Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Brings.....

Color back to the landscape....

Joyful flowers back to the gardens.

Just 6 days ago the fields were pale shades of green.

We've had a few days of unseasonably hot weather since then, and the greens are brightening.

Cows are back in this pasture today for the first time in 9 years! Posted by Picasa

The lawn has turned bright green and is ready to mow for the first time this year.

In the neighbors' barn....

......there's a new baby named Pocahontas. Isn't she sweet? Posted by Picasa

Trays of seedlings line these shelves that my dear hubby made for me.

I hadn't expected such a large and handsome set of shelves.

My plan was to start fewer seeds than last year, but with so much space I ended up starting more! Who could resist?

He also added a second shelf to the plant light I used last year.

He's such an enabler! Posted by Picasa

My 2 African violets haven't bloomed all winter, but since I moved them to the shelves this one has begun blooming....

.....and the other one has buds forming. I've also begun feeding them African violet food whenever I water them. Apparently they're happy with this treatment.

I've had quite a battle with aphids on some of the seedlings, and eventually ended up spraying them with an insect killer (outside) after trying a few other friendlier methods, including a mild soap and water spray and picking the little beasts off with tweezers. The soapy water killed the tiny seedlings and the hand picking was far too tedious and time consuming. The spray seems to be keeping them under control. If anyone has other advise on combating the critters I'd be happy to hear it.

Those top 2 geraniums are blooming nicely now, and I've cut them back and started cuttings with the trimmings. Soon I'll begin hanging them outside to get a little sunshine on the warmer days. This will harden them off before they're moved outdoors for the summer. Posted by Picasa

I began this post over a week ago and just haven't had the time or energy to finish it until now. Days are busy with work and gardening, and my poor tired brain won't function well these nights.

The sweet scented hyacinths are blooming, but the beautiful blues, which opened first, have faded already because of the heat, and yesterday's horrible gusty wind. Posted by Picasa

Unfortunately, the bloom time of a lot of the daffodils was shortened as well,

.......but there are still quite a few putting on a pretty show. Posted by Picasa

The pink hyacinths added their color a few days after the blues began blooming.

Did you notice the robin? I managed to get a little closer for this shot.

He lets me get quite close at times, and often sits in the Silver Maple singing very sweetly. Posted by Picasa

This little clump of daffodils marks the site of an old compost pile where these bulbs were tossed long ago. I thought they were no good at the time, but they survived and have bloomed for many years since, making me smile each time I see them.

Spring is a time of yellow.......

bringing the bright yellow plumage back to the American Goldfinches.

....and misty mornings.....

....golden afternoons....

.....soft evening light as the sun sets....

.....and tulips! Posted by Picasa
I hope you're enjoying spring as much as I am.
(Or autumn if you're on the other side of the equator).


Kateri said...[Reply]

That heat wave sure greened things up, didn't it? (I'm glad it has cooled down a little though at least here in Michagan--spring flowers don't hold in such hot weather.) I love your plant have a great husband! And that brand new foal is so cute.
I grew up in Chenago County.

Tatyana said...[Reply]

Kerri, everything looks good, but shelves.... I'm jealous!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...[Reply]

Isn't it amazing? A couple of days of warmth, and the world around us just exploded into happy growth. Love the photo of the foal, too. Spring is so awesome when it actually is springlike! I expect to see many daffodils when I get home this afternoon from being away all week.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...[Reply]

Hello Dear Kerri....
Wonderful to see that you too are enjoying spring and all the wonder that it brings.

I’m impressed with the propagator Ross has made for you, its brilliant! We are well blessed to have husbands with such skills.

I do agree that spring is very much a ‘yellow’ season and tomorrow is the first day of my very favourite month.

Hope you and Ross are both well.

I’m sure you know who I’m going to have the great pleasure of meeting up with shortly...... Bestest Love - Marion

Stephanie said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri! Wow your farm is huge! I just wanted to say hello and tell you that the tulips and purple striped crocuses are so mersmerising. I like the fact that you have planted beds of flowers here and there to make your farm look interesting. Have a great day!

