Saturday, May 19, 2007

They're Here!

Our first hummingbird showed up on May 10th!
It's always such a treat to have them back after 8 l-o-n-g months.
I'm awed that they fly thousands of miles back to the same spot as previous years. They always look for the feeders right where they hung last year, and I hurry to put them up so the little fellows can stock up. I imagine they must be tired after their long trip.

Here in the northeast we only have the ruby-throated hummingbird. The rufous hummingbird has been sighted in the east, as it migrates north, but not by me I'm afraid. The sightings have been mainly along the coast.

I put up two on the front porch, and one on the back. You know how the males don't like to share!

I took quite a few photos before I finally caught this little fellow sitting still for a second.

It's hard to get the red throat to show up in a photo. The light caught the red throat just right in this picture at the front feeder.

This is a little lady. She doesn't have the pretty red throat that the male has.
I saw a male displaying behind her (arcing up and down)and she turned her head around and gave him a disdainful look. I guess it takes more than that to impress this gal :) Posted by Picasa

They sound like a huge bumblebee as they zoom around. They can really startle you as they fly close by when you're pottering around outside.

And guess what came to the feeder today? Yes, a Baltimore Oriole!!
I grabbed my camera and rushed up the stairs because it disappeared up into the big maple out the front. I spotted it sitting on a branch and then it flew to this post on the top of our porch. There were double panes of glass and they weren't very clean, but I clicked off a couple of shots hoping for the best. I was amazed that the picture came out this clear.

We put up an oriole feeder a week ago for the first time ever, in an effort to get some of these beauties to visit. We've had a few in previous years, but we'd like to have more and encourage them to stay.

Later when I came in for a break from working in the garden, I spotted the oriole pecking at an orange slice on the feeder. He was having a grand time with it. I didn't see him drink any of the nectar.

Back outside later in the afternoon I heard a lovely warbling song up in the big cut-leaf maple and looked up to see a female oriole.
It's lovely to know that they're around. I hope we see lots more of them.
We've noticed them nesting over the road in the hedgerow in previous years. They can be seen and heard chasing crows and hawks away from their nest. Feisty things they are. Posted by Picasa
We've had another very busy week, with still chilly temperatures and some rain on and off.
My hubby finished planting the corn today. Can you hear him breathing a sigh of relief? :)
We're thankful for the help he had from a few kind souls, including his brother, and our very good friend Nancy...who loves to do field work. She finds driving a tractor relaxing :)
I've been plant shopping and have been taking lots of photos of all the beautiful spring blooms in our garden. I'll post more soon. The bleeding heart bushes are out of this world this year!!
And of course, the lawn seems to grow 2 inches as soon as it's cut, and the dandelions are running rampant...threatening to take over the world! Help!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Edit: Blogger's latest quirk is to shut off the comments. Have you noticed? I've seen it happen to a couple of my blog friends, and now, when I looked at this post this morning the comments were turned off. So if you usually get comments and aren't seeing any, check that.
Dear old's a love/hate relationship we have! It's like the friend who drives us crazy, but we love them anyway :)


Giddy said...[Reply]

Our hummers arrived on May 7th. We had an oriole a couple of years ago, but none since. Of course, I haven't tried very hard to attract them. Guess I'd better get some oranges and grape jelly!

Apple said...[Reply]

Fantastic pictures. Several at work have seen hummingbirds but I haven't spotted any yet. I have seen the orioles out on my route. I'm hoping we've finally had the last frost here. The furnace is running again this morning.

Glad Ross has the planting done and had help from friends. I hope the weather cooperates this year and that it's knee high by the 4th!

"Early Bird" said...[Reply]

I did come by earlier this morning...drated blogger!!

I'm so happy to see your hummers...mine have been a no show but one buzzed by the other day but I was so busy shaking my fist at the groundhog pups that I might have scared it away...I've not seen it since :(
The oriole is pretty...I've not ever seen one but in lucky you are! :)

Rebecca said...[Reply]

Humming Birds are my favourite...I miss them here so much, but thankfully I am going to the lake when I visit Canada again in July and I will get my fill!!!

Kylie said...[Reply]

Well, I hope that gives you some motivation to wash your windows!
love you Mummy.
Good pics!

Annie in Austin said...[Reply]

It's great to know your hummingbirds have returned, Kerri - and seeing the oriole is even sweeter when its orange beauty has your green trees and hills as the backdrop. What a lovely bird!

And now I know why some of my favorite blogs didn't show a comment box in the last day or two! You noticed quickly - I wonder if the other blog authors just think they're being ignored~

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Hillside Garden said...[Reply]

Great photos, realy! So lovely, to see this little bird.


Susie said...[Reply]

Our hummers are year round, as I think I've told you! I'd miss them so if they left for 8 months! Your pictures of them are so delightful!
In a weird coincidence we bought an Oriole feeder last week too. We have a beautiful pair, but keep trying hard to identify them. They're not Baltimore, but perhaps Bullocks or Scotts. They only drink nectar!!
(They love the bottlebrush and are nesting in the yucca next door.
I had the same problem with blogger and comments. It is indeed like a friend we love, but does drive us crazy at times!!

