Friday, May 11, 2007

Colorful Spring!

We've been enjoying glorious sunshine and warm temperatures for the past week! Consequently, we've been outdoors as much as possible. Between working at school, helping at the nursery, and working outside, I haven't had much time for blogging. I'm missing you all and wishing I had time to visit and see what you're up to. Soon, I hope! We had a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, which brought some welcome rain. We've had a couple of dry weeks and things were dusty.

Here's Finnegan in the hyacinths.
Finn can usually be found where he's not supposed to be! And look at the innocence! Naughty? Who me?

Pretty in pink

The hyacinths have been so lovely, and oh, the perfume! It's glorious.

Perky little grape hyacinths

My first tulip!

Second tulip bloom surrounded by Johnny Jump Ups.
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Jasmine is having a ball! She's loving the sunshine and being outdoors. Here she is batting a rock around. I've never seen such a play cat!

We still have daffodils blooming.

Posted by Picasa Pete and Murphy are great helpers :)

I wish they could mow the lawn!

Thinking of you all and hoping you're having a great day! Posted by Picasa


Cris said...[Reply]

There you are! I've been missing you! You seem to be getting along well with that new camera, look at that tulip! Guess what, I went to the mall this week, they put tulips in the flower bed near the escalators! I went back today just to take pictures! And I lost track of time and I had to pay for parking, I intended to stay only 15 minutes, which is the limit for free parking... but it was worth it! Oh, and I love both of your cats pictures. Happy Mother's Day!

Moi said...[Reply]

oh ur pink hyacinths are precious....others too...but the pink hyacinths are so so precious......thanx for sharing the beautiful pics with us ...u made my day ...i am leaving the blog smiling...:)
have a glorious weekend!!! :)

susan said...[Reply]

One of the perks of reading blogs is being able to experience the first flowers of spring over and over as the warm weather sweeps the country (and the globe) at different times. Your flowers are beautiful, thanks for taking the time to share them with all of us.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Mother's Day!

Giddy said...[Reply]

Hi Kerry,

Like you, I've been too busy to blog much. I'm finally catching up with everyone. Looks like you are about 2 weeks ahead of me here on the coast. The daffs and hyacinths are just beginning to bloom and the primroses are spectacular. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics of the plants and the kittys!

Laurie & Chris said...[Reply]

Your flowers look so nice.You got some great photos.

Linda said...[Reply]

I am so glad the Lord created flowers. They are just beautiful Kerri. It seems to be a really good year for all the flowers. Our roadsides are just loaded with wild flowers. I love this time of year.
Have a very happy Mothers's Day!

Susie said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri,
I was glad to hear about your beautiful warm weather. I knew you'd be outside taking beautiful pictures to share and working in your garden.
Wish we were closer so that I could see all that beauty in person. I'd love to cuddle some of those cute kitties too!
Sending you lots of love and ((hugs))
and wishing you A Happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri

Thanks for all the great pictures you post. I check your blog often.

I have a couple of 4-legged "helpers" too - dogs not cats.

I look forward to watching your garden throught the season.

Southern Ontario, Canada

Rebecca said...[Reply]

mmmmmm, I can smell those blooms from here..if you had not said that your cat was playing with a rock, I would have thought he was "doing a joy dance!!"

Kate said...[Reply]

The hyacinths and grape hyacinths are gorgeous. What cool cats you have ... I love Finnegan peering through the Hyacinths and Jasmine in mid-flight.

Britt-Arnhild said...[Reply]

It makes me happy to see all the different colours in your garden.

Robin said...[Reply]

Beautiful pictures! Your scenic mountain view is stunning. It is so flat here in Indiana corn country. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

Anita said...[Reply]

Wonderful spring photos, Kerri! It's interesting to watch the difference between the US and Germany: those spring flowers were in bloom over here weeks ago! ;-
)) But that was due to a very very mild winter....

Watching your cats playing outdoors is always a pleasure!

Over here, it almost did not stop raining since Monday. Oh, I miss my garden!

Have a great week-end, Kerri!

Hugs, Anita

Alice said...[Reply]

Right at this very moment I'd love to be walking up your driveway in the evening sunlight, enjoying the heady perfume of those oh-so-pretty hyacinths.

It's all so perfect. The green grass, the new leaves on the trees, the bulbs with all their beautiful colours and perfect flowers - and even the cats

Kerri, thank you for this little sortie into your garden at this time of year. Glad you had some rain (even if it was ours

If it's Mothers' Day there tomorrow, I hope it's a very happy one for you.

Much love - Alice

Val said...[Reply]

Love that playful cat. Our female cat is still somewhat like that even though, at 11 years, she's an old lady. The male is much too macho for that though, he has to maintain his cool.

Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day, Kerri!

Alipurr said...[Reply]

always forget to come over here...i am sooo jealous of your beautiful flowers, especially the hyacinths...they are spectacular

your kitties are soo pretty too

happy mother's day

InlandEmpireGirl said...[Reply]

You have caught such beautiful pictures of your cats. I sat with my sister ( another cat lover) and showed her the pictures last night as we were surrounded by her six cats. Mine need to learn to pose a bit more!

Apple said...[Reply]

The picture of Jasmine is fantastic! I wish I'd planted more bulbs in the fall. Your's are all beautiful. The weather has been wonderful.

Sandy said...[Reply]

Your hyacinths are lovely and so colorful. I'm sure they appreciated the welcomed rain. It's raining here today and it is also welcomed after our brief dry spell and I'm sure my flowers are smiling. hehehe

Jasmine sure looks like she's having fun outside and I too wish that the cats could help out in other ways than to lay behind the flowers. One of our cats just broke a stem from our clematis that had several buds on it, arrrgh!