Ilona said...[Reply]

Truly a lovely spring show! And your seedlings progress is impressive... love the plant setup. Your husband is the best sort of enabler;)

Lisa at Greenbow said...[Reply]

Your area has truly awakened by spring now. I just love seeing cows in a pasture. What fun it would be to watch them grazing, frisking around in the pasture for the summer. That Colt is darling too. Your shelves look great. I can't wait to see all the flowers that you started there growing in your garden. Happy Spring...

GardenJoy4Me said...[Reply]

Kerri .. what wonderful pictures you have taken .. and the little filly stole my heart .. she is so cute ! We have neon yellow with our Goldfinches .. love seeing them here.
Yellow in all hues seems to be the montly colour doesn't it ?
You are one busy gal with all of those seedlings girl ! Good luck with them .. I hate aphids so much too .. yuck !

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...[Reply]

The new filly is so cute! :-) I miss having horses (sometimes). I used to breed Arabians in my former farm life.

You have so many seedlings! You have been so busy. I can't believe how many plants you have started. Amazing!

My son called me from northern PA last Saturday. He is up there on a project and was taking time to walk around the town to see if there were any gardens in bloom. He had me on the phone while walking -- just in case he found some flowers!


Gail said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri, Good morning! So glad you are having a sweet spring...There is nothing like the heady first days! The golden daffodil with the hyacinths in the background is one of my favorite photos, but the birds are great, too. Btw, How come there have been no cows in the field for 9 years?


Outside In said...[Reply]

Happy Spring Kerri! you have so many
nice flowers, and such a cute baby colt. Glad to see your violet has bloomed, and I finally figured out how to get those geraniums to bloom indoors, barely water them.
Happy Gardening!

Roses and Lilacs said...[Reply]

I'm jealous of your shelves and lights. Next year...

What a pretty place you live in. All those rolling hills around you. You have so many spring bulbs. I'm adding more each year but I'm way behind you.

Needled Mom said...[Reply]

I always enjoy seeing all of your gorgeous spring flowers. It must be so rewarding after the long winter.

Your shelves are wonderful. I know that you will have years of pleasure out of them.

And.....I love the pictures of the new baby. How sweet that is!

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...[Reply]

Ah Spring! Thank you for sharing your beautiful spot! Its beautiful!

Karen said...[Reply]

It's so nice to see all the lovely flowers in your garden. Pocahontas and the birds are sweet too. You are fortunate to have such a capable husband to make you shelves for starting your seedlings.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

the picture of the goldfinches is awesome!!!

Kathleen said...[Reply]

It looks beautiful around your house Kerri. Spring is definitely in your neighborhood. Those garden shelves for seed starting are fabulous. I would be starting boatloads of seeds too if I had a set of them. I wonder if you could knock the back of an old bookcase out and get the same effect? I have no problem getting seeds to germinate, just keeping them growing since I lack a good set up. You've given me an idea! Thanks for that and Happy May Day!

Moi said...[Reply]

oh Kerri.....look at all that I missed here..... I love those tulips.......and the pink hyacinth are precious. Aren't daffodils dear....they spring about everywhere adding their dash of cheeriness to any and every little corner....though they are beginning to be gone here;s tulips in every imaginable color that i see around the sweep of flowers with the red barn in the background......and i love how you called your husband an "enabler" apt and sweet! I am goigng to catch up with all the missed posts this weekend, I promise. I have to see the flowers and the birds and the cats and the stories that I have missed all this while.

Enjoy the season...I know you will :) And I am so much closer now to Upstate NY......I hope to see you and your beautiful garden in person some day! :)

Take care!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I see by looking at your seedlings that I started mine too late this year. What a healthy looking lot you have!
Do you keep your grow lights on all year to save over plants or just use them in the spring.

Pocahontas is sweet. What a gift for spring! Have your grandchildren seen her yet?

Marie said...[Reply]

Thank you for the walk in your beautiful garden :)

Alice said...[Reply]

The grass is green, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are whistling, the flowers are blooming, and they look beautiful.....THE COWS, I mean.

Yes, Kerri, I am enjoying the Northern Hemisphere Spring, and I hope it is still raining at home in the Southern Hemisphere Autumn.

Isn't Marion a tease? It will be wonderful to meet her at would be perfect if only we could continue on and meet you and Ross too. Still, one never knows what the future may bring .......

