Saturday, October 16, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - October 2010

On this mid-October evening a cold, rowdy wind is whipping the baskets and containers on the front porch and the sound of it is making me shiver! I've just brought the still flowering pink Abutilon in because it's blown over twice. 
Autumn is in the air, but tonight feels decidedly winterish.

Our first heavy frost hit the garden on 10/10/10 and zapped most of the color in one fell swoop. If you click to enlarge the longshots you'll have a much better view of the remaining colors. There are a few.

The bright patch of marigolds in the Lily Garden is frost damaged, but still pretty from a distance. Nicotiana is persevering and continues to open blooms, and in the front a couple of Gladioli stalks are gradually unfolding their flowers.

Calendulars resist the cold, frosty mornings.

Feverfew is one of the few survivers in the lower Rock Garden.

In this sheltered corner of the house the Rose/Clematis Garden wins the prize for the best show of colors. Unfortunately, the shadow of the large Silver Maple hides some of them. Back there in the shadows Pink Morn Petunias still bloom with Alyssum in a window box.

Below are more Petunias, self-sown Alyssum (I've thinned it several times!), a dark-leaved Heuchera, Homestead Verbena and Diascia. Posted by Picasa

Only one of the two Hydrangeas produced a bloom this summer - very disappointing.

Clematis Jackmanii surprised me with 2 bonus blooms. C. Carnaby has a few as well, but that's normal behavior for her.

Diascia is quite frost resistent and still blooms happily with Petunias.

Here it is in a pretty coral shade, surrounded by Alyssum.

A Cabbage moth enjoys the Homestead Verbena. Posted by Picasa

 Alyssum and Homestead Verbena are 2 very frost resistent plants, blooming prolifically all summer.

I've been moving the containers into the garage when frost threatens and some still look fairly presentable.

Crocosmia is a first for my garden this fall. I love its bright red flower sprays.

Osteospermums/Cape Daisy/African Daisy bloom best in the cooler weather of spring and fall.

Chysanthemum Zesty Victoria Coral glows in the afternoon sunshine.

We had 3 days of beautiful sunshine before cooler temps returned and rain set in yesterday afternoon and all day today. Wednesday was one of those golden autumn days that you wish would last forever - a precious gift. Posted by Picasa

A bee is busy on the Nemesia

Geraniums are looking good and blooming nicely.

Cosmos is lovely with the sun shining through the petals.

Gaura survived the frost in the Pink Garden Posted by Picasa

And Snapdragons hang in there.

Johnny Jump-ups just keep going! Posted by Picasa

This has been a beautiful container all summer. Yellow Bidens is a constant bloomer. Also in there is pink Nemesia, burgundy leaved Alternanthera 'Royal Tapestry', Osteospermum 'Zion Copper amethyst' (barely visible) and a Wedding Veil Coleus (not showing in this photo).

Salvia farinacea is still pretty with the small flowered 'Lemon Gem' Marigold, which holds up to frost better than the larger flowered group of 'Safari Yellow' marigolds on the right.

The Dwarf Burning Bush is never spectacularly red, like some I see, but it does provide autumn color and bright berries.

Stuck behind it and needing to be moved to a spot that delivers more light, is the beautiful white Japanese Anemone. The pink has finished blooming now. Jasmine fits in nicely with the fall colors. Posted by Picasa

I've been working this week in the Lilac Garden where the wheelbarrow sits. This bed was suffering from neglect and badly in need of tidying.
The Autumn Joy Sedum in the Driveway Garden has turned a lovely shade of deep red.

Knockout Roses 'Radrazz' bloom on either side of it.

Behind it is Malva Sylvestris 'Zebrina'/Mallow, self sown. It began blooming only recently. It's related to Hollyhocks. The deep red Dahlia to the right is 'Le Baron'. This photo was taken just before the frost, and the beautiful flowers are sadly, now whithered and brown. I saved a few for a bouquet though.

Here's a close-up of the Mallow with a little "Gorilla" spider friend. I call him this because he looks like a tiny gorilla. Click the photo to see him a little better. I'll show a closer photo of this curious fellow in a future post.

Rose 'Social Climber' is still producing a few blooms. Posted by Picasa

Gloriosa Daisies/Rudbeckia hirta hang on till the very end! Posted by Picasa

There's some color left in the hills but the peak is past. Driving through the countryside is a delight, with some leaves still clinging to trees and the ground strewn with carpets of orange and brown. I have photos of the peak colors and will post them soon.

Hannah is my faithful shadow

There's some 'Cerise Queen' Yarrow still blooming under the fence.

Mum 'Victoria Pink' and pumpkins decorate the front porch. Posted by Picasa

Happy Bloom Day everyone!

Stop over at Carol of May Dreams Gardens' Blog to see what else is blooming in other corners of the world, and if you're feeling as chilly as I am, maybe a visit to a warmer climate garden would help take the chill off.
Those Texas and Florida gals will be enjoying their gardens now, while Daffodils and Tulips are blooming 'Down Under' in Australia!


Von said...[Reply]

Yes they are in some parts.Ours are now finished and the poppies and roses are in bloom.Lovely post!

