Friday, October 29, 2010

Shades of Autumn

Autumn clothes our upstate New York farm in a dazzling array of colors.

Festivities begin even before the Autumnal Equinox,

with wild Asters and Goldenrod putting on a spectacular display to herald the change of seasons.

The woods are alive with fiery earth tones.

Vines in the hedgerow across the road are quick to turn a bright sangria red, and fields of pale lavender Asters bloom with abandon beside the tall Goldenrod.
(Click photos to see more detail)

Looking toward the hill we see the trees decked out in rust and gold against the emerald and olive greens. Sheep peacefully graze in the pasture at center right. 
(a bit hard to see unless you click. I'd like to make the photos bigger but that doesn't seem to work with this template).

I've scattered deadheaded seeds of Rudbeckia triloba (a Black-eyed Susan) over the bank and they've germinated amazingly well. The patch was prettier a while ago when Queen Anne's Lace (now just brown stalks and seedheads) bloomed beside the Susans.

The fall colors compliment the red barn.

Cows can be seen grazing in the same field as the sheep, but usually at opposite corners.

I helped decorate for the party with a few spots of added color. Posted by Picasa

But very little help was needed. Mother Nature did a wonderful job all by herself. She gave us some spectacular skies, Posted by Picasa

and puffy clouds...

A few Posted by Picasa

glorious days

of warm sunshine

and mild temperatures,

burnt orange trees to match the rust colored cow!

Buff colored sheep and the soft wheat shade of sudex (sorghum-sudangrass). 

But there've been plenty of chill winds and gray, rainy days in the mix,

to prepare our thin skins for the cold days to come,

lest we forget that Old Man Winter is just around the corner.

We had a taste of him today with cold, wild winds and rain.
I hear another heavy shower pounding on the roof tonight and there'll be snow flakes in the air tomorrow, so the weatherman says.

But we've had a few days of perfect gardening weather this week - precious gifts to be savored and enjoyed.

The autumnal show is almost over, but oh my, it's been a joy to behold and we have much to be grateful for! Posted by Picasa

Shades of Autumn

A tangerine and russett cascade

of kaleidoscopic leaves

Creates a tapestry of autumn magic

upon the emerald carpet of fading summer.

The golden memories of sunsets and twilight

Hover in the backdrop of the peek-a-boo patch

of silver skylight.

Judith A. Lindberg

Time for a nap thinks Jasmine.Posted by Picasa


Sandra said...[Reply]

Hi GF! At least you still have some green. We have not had rain for over 60 days and our scenery is a dull brown. But we still have lots to be thankful for in our area. ;O)

Msrobin said...[Reply]

Autumn is so glorious, isn't it? It's like a bribe to make winter go down easier! LOL No wintery weather here yet, a few frosts but temps are still fairly pleasant. I'll take it!

Lynn said...[Reply]

Wonderful celebration of fall, Kerri! I didn't take too many photos, and now that it's nearly over, I'm wishing I had. That warm day we had--Monday?--found me outside planting by headlamp til past 8 p.m. to make the most of the pleasant temps. Fortunately, I have a man who likes to cook! Happy Autumn.

Seeing Anew said...[Reply]

Jasmine has the RIGHT idea! It's getting to look very Novembrish! Brrrrr! But we've had a full month of great fall colors, haven't we!?

garden girl said...[Reply]

How beautiful it is there Kerri. Your hilly farm country and the beautiful fall color remind me alot of my mom's place in SW Wisconsin.

Tabor said...[Reply]

Every year at this time I am impressed with your gardens and your wild areas. Beautiful.

Cameron said...[Reply]

Picture postcards! You could sell cards for holidays!

Jasmine is so sweet in her slumber!

Thanks for all your kind words with the loss of our Charm.

sweetbay said...[Reply]

The countryside around you is magnificent Kerri! All of those asters and the glorious fall color and rolling hills. I'm glad you had a few nice days of good weather this fall. There is nothing better than a warm golden fall day, and you captured the magic and beauty of fall perfectly in your pictures.

Titania said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri, a lovely and inspiring summery of your wonderful autumn colours. The scenery is just wonderful as it is getting ready, like your garden, for the whites of winter. The last golden colours are like a feast. Jasmin is comfortable napping on the sofa. Our billy does this, also on top like a cat. Enjoy more of your beautiful autumn days.
Yesterday we had our first taste of a hot summer day. T.

Terri said...[Reply]

Hello Kerri!
How have you been? Did you get snow yesterday, too?
So, how is your knowledge on growing melons? I saw something in a book that I would like to try next year and I thought I'd run it past some "gardening type folks"!
Happy Autumn!

Alice said...[Reply]

Throughout the winter we admire your bright spots of colour provided by your indoor plants and flowers, and also the flashes of coloured feathers on some of your frequent visitors on the wing, all highlighted by the sheer pristine whiteness of snow. For those of us who don't get snow in those quantities it always looks so beautiful, but I'm sure it palls a little when you live with it day after day.

It's no wonder you look forward to those green shoots in Spring, knowing that within a very short time your gardens will be covered in rapidly growing plants and bursting, colourful buds. We also feel your anticipation of a few weeks of frantic gardening activity.

Come Summer we're almost overwhelmed by the brilliant colours your garden produces each year.....even if you are constantly digging up plants and moving them some place I always look forward to seeing your daylilies, clematis, roses and the multitude of glorious colour throughout your garden on a background of my favourite colour, green.....ha,ha.

All too soon the days draw in, the temperature drops and the colours fade.....but not entirely. Your autumn display, not only in the garden, but as far as the eye can see, is so spectacular. The more so because Mother Nature turns it on year after year. A display I still look forward to seeing one day, one October!

We've come full circle, but there will always be something to look forward to in your garden, Kerri, and on your blog. We are so blessed. Thank you.

verobirdie said...[Reply]

Even Jasmine is in the colors of autumn.

Kathleen said...[Reply]

Oh Kerri, the photos of your forested hills are gorgeous! I love those brilliant colors and the broken landscape (forest with farm land). It looks like you've been having a wonderful fall. I sure am appreciating all the fine weather too because like you, I know it won't be long before winter is upon us.
I've popped over here a couple times then have been pulled away before leaving a comment. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your thoughtful comments on my blog a while back. I really slowed down on blog visiting during the summer but hope I can do better with winter coming up. I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your garden and the wildlife that visits it. (oh, and all your cats! can't forget them!)

kylieps said...[Reply]

You've captured the Autumn show beautifully with your gorgeous pics. What and eye for colour.

em said...[Reply]

so beautiful! and somebody's got a nice stack of wood to chop?