Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wildflowers of May and June

For quite some time I've been planning a series of posts on wildflowers, and have finally begun to get some of the photos together that I took during the spring and summer of last year. Usually in early June the road crews mow the edges of the roadways, and in so doing cut down all the wildflowers that brighten the roadsides. Due to an extremely rainy season, this job didn't get done, and the vast numbers of wildflowers were amazing to see.

I carried my camera with me whenever I went out....driving or walking. Sometimes it took me a little longer to drive back and forth to a destination....but what an enjoyable way to pass the time.

I must begin with dandelions, as they seem to be the first cheery bright colors we see...all over our yard, filling our lawn with a sea of yellow. Isn't it amazing how quickly they pop back up whenever you mow over them with a lawnmower? They have real staying power :)

This is the field across the road, which of course, is full of dandelions in early May when these 2 photos were taken.

These violets were in among the tulips. They grow in the lawn too, where they're not supposed to.

I left a few buttercups in with the Johnny Jump Ups that popped up in early spring. I love their shiny yellow faces.

This Ragged Robin (Lychnis Flos) is one of my favorites. I love its color and form.

Whispy and delicate....a dainty masterpiece.

Dame's Rocket (Hesperis matronalis) grows in large patches of green beside the roads and into the woods. It looks like the tall summer phlox but has 4 petals instead of 5 like phlox. It belongs to the mustard family.

I've found it in our yard beside the woodpile and moved it here and there. It blooms with the buttercups and wild columbine.

It comes in pretty pastel shades of white, lavender....

....and pink.

These Harebells (campanula rotundifolia) cover a roadside bank on the way to a nearby village, and several years ago I took my trowel and brought a few home for my garden. Now I have plenty!

The Oxeye Daisies (chrysanthemum leucanthemum) are one of the earliest wildflowers to bloom. It's hard to resist picking a bunch and adding a few buttercups, to bring inside and put in a vase to brighten up my kitchen. Posted by Picasa

During school vacation my dear young friend and neighbor, Sandy, and I walked almost every morning. Of course, there were glorious wildflowers along the roadsides to notice and wonder about, so I began carrying my camera in my pocket. The first day we probably didn't get our regular exercise because we stopped so often, but I tried to use a little restraint after that. Sandy is a very patient girl....and I'm pleased to note that she was soon pointing out flowers that I hadn't yet photographed.
Whenever we see each other lately she says, "Where are all those wildflower photos you took? I'm waiting to see them on your blog!"
So here they are....finally....especially for you Sandy.
There are probably a couple of hundred photos stored on my computer from those walks, just waiting for me to choose a small portion of them to post.
I'm working on it, slowly but surely!

We're hoping to go to our youngest grandson's 3rd birthday party this weekend, but the weather forecast is for several inches of snow tomorrow, along with strong winds. That's not a good combination for driving. We may have to wait and go Saturday. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I have a feeling the weatherman has got it right this time.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Carolanne said...[Reply]

What beautiful wildflowers!
So much colour and life.

Annie in Austin said...[Reply]

Does the state of New York know about you and The Colors of the Garden,

Kerry? If this photo essay, so beautiful and so welcome in February, causes a bump in tourism to upstate NY, someone official should know who to thank.
I hope the weather cooperates as you travel to celebrate with the birthday boy.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Such a lovely collection of photos for your wildflowers in the area. The colors are so vivid they fill my soul with some badly needed cheer. Thank you.

Take care,

Apple said...[Reply]

Beautiful pictures! A welcome reminder that this snow will eventually melt.

Be careful on the north-south roads, we're delayed again today because of blowing and drifting, not new snow.

Cris said...[Reply]

These are wonderful!!!! Just a way to brighten our day!

Laurie & Chris said...[Reply]

Your pictures are so great!! We really needed to see them I can't believe how soon I have gotten sick of winter this year and we really haven't had a long winter just COLD!! I really enjoyed seeing your wildflowers. Thank you!

Motherkitty said...[Reply]

Oh, my. Your lovely wildflowers have me all fired up to start working in our garden. On our way to an eye doctor's appointment yesterday, I noticed that daffodils were popping up alongside the roadway. In February!!! I also noticed one patch along a bank of something green coming up, probably daylillies. I'm afraid the weather will not cooperate and they will be frozen.

I also noticed, as I was waiting for husband to come out of the house, an Eastern Bluebird and his two mates flitting around my yard. I also saw the other day a Kildeer, which is a ground nesting bird, hoppin around getting something to eat. So, here in my backyard, Spring cannot be far away. In your neck of the woods, I'm afraid you will be hit with lots more snow than you really want. Be careful going to your grandson's birthday party.

Thanks for brightening up our day with your lovely wildflowers.