Alice said...[Reply]

Oh it's so sad to see the colours fading although it's good that appreciate every little tint right until the end.

I love the Diasca. One of the local nurseries had a lovely display of these pretty little flowers last week and I was almost tempted to get a few pots. Maybe this week I'll go back and do just that.

It's always interesting to see which plants stand up to the frosts and which ones succumb first time. Plants are amazing.

Guess what .... it snowed here this morning! Just very briefly and I'm not sure if it was enough to show in photos, but I'll post them if there is.

What are your next gardening chores, Kerri? Do you have to begin covering plants for winter protection, or do most things (apart from the roses) take care of themselves?

I hope you'll still have plenty of pots and baskets to tide you over and give you some colour for some time yet.

Marie said...[Reply]

What a lovely garden you've created. We haven't had a killing frost yet in my area of PA. I'm holding my breath. Hannah is as beautiful as the flowers. Love the Gloriosa daisy. Thanks for a wonderful look at your garden.

Paul said...[Reply]

Strangely though it's spring, today blew a gale and ended up around 6 degrees overnight and only about 17 during the day. Hard to handle when we've been having lovely mid to late 20's.

I did my first GBBD post dodging rain and wind to get the shots.

Yours still looks lovely despite the frost. Some of the pictures out to the road could almost be taken round Bowral or other places in the NSW southern highlands.

Tabor said...[Reply]

So lovely all of your gardens and I do envy your sun! What direction does your rose clematis garden face?

LC said...[Reply]

I've enjoyed another visit to your farm... lots of lovely things happening! L

sandy, from gardenpath said...[Reply]

So many lovely things going on there, Kerri. You really have a great for plantscaping.

Has the geranium moved indoors yet? Mine are still out, but not for long.

grwhryrpltd said...[Reply]

hi kerri... for receiving your first frost on 10.10.10 it seems like you still have lots of color and texture to enjoy! love the hydrangea bloom, even if it didn't perform as it should've this year... perhaps next year it'll help pull you through another spectacular fall. take care... and tell your sheep-herding daughter we want pics and post updates on HER blog soon! sending big hugs from texas...

sweetbay said...[Reply]

The pictures of your garden are gorgeous, and Hannah looks absolutely adorable.

Mountain Mama said...[Reply]

I always love to see your photo's Kerri. You have a way with grouping the different colors so they harmonize just beautifully. I also love the pictures of your sweet kitties. I don't have any but wish I could. I'm afraid the raccoons and coyotes would have them. I do have two yorkies and have to watch them carefully.
I am just beginning to blog again.I had to change my e-mail in August and didn't know how to change it on blogger. I did something today and it works but I don't have any idea what in the world I did! LOL

verobirdie said...[Reply]

Frost is expected here by the end of the week, has already set in in other parts of France though. I was wondering if verbenas are frost resistant, now I know! I have one in a container, in full bloom right now.
Thank you for this walk through your treasures!

Lisa at Greenbow said...[Reply]

You have so many blooms going for you. My poor garden looks almost naked without many blooms. It is the drought that has been the devil for my garden. I have a few annuals that are holding up because most are in pots and get watered regularly. Jasmine is a beautiful "fall" kitty. She blends right in. Happy GBBD.

Mountain Mama said...[Reply]

Good Morning Kerri. Thanks for letting me know my comments need attention I got your message and will check it out.

Moi said...[Reply]

Frost already, Kerri? Wow!!! We had two gorgeous weekends (68-70 degrees) in a row in Central Ohio..yeah that's where I have moved to now...Both my husband and I changed jobs to be has been a busy life with all the moves, new jobs, my family visiting us from India while we were moving etc...and your beautiful Jasmine and Hannah reminds moi that we adopted a little cat (we call her Chica) ourselves.....she keeps us on our toes :)
I am so thankful for your friendship...thank you for always dropping by, Kerri.
Oh, and I had to tell you that all the pinks and purples in your garden are beautiful..the rich color of African violet has me hankering for a scarf in that shade for winters :)
you have a good day and hopefully warm too....

joey said...[Reply]

I'm amazed at all the October color, Kerri, particularly after the heavy frost, which has not yet hit us. Hannah is too cute! I have lots to do yet to put the gardens to bed and have yet to plant a bulb :(

TYRA said...[Reply]

Hi Kerry, you say that autumn is in the air and that night felt decidedly winterish .But it looks almost summerish on you beautiful pictures, you still have amazingly lovely blooms in you garden Kerry.


Fragrant and Tasty in Tyra’s Garden

Needled Mom said...[Reply]

I am surprised at the hardiness of the remaining blooms. I would expect that everything would wither up with those temperatures.

I had read about the Noreaster and was wondering if it would have an impact on your beautiful gardens.

Your Mallow is just lovely. It really does have the look of a hollyhock.

It is a shame that the colors went so quickly for you. It really does make for a long winter ahead for you.