Su Chua Phin 徐蔡斌 said...[Reply]

I see you are getting busier and busier Kerri but for a good cause :)

Barbara said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri, I see you have a green thumb and great plans with all your seedlings. I guess you will be busy for a long time now until they are all planted in your garden or in containers. And a new little horse , how lucky you must be! A perfect gift for Spring. Wishig you a lot of sunshine and warmth for the coming days so you can continue to enjoy your wonderful Spring surroundings!

Susie said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri,
Everything looks so springy and bright in your garden. Love the new baby (and such a cute name!)
How wonderful that your cows are back! I so enjoyed seeing the goats for a few days. When we first moved here, cows grazed right behind us.
Ross did a great job with your shelving. I'm sure you'll make great use of them.
I also feed my violets with each watering. They've been blooming all winter.

Isabelle said...[Reply]

So lovely, but imagine your still having daffodils and hyacinths at this time of year. Very interesting.

I do envy those light shelves!

For indoor plants, I use a systemic insecticide, which works far better than any spray-on stuff and does no (visible) harm to the leaves. But on the other hand I don't know how long this stays in the system so I suppose you wouldn't want to use it on things you were planting outside. It fairly gets rid of the aphids though!

em said...[Reply]

kerri, beautiful long post! my favorite is the crowd of finches! and, yeah, cows! i wish i could pet the filly's nose! and what seedlings you have! sorry, i've no advice on the aphids...
spring is my ultimate favorite season!
take care and enjoy!

*Ulrike* said...[Reply]

Hi there! Spring is beginning up there which can make us feel like our souls are renewed!! Digging in the dirt, getting everything ready, what fun! Your pictures are gorgeous!!!! Here in the south spring is pretty much over except in the mountains. Our dogwoods are finished; the last of the azalea blossoms are laying a colored carpet on the ground. I am still getting seeds ready as we are having a cool and very wet May. My mother told me a german saying that if it is cool and wet in May the farmer can expect a bounty in his cupboard. Looking forward to your next post with more beautiful pictures!

Cris said...[Reply]

Kerri... your farm is just like we see in the movies, so beautiful. And you have African violets! Mine bloom throughout the year, and they are in my balcony, but I am sure the weather here helps :-) Have a great week!

Giddy said...[Reply]

Wow, Kerri! I am so jealous of your new seedling shelf. I showed it to H and said I needed one just like it, but it didn't need to be made until next spring.

Your daffs are gorgeous!

Annie in Austin said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri,

All those seedlings, cows in the fields and a new colt!
No wonder you're tired, Kerri - trying to keep up with regular life while all the power of spring is at work outside.

Thanks for the robins and hyacinths and goldfinches. And especially thanks for the daffodils that refused to be compost and bloomed their hearts out instead.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Sunita said...[Reply]

No spring or autumn here. Just plain tongue-hanging out-hot summer! I cant even begin to imagine misty mornings now.
I love Pocahontas! Do you think she'd like India? ;)

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Our seedlings are rather puny this year, so I just had to show dear hubby the your shelves. Perhaps my hubby will build some just like yours! Spring is bringing such beauty to your home and mine. Ahhhh.

Hillside Garden said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri, you lucky you! I have no luck with my seedlings, in the future I will buy perfekt plants oder let them grow at the homes of my friends.


Robin's Nesting Place said...[Reply]

Your seedlings look great! Your growing setup is indeed quite handsome. You'll be very busy planting all of those!

Moi said...[Reply]

It's been so long since since you posted......hope all's well in your world......take care....sending hugs across the state line :)

CONEFLOWER said...[Reply]

Hello Kerri,

Your home is lovely. It's great to see it coming alive. And I love your new little Pocahontas. Your seedlings look terrific. I started seedlings too, but I started too early and they are huge and not thriving anymore. I transplanted them once but they need to be in the ground now. Oh well, soon....

Thank you for sharing your farm with us.

Pear tree cottage! said...[Reply]

Hello kerri I knew if I found my way over here to your blog it would be filled to the brim with colour...........truly beautiful.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

Thank you Kerri for sharing
photos of your beautiful
spring flowers. I have
enjoyed looking at them so
much. We live in mid Florida
and cannot grow most of these
flowers. But I remember them
from my youth when I grew up
in Iowa. I miss them so much.
Especially the lilacs and
irises. Coming to your blog
is always a special treat.