Thursday, September 16, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - September 2010

 Our days have been cool and windy lately, but Monday and Tuesday gave us warm sunshine in the afternoons and that felt very good. Today was mostly cloudy and gray, with a very nippy breeze...not condusive to gardening, but I managed to force myself to go out for a little while and tidy some edges, which always seems to need doing.

As autumn approaches we still have quite a lot of color in the garden.

Jasmine follows me around, hoping for a photo op. 

She's a real ham!

The annuals are blooming beautifully in the Lily Garden, along with late perennials, filling spaces where daylilies bloomed earlier.

Sedum Autumn Joy has grown into a larger clump than I expected, hiding the 2 small Knockout rose bushes in this bed. They'll grow taller next year with a little luck. The Buddleia/Butterfly Bush is attracting plenty of butterflies with it's fragrant blooms.

Queen Elizabeth Rose is looking beautiful in the Rose/Clematis Garden, and those pink petunias, Homestead Purple Verbena and Alyssum are still making a pretty show. I cringe at the thought of frost. Posted by Picasa

 Obedient Plant/Physostegia Virginiana is gorgeous in the Pink Garden.

Japanese Anemones have replaced the Shasta Daisies in the Daisy Garden, and Gloriosa blooms still keep coming.

Hannah wants her picture in the post too! I love the color of this Chrysanthemum.

It's beginning to look a lot like autumn here on the farm and we're feeling sad to see the summer end.

There's lots more blooming - window boxes and containers are still looking colorful - but this is at least a small glimpse of how the gardens look in mid-September. I hope to post more photos soon.

Thanks again to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for inspiring Bloom Day. Visit her Bloom Day post to see gardens far and wide, as our seasons change once more.

Happy September Bloom Day everyone! Posted by Picasa


Annie in Austin said...[Reply]

You commented at MayDreams was right before I did, Kerri - if we lived closer we could sneak out for a snack & drink as reward for finishing our term papers, even if they were handed in awfully close to the deadline.

Your garden looks so lovely, but Sedum autumn joy is giving it that autumn look- and oh, how I love the anemones!

May it be a long, mild lingering fall for you, with no frost until Thanksgiving ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Ann Nichols said...[Reply]

Your garden is just lovely (as are your cats! I used to have a cat named jasmine!)I really enjoy the bold colors in your garden and I'm looking forward to seeing your grounds in all its colorful Autumn glory!
Please visit me at my history blog - it's about St. Nicholas!

Bernie said...[Reply]

Lots of fabulous colour ... the colour of that Mum is just beautiful. Love the patch of Physostegia ... and your Sedum is so pretty.

kylieps said...[Reply]

Beautiful post Mum! Your flowers are gorgeous as ever.

Needled Mom said...[Reply]

I hate to see the shorter days as well. Where did summer go?

Your flowers are still looking lovely. Your Queen Elizabeth rose is doing so beautifully. The colors of the garden are definitely
taking on an autumn look.

I just love how your kitties enjoy being in the photographs.

Nan Ondra said...[Reply]

Your garden looks so fresh and lovely, Kerri. What a treat to see pretty pinks in place of the brassy yellows that are so prevalent this time of year (not knocking yellow, of course, but your rosy pinks are so nice for variety). However, the blooming Jasmine (and Hannah, of course) steal the show!

Tabor said...[Reply]

My sedum got too wet last year and died. My echinacea is done blooming and my buddleia attracted no butterflies! Other than that my garden was nice this year. ;-)

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I am going to look into obedient plant. I have seen it on lots of blogs this year. Yours is lovely in the pink garden.

Yes, you have lots and lots of color. I hope you get a few more weeks without frost. It was 40º here last night, and that is the chilliest so far.

Paul said...[Reply]

Your photos give a great sense of the whole garden space and how you use it. I'm very envious.

I am looking forward to the warmer months here. Autumn has it's own charms though.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

looking good kerri! seems like your garden has transitioned from the hot colors of summer to the cool colors of autumn... i like how soothing the pinks and purples are against the red barns. enjoy!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Like you, I cringe at the thought of frost and cold weather, when the garden goes to sleep! But at least I have a little longer than you here in Zone 6. Your kitties are so cute, but it's all about the flowers you grow so lovingly. Awesome!

ozjane said...[Reply]

Come have a Spring visit to my front garden and share in my joy that we have had rains and the drought appears to have broken...and then order some bulbs for your spring and plant them.
However I love your autumn garden and there are a few things I now need to add also.

scottweberpdx said...[Reply]

Your garden is really charming...and what a lovely view of the farmland-reminds me of home!