Our normal dry, hot autumn is just not happening here. It is good for the delay of the fire season, but the poor flowers are in as much shock as I am. My roses are pathetic.

em said...[Reply]

hi kerri, you can hardly tell you have a frost! and, GACK! you saw snowflakes??? hope we don't see too many of those over here anytime soon. wow, all those flowers are lovely! the photo with the yellow bidens... are you sure there's a container under all those flowers? your garden is still so very impressive! i don't dare take too many photos of mine, though i'm busy cleaning up. we have had a very nice october so far... not at peak here yet... hope everyone is well with you.

sonia a. mascaro said...[Reply]

Wonderful garden and gorgeous flowers as always! Visit your blog is a great pleasure to me!

Msrobin said...[Reply]

Well, you still have a lot of pretty flowers, even after the frost! We've had two light frosts, and the only thing that got zapped was the pineapple sage I was *supposed* to take cuttings from! But tonight, there are freeze warnings instead of frost advisories, so I think we are sunk this time! I always hate to see my impatiens go, but they just can't take the slightest freeze.

Layanee said...[Reply]

Oh, so many unfrosted annuals make your garden shine. tonight might be the night of our first frost. I am ready for some sugar coating.

keri said...[Reply]

I totally love the photos! This is really very nice. I love the scenery.

*Ulrike* said...[Reply]

Even though you had a bad frost on 10/10/10 (a lot of people got married that day!)your flowers still look lovely in all of your photos. Your garden looks so pretty. My garden here faded fast after all the rain went away and the horrible heat arrived. I guess I should not complain now as we are having cooler temps, and a lot of the trees are at their peak. It won't be long before we are gazing at spring catalogs wishing away. I had the crocosmia at my old house, and it took over. Love the color on it. I did find where some survived in the pots I brought when we moved so I will bring them down the hill soon. Seeing your photo reminded me.
Hope you stay warm as we all know winter will soon be on its way!

Linda said...[Reply]

It was so good to hear from you Kerri. I hope all is well with you.
You still have so many pretty blooms! I just love all the beautiful colors.
This is the time of year I miss NY - all the beautiful colors and apple picking at the local orchard. It was fun to see it all again here.
Blessings to you Kerri.

Merle said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri ~~ Lovely to hear from you and glad you enjoyed my post.
Your garden still looks good, do you have to move things under cover, or
just plant frost tolerant plants in the main? That mallow is lovely and I love the geranium. I have some nice pelargoniums blooming now and I really like them, still a few camelias, and 2 rhododendroms and the wisteria is looking good again.
You must spend a lot of time in your garden and I like how you have names for small gardens and your cats are pretty also. I hope your winter won't be too severe.
It is pleasant here now, but will soon be TOO hot. Take care, my
friend. Love, Merle.

Titania said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri; I thoroughly enjoyed your still beautiful autumnal garden. The toughies which do not succumb to the first frost are still adding a lot of colour to the garden. Absolutely loved the picture of your friend Hannah on the old fencing. So lovely, friendly and heartwarming.
I had to go back to admire some of your Summer garden. Everything so splendid looking. The essence of a wonderful summer garden. I am a big fan of Daylilies. What a colourful show you are able to produce in your garden. Such a credit to you.
Now the colder days are arriving with other enjoyments to fill the days. The autumnal deco on the wooden steps looks sunny and I love also the pink chrysanthemums. I must make more time to visit; there is no excuse! Kerri, keep well my friend. Trudi xo.

Ann Nichols said...[Reply]

Oh Kerri,
I think it all still looks so beautiful! maybe the flowers know how much you love them so they do their very best to keep their lovely colors! How beautiful to have the flowers along with the Fall colors on the trees - and below them now - and your lovely cats all around you!
It all looks quite like a utopia!

Babara said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri, it was such a pleasure to walk through your autumnal garden with so many flowers still in bloom. I'm astonished to see that frost in your country let marigolds and cosmos survive....they didn't here after the first frosty night (-4°C). My crocosmias have faded already a long time ago...I think in September. I've just moved my delicate plants to a sheltered place too but there should still a lot to be done in the garden. The soil is wet and the temperatures are not very "cosy"... I'd prefer to stay indoors ;-) !! But winter isn't far away and so I have to force myself to continue my work in the you do! Did you get my greeting thoughts when working outside :-) ?!
Your roses look great, they will still produce a lot of flower bouquets, won't they!
Take care my dear and have a good time!

sandy said...[Reply]

You have an amazing lot of color left for nearly November! I live those African daises, and the dark purple verbena a lot.

Does your Gaura come back every year? I had a lot last year, but I lost it.

We have had six frosts. I would say you have had a lot less.

LindaD said...[Reply]

Its been so long - I'm once again inspired to picture your beautiful blooms filling MY yard... The photos are beautiful, my favorite being the faithful follower draped on your Its bittersweet when the summer's bloom fade - but knowing there is a rest and then resurrection is always exciting anticipation.

Sunita said...[Reply]

What a difference in our October gardens! Here we are looking forward to our almost-winter so that we can finally attempt to grow what are summer flowers for you.
I can never get enough of seeing the bounties that your garden displays each season.

Tabor said...[Reply]

I will have to see what blooms in my garden after the frost. My garden is all on the north side but sheltered by woods.

garden girl said...[Reply]

Still so many pretty things blooming in your mid-October gardens Kerri!