Kerri, you always put a big big smile on my face when I see you posting annimals! I like your blue jays a lot.

Oh poor Phoebe, I hope she will well very very soon!

Sissy said...[Reply]

How do you get all those birds to come, even when you have cats all around??!! We can hardly get a few finches and we buy the best food and feeders!! I wish you would send some over to us...
Give that at a big hug! Do they come in when it's cold?

Linda said...[Reply]

You have the most amazing pictures Kerri. Just beautiful. I enjoy watching the birds who come to dring and bathe in our bird bath. We've seen quite a few robins this winter. They've come south to warm up a bit, but I think they may be headed back your way.
Have a good week.

GirlGoneGardening said...[Reply]

love the jays, jays have always been my favorite birds, I even raised one from a baby a few years ago. Cocky fellow, dived bombed any strangers in the house once he'd learned to fly and the poor dog would sometimes loose her treats to him lol :)

hope kitty is feeling good soon.

Lee-ann said...[Reply]

Your blog pages are beautiful, Your posts are so lovely and your photos well! they are stunning as always.

I have never met a wood pecker until now and a blue Jay well I wish my mother was sitting right here beside me she would be Oooooing! and Ahhhhhhing! as I am right now. The colours are stunning your photos so clear.

beautiful post Kerri! just beautiful.

Keep warm won't you

Lis said...[Reply]

Lovely pictures from the birds.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Just don't know how you do it...You always get the best pictures of your birds.

Poor kitty but I am sure she feels safe with you taking care of her.

Try and stay warm. It is way cold here too!

Take care,

Hillside Garden said...[Reply]

Poor Phoebe! Ross can give her Penicillin? We must go to the doctor for this?


Pamela said...[Reply]

What beauty! The blue Jays look so regal against the snowy background! It is too bad they booted the little loner off. Glad he found your hubby's clever orange bird feeder!

That is a nasty little cut on your kitty's paw and I am so glad Ross can tend to her johnny on the spot! That's so nice! :)

HORIZON said...[Reply]

So glad to drop by your blog again- has been a while. Liked your meme below and have to comment on how wonderful it must be to watch your birds feed at such close proximity! At least you can stay in the warm :) Beautiful blue Jays! Sorry to hear about Phoebe's paw but am glad she seems to be recovering well.
Thank you so much for your concern and email- it came just when l needed it most :)
Bests dear friend. x

Naturegirl said...[Reply]

Kerri love your photos poor baby kitty and the sore paw.I've been putting suet out for my birds but they are NOT interested? I have them on the ground now and some little visitor or two are enjoying them!That's just fine with me.

Val said...[Reply]

I wouldn't waste my sympathy on a starling, but I do admire those bossy blue jays. Love the photo of the downy woodpecker. It reminds me slightly of a kookaburra.

Carol said...[Reply]

Aww poor Kitty!

Oh Kerri I'm so in love with your bird shots again! Couldn't you not send a few blue birds to Germany, directly to my garden pretty please?

PEA said...[Reply]

Hello dear Kerri:-) Bloglines never let me know that you had posted lately...grrrr! I've been noticing it's acting up the last few days so it's a good thing I'm checking each blog to make sure I'm not missing anything! lol

Such wonderful pictures...we also get so many birds in our backyard (today I posted a picture of the doves that were at our feeder yesterday) and they are truly a joy to watch!!

Awww poor Phoebe, what a beautiful cat she is! Hopefully her paw will soon be all healed up!!

Stay warm...I think I'm going into hibernation! lol Hugs xoxo