Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring's Contrasts

Sunday, beautiful, warm, sunny spring weather! The lawn is looking greener.

Tuesday, back to winter. Brrr!

Sunday....lovely, bright color!

Tuesday....not so colorful. Poor little crocus flowers!

Sunday....sunny and bright, blue sky, green lawn.

Tuesday, back to drab...gray and white.

Sunday....Bright yellow crocus. What could be prettier?

Tuesday...subdued by snow!

Sunday, the hills are still gray, but the sky is bright blue!

Tuesday....everything is gray and white.
But today on Friday the sun is shining again and the colors are back to being bright and pretty! TGIF!Posted by Picasa


MissKris said...[Reply]

Hi, Kerri! I'm a first time visitor, coming on over from Susie's Space. I'm so glad I did! I love birds and gardening, too, and your photographs are exquisite! I have a brother and sister-in-law who are diehard birdwatchers and they travel all over the world to view our winged friends. In Costa Rica recently they spotted over 300 species of birds! His photos are breath-taking! Anywhooooooo...I so totally enjoyed working my way down your page and I WILL be back! Please stop by and visit if you get a chance. Have a great weekend!

jellyhead said...[Reply]

Your weather sounds as crazy as ours has been lately! (2 days ago it was sweltering, with no sheet required overnight, then last night it was blanket weather!)

I love the way you set out the contrasting photos.

Have a lovely weekend, Kerri!

clairesgarden said...[Reply]

you do live in beautiful countryside, the weather is being a bit crazy-unprdictable here too.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

Silly weather! We certainly can't complain that we don't get to experience all the seasons...

Beautiful pictures.

Take care,

Alice said...[Reply]

Don't you know that God sends you that weather on purpose? He knows how bored you would get if every day was warm, sunny and beautiful

The contrasting views are terrific - not so the temperature changes, I guess.

Thanks again, Kerri, for letting us visit your farm.

Sigrun said...[Reply]

Good photos with the new camera, Kerri!


Val said...[Reply]

Thanks for taking the photos, hope you didnt get too cold taking the second lot. You will certainly appreciate the warmth when/if it comes. It cant stay cold forever.....?

Sandy said...[Reply]

Crazy weather but it looks beautiful either way.

kylieps said...[Reply]

Hi Mummy,
Nice contrasts! I"m baaaack...
love you

Carol said...[Reply]

Hi Kerry,

glad to meet you! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment!

Oh yes what a difference! We could "enjoy" this difference a few times too during this long and cold winter, but luckily the spring has won over the winter now *fingers crossed*
Oh my looks like a very big garden you have there. Mine is just a small one, but I love it nevertheless.

We have something else in common and that is firstly cats (but I have only one) and loving wild birds and taking bird photos! You have done some fantastic shots and I envy you because you have such amzing birds like the Red Cardinal, the black and white Woodpecker and the red-wingend Blackbird! Btw, have you seen my pictures of the little European Red Robin on my blog? I think he's the cutest birdie we have over here.

I'll be back to check your blog!

Have a beautiful Sunday!


FRIDAY'S CHILD said...[Reply]

It's nice to see them bloom after the snow.

Sue said...[Reply]

These are beautiful as always, Kerri!
Your snow looks cold and our rain here looks...endless! (it's back for another week)

Nelumbo said...[Reply]

Great pictures of how spring is toying with you.

I also love the bird pictures! I just started learning about them recently, and your pics are a good review of what I've seen here in the SE.

Shell said...[Reply]

Wow, what an amazing contrast within only a few days. It must be amazing to live somewhere where it all changes so quickly! Wishing you lovely normal spring weather soon!

roybe said...[Reply]

great blog kerri,It's great to see the contrasting shots with the snow. we live in subtropical queensland and our seasons arn't so distinctive. the birdshots are lovely too. I'd like to get some bird shots for my blog too.

Sonia said...[Reply]

Wow, what an amazing contrast! I agree with Shell, it's great to live in such a beautiful place. The house and barn pictured are yours? Looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri, thanks for visiting me. You have taken such lovely pictures! I am on holidays at the moment, and when I get home I would love to get to know you more.. hugs to you xox