Moi said...[Reply]

beautiful pictures......I love coming here ..its such a delight always to see your posts Kerri......

PEA said...[Reply]

Hello dear Kerri! Finally catching up with your news:-) Funny that I should read this post today because our hummingbirds just arrived yesterday! I hurriedly made syrup and put out the feeders and it didn't take them long to find them! lol I have the same feeder as you:-) We don't get the Baltimore Orioles too often here, I think I've seen one once many years ago. You take such beautiful pictures, I always enjoy every one of them!! xox

Linda said...[Reply]

Wonderful pictures - as always Kerri. Our hummingbirds have been here for quite a while now. They don't have nearly as far to travel! I love to watch them too. They are so feisty. I get a chuckle watching them fight over the drinking places. There's plenty of room for more than one, but they don't seem to like to share!
We don't have Orioles here. They are beautiful and I miss seeing them.
When you speak about planting corn I immediately think of Truthville. We had a huge field across the street from us that our friend leased to plant extra corn in. I loved watching him ride the tractor. It really did look relaxing. When it was time to hay, he let our boys ride on the hay wagon. They just loved it. It was a wonderful place for them to spend their childhood.
Have a blessed sunday Kerri.

Laurie & Chris said...[Reply]

You got some really photos of the hummingbirds. That is one item on our list to try and take photos of this summer.

Zoey said...[Reply]

Nice bird pics, Kerri. I haven't seen any hummers yet. I think it's been too cold.

I would love to get some Baltimore Orioles, too. I know they are around, but I've never spotted one in my yard.

Blackswamp_Girl said...[Reply]

What great pictures--and how exciting to see the hummingbirds and the Oriole!

Lee-ann said...[Reply]

Hello Kerri, this is the very first time in a very long time that I have been able to even get into your blog page and I am so! SO! pleased I can today.

We are in a dialup area so when your computer runs at only 24.0kbps you have a bit of trouble getting any photos but today I have been able to get the photos of this post and the last one but none of your others.

I have never seen a hummingbird before and they are little darlings being well cared for by you there I see with their little feeders how beautiful. wish I could be sitting at that window of yours with a nice cup of tea and just watching out for them.

We have just had a hail store as I have been typing this and so will take a look outside now to see the damage! :( it is snowing today for the first time in the ranges "roll on snow season!" lol lol

Have a lovely day my friend.

Merle said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri ~~ Loved your wonderful
photos of the humming birds and the lovely oriele. They are so nice.
Thank you for sharing with us, and I reckon your windows must have been pretty darn clean!! Thank you for your visit and I am glad you enjoyed some of the stories and jokes. Just got the new modem, at last and the dogs and I are enjoying each other.My son rang to check on us, so he is safe too. Take care Kerri, Love, Merle.

TUFFENUF said...[Reply]

OK, Kerri, You could be a professional photographer, you know it? The hummingbird photos are difficult to get. I love the oriole! I don't think we have them in Florida. It looks beautiful there; don't work to hard!

Jeanette said...[Reply]

Oh Kerri Your Photo's are Gorgeous . I have never seen a humming bird or oriole and im sure those nice bright feeders attract them. Well now i can say ive seen them and so colour full.

Sandy said...[Reply]

My goodness, you have sure put your new camera to good use and what wonderful pictures of the hummers. We only have the ruby throated hummers too, but I can't catch a shot...anyway not a close shot like yours. Mine look like dots with beaks...if that. hehehe

I haven't seen any orioles, but my daughter has...does that count???

InlandEmpireGirl said...[Reply]

The hummingbirds have arrived in northeastern Washington also. They love the honeysuckles. It has been a good year for bleeding hearts. I just wish all the beautiful spring blooms would last longer. Sigh.

OldRoses said...[Reply]

I saw my first ever Baltimore Oriole last week. I had to look it up on to make sure I had the correct identification.

Dianne said...[Reply]

These are excellent photos and I'm just as excited as you are to see these beautiful birds.
I have a cardinal couple under my bedroom window in a bush there. We saw them checking it out a few weeks ago and tried to shoo them away with no luck. Also, the bush is near where we walk a lot and out torpedoes mama every time and then she yells at us from an overhead tree!

Robin said...[Reply]

OH!WOW! What great pictures Kerri! I just put up my feeder a few days ago. I've never had one here in Indiana, the very next day after putting it out I spotted one, but haven't seen it since. I must put the feeder closer to the house so I can keep a better eye out for them.

Cris said...[Reply]

Kerri, when I first started visiting here your birds caught my attention, and now they are back, and it is so exciting to see their pictures here, I can only imagine seeing them there what feels like!

LindaD said...[Reply]

Its apparent you're making friends with your new camera.. absolutely wonderful pictures.. I think cameras were invented for birds and flowers! My daughter just got a REbel XT, so I've sent her to take a look at some of your wonderful photos...