PEA said...[Reply]

I've always said that wildflowers are just as or even more beautiful than cultivated flowers! What glorious pictures, Kerri...seeing all those wildflowers along the roadway would certainly make a walk very enjoyable:-) Hopefully the weather will coooperate and you'll be able to travel this weekend!! Hugs xox

susan said...[Reply]

Ah, the promise of spring! Thanks for brightening up this winter day. Have a good visit with your grandson!

Susie said...[Reply]

What beautiful and cheery wildflowers! I bet you felt the promise of spring just by posting them!!
Hope you can make it to the birthday party. Sounds like your weather has been beyond awful!!

Anita said...[Reply]

Thank you so much for this lovely summer garden tour! I enjoyed it a lot - and I could almost feel the warm sunlight!

Have a great bithday party this week-end! We are invited to a 40th birthday party as well!

Hillside Garden said...[Reply]

Oh Kerri, now I can dream of spring again! A nice tour through your area, and you have such a lot of place.


Linda said...[Reply]

What beautiful pictures Kerri. It must make you long for spring. I remember how long winter seemed when we lived upstate. I love flowers and those pictures are just wonderful.

Kentucky Gal said...[Reply]

I enjoyed this "spring walk"!!!

Linda A said...[Reply]

Always beautiful photos.. I love wildflowers, too.. I came thinking.. Kerri will most likely have some amazing new photos of all that snow. What a great surprise

Sonia said...[Reply]

Kerri, what a wonderful flowers! Your garden is breathtaking!
Have a nice weekend!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

I love seeing your lovely wildflowers...they are much the same as the ones that grow here.

I'm dreaming of spring as I gaze out my window & see snow...much like you, but of course you have lots of snow and ours has dwindled to just little piles of it here & there.

Hope you are able to attend your grandson's birthday party. Please wish him a Happy Birthday from Jimmy & I. He's a cutie and 3 is such a cute & cuddly age.

Sissy said...[Reply]

Such beautiful flowers, Kerri! Please be careful in the snow!

smilnsigh said...[Reply]

Hello. I just came here, from Susie's blog.

Your wildflowers are simply beautiful. How lucky you are to live where you have so much land around you.

Do be careful with all that snow.

Stay warm.


Jeanette said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri lovely photo's of the colourfull wild flowers near your home.

Lis said...[Reply]

Thanks for the wonderful tour!

sal said...[Reply]

your photos are lovely and gave me a big lift on a cold and incredibly wet day when spring seems ages away, I can't wait to get out in the garden again.

Shelley said...[Reply]

Oh Kerri, what a great post. Those flowers look so lovely. I'm so ready for spring and looking at these beautiful photos made me appreciate its loveliness all the more!

Thank you for sharing it.

Carol said...[Reply]

What absolutely glorious wild flowers... Gods beauty is all around us...

HORIZON said...[Reply]

l love all of these photos Kerri- what a walk you had with so many flowers to look at- it is a wonder you got finished at all ;)
l really like the Dame's Rocket and campanula- growing by the road side- you lucky woman!
Look forward to this year ahead and what new pics you will take.
Glad you got to talk with Susie on the phone- nice!

Terri said...[Reply]

Oh! Know I am really longing for spring! You took some lovely photos!

Are you buried under all that snow upstate? We have nothing down here....much to my children's disappointment. It's hard to have a snow day when there's no snow! LOL
Stay warm!

Alice said...[Reply]

Seeing your photos of God's wildflower bounty reminded me of a posting I did on 7 Sept. 2005. It's about how we always think we can improve on His handiwork.

That Hesperis Matronalis looks so pretty; I'm not surprised you wanted some in your garden. It looks much like 'Honesty' if I remember rightly.

These beautiful flowers must be a very welcome sight after months of snow, etc. Thanks so much for posting them.

By the way, what is all that green stuff? It's not grass, is it? Doesn't look like any grass that I've seen for a long time ... lol.

Rachel said...[Reply]

How wonderful to see these at this time of the year!! It has done my heart good and made me long for the flowers of spring! Thanks!

Carol said...[Reply]

I enjoyed the wildflower pictures, viewed on a snowy but sunny day, they are a welcome reminder that eventually, we'll have flowers again.

judypatooote said...[Reply]

OK, now you really got me in the mood for Spring.....I love wildflowers, and there are some that are so gorgeous....I have seen red ones that were so cool, but couldn't find them again.... I would love to know what they are... I think that they should be in every ones back yard..... I remember the little quote " May all your weeds be wildflowers" and I have made that happen......LOL

Mountain Mama said...[Reply]

Hi there. I was blog surfing and found you. Sure glad I did. I love meeting new friends who love flowers like I do. Your pictures are wonderful and I have many of those same wildflowers growing in my own yard, even though I live across the US from you, in North West Washington state. The Dame's Rocket is one that I used to pick for my mother. It grew all over our property and the fragrance is wonderful.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Hi,I live in the UK and am doing research on wild flowers in May in Maine. Your web site and pictures are very helpful. Thank you very much,