Lisa at Greenbow said...[Reply]

Your garden looks marvelous this fall. So much color yet. The cats are quite beautiful too. What lucky kitties to have such a garden to roam in.

joco said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri,

Those islands of colour are lovely. A very clever way of grouping your perennials. I like that fallen fence design you have put around the annuals. Sculptural. And of course your garden has a backdrop like no other. Soon the copse covered hills will be the stars, with reds and oranges.

Ann Nichols said...[Reply]

Hi Again!
Thanks so much for visiting me at my St. Nicholas blog and for your lovely comments!
You asked about my Jasmine - She was a pure blood Siamese cat that we rescued actually. She had been tied to a post in the basement of a house for a month when we heard her loud cry. The "owner" said that she was mean and difficult. We saw only a very frightened six month old darling. We took her home with us and she was the feline joy of hour lives for 12 years! The sweetest most considerate darling imaginable with the deepest blue eyes that seemed to penetrate deeply into our souls! She passed on three years ago at Easter time but still holds a great place in our hearts. Honestly, we sometimes feel as if we catch sight of her around the house! Who knows...cats are amazing!
(I wish you had a follow button - I's love to follow along!)

Ann Nichols said...[Reply]

Thanks Kerri for the instructions!
I am now following your blog! (Now...if only you could help me with facebook :))
P.S. So glad it's sunny and beautiful there so you can enjoy your garden that much longer! It really fabulous and so serene. It's nice here too...but then, it's practically always nice in Greece this time of the year!(Sometimes too hot...)

Lynn said...[Reply]

Your place is still so colorful, Kerri, while at ours I'm afraid we're needing to look to the goldenrod and the trees for most of our color now. I especially love your precious rose/clematis garden in that nook by the house. Joy!

Connie said...[Reply]

Your place looks so peaceful and serene...and your flowers still look beautiful! I am loving these fall days before frost arrive and changes everything.

Pear tree cottage! said...[Reply]

O! hello Kerri, I adore your "beginning of Autumn" (fall) because it means "Spring is here" for us and what a wonderful time it is for us.........the joy of the new season always touches my heart..........I am thrilled to be visiting you here today after the "longest time away" hugs from Lee-ann

em said...[Reply]

everything looks so beaufiful! have you had to water much? your beds are incredibly packed with flowers! i let the drought overcome some of my garden and it really shows. i am looking forward to more cool weather, though i don't like the first frost...

Seeing Anew said...[Reply]

Your kitties really seem to enjoy your garden, and they are so cooperative about getting their photos taken! Thank you for advising my students and me on some good vegetables for fall planting. We are hoping to have a radish-and-baby-lettuce salad soon! We put pictures of our square foot garden and we mentioned you on our class blog.

The Stonehedge Farm said...[Reply]

Your gardens are beautiful! Love the cats too. I am also in NYS and your newest follower. Please come by to check out my blog. This summer I plan to work on re-doing my gardens.

joey said...[Reply]

Always a delight to visit, Kerri, your gardens look serene and beautiful. Happy Autumn :)

Isabelle said...[Reply]

Oh, such loveliness, as usual.

Corner Gardener Sue said...[Reply]

I'm thankful fall has been mild so far. Your place was looking awesome in September. The summer went by fast, as have the last few weeks. I hope winter flies by as well. It's the only season I really don't like so well.

*Ulrike* said...[Reply]

Our days here too in the south have been much cooler than normal; they say about 15 degrees cooler!! This morning we were down to 41!! Unheard of around here, enough to drag out the extra blankets! Your garden is so pretty, it must be the dirt you have, I guess it would be better than this ol' Ga clay!!
Have a good weekend!!

em said...[Reply]

hi again... just noticed your lovely banner! so pretty and nicely laid out. have you had your first frost yet? last night it was 39 here... so it's coming! meanwhile i'm still harvesting bits of things here and there... and doing some clean up. let me know how you are doing!

Moi said...[Reply]

I am the latest cat-lover on the block, Kerri so pardon me if I end up gushing like a fool but Jasmine and Hannah are lovely! I love Hannah's li'l bells around the neck too :)