Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin'

A few weeks ago our son and DIL and our two little grandsons came for a visit.
The boys were anxious to see the pumpkins that Grandpa had grown for them, so off we went to the pumpkin patch to pick them.

All were examined carefully.

If they're big and you're small you can roll them!

Test to see if you can lift it....

This one's just about right. Posted by Picasa

Here's the Fairytale pumpkin! (click for a larger version) Posted by Picasa

This one's been nibbled by a critter! I wonder what kind?

Jasmine is enjoying the fun. She loves to have the boys to play with.

Pile the pumpkins in the wagon.

Pose for Mom!

Off we go! Hop on Grandpa!Posted by Picasa

Decorations for Grandma and Grandpa's front porch.

And Jack-o-lanterns for theirs.

(photo sent by son & DIL)

This week our pumpkins are wearing white caps after an early snow storm! We were without power for 30 hours during Tuesday and Wednesday, with only local phone service and no internet. Ah, the joys of winter...and it's not even officially here yet!

Murphy follows me as I snap pictures of the bright orange globes against the snowy white.

And Jasmine isn't far behind. Posted by Picasa

Guess what Daddy helped the boys carve? Posted by Picasa

Happy Halloween everyone! :)


Northern Shade said...[Reply]

I enjoyed the trip to the pumpkin patch. It looked like a lot of fun.
The cats don't appear joyous at the sight of snow, but I bet your grandchildren will be thrilled with all the play possibilities of snow.

Naturegirl said...[Reply]

Kerri I really enjoyed watching the boys pick out their pumpkins that grandpa grew! GOOD JOB grandpa!!
(((((((SNOW!!!!))))))) makes for a wonderful photo but
(((((((EEEEK!!!! SNOW!!)))))) now that's a TRICK for sure from Mother Nature!
We are enjoying warm temps of 19C sunny that's a TREAT!

Lisa at Greenbow said...[Reply]

What a fun time in the pumpkin patch. Those will be warm memories for your grands.

The cats look sweet sitting by the pumpkins despite the snow. Yes, it looks like winter came by to see if you were ready for it.

Defining Your Home said...[Reply]

Oh how cute! What fun! Lots of "Norman Rockwell" style painting opportunities for artists!


Alice said...[Reply]

Oh what bliss the boys must have every time they visit - and haven't they grown so much!!!!!

I'm sure YOU must eat the pumpkins, not just grow them for fun and decoration? That was a fantastic jack'o'lantern (I think it's the first I've seen).

As for the snow ...... pretty, and all that, BUT not this early!

So, my Halloween friends (Kerri - the trick, and Ross - the treat), I hope you had a lovely time with the family and I'm glad you survived the mini-freeze.

Have a great weekend.

Isabelle said...[Reply]

Love the pictures and especially the pusso'lantern. But snow?? Oh dear.

Layanee said...[Reply]

Creating memories. You are lucky to have such beautiful grandchildren! I have one on schedule for March! Can't wait! First!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Dear MIL,

Great pumpkin pics! But, wow, look at that snow! We saw some snow flurries sometime last week, but didn't have any snow stick. And, we had a warm Halloween. See you soon!

Your DIL

John said...[Reply]


You and Ross must be so happy and proud. The pictures are wonderful, and the Grandsons make it perfect.

Ross did a great job on the pumpkin patch.

PS: Apple's tent may still see another day / summer.

Barbara said...[Reply]

Your lovely photos remind me days when our children were small and we had our little harvest of pumpkins! Still now I love this heavy, big orange "balls" and Christmas in our family always has its pumpkin soup as a first dish! The last two years we didn't have our own pumpkins in the garden...due to lack of empty space. But next year I'll plant them again.
Hope your snow has dissapeared it did...luckily!

Giddy said...[Reply]

The photos of your grandchildren are both precious and priceless. You must have so much fun with them when they come to visit and they must absolutely love riding the tractor out to the pumpkin patch with Grandpa! These are wonderful memories they will have throughout their lives.

On another note, the photo of the three snow covered pumpkins in front of the woodpile is a contest winner!

em said...[Reply]

kerri, what great pumpkins! great carving job, too! i love the photos of the cats in the snow with the pumpkins. of course, we didn't get snow here, thank goodness. what a wonderful post!

Apple said...[Reply]

The pumpkin they carved has me grinning like a fool! John's wondering what on earth I'm looking at. I'm glad you had some time with the boys. It looks like they came on a beautiful day.

I'm sorry you got all the snow and I hope you don't get any this month! We only got a dusting and it was gone quickly. The wind knocked out the power for about 4 hours. John thinks he can save the screen room frame and I can sew the canvas back together in the spring.

Sue said...[Reply]

You have good looking pumpkins, and a good looking family there, including the cats! That was a great carving job, too!

I'm glad we didn't get the snow yet in Nebraska!

verobirdie said...[Reply]

You've got wonderful grandsons. they must be fun to have around.
Snow and winter already? poor you!
oh well, there was snow in some parts of France last week too. And it has been pouring for several days... so I guess, winter is really coming.

Kylee said...[Reply]

Awww, what a great post! Such fun to read and share your experience. Love the final picture! I need a jack-o-lantern like that!!

I can't believe how much snow you got already!

Susan said...[Reply]

Wow, you have your own pumpkin patch, how neat! What good grandparents you are. LOVE the snow on the pumpkins, great shots. I hope you have your wood furnace all ready for winter, it looks like you are gonna need it. Such cute boys you have, I know you love it when they come over.

Rosehaven Cottage said...[Reply]

There is nothing cuter than kids at a pumpkin patch... well... maybe kitties in the snow. ;)


Zoey said...[Reply]

It looks like a fun time was had by all!

We had some of that snow last week and today it was 70 degrees.

Moi said...[Reply]

i love your photo-stories, Kerri :)
your grandkids are precious.......and what can be cooler than picking up the pumpkind your granddad grew for you !!!! :)

them posing for their mom was the sweetest image :)

and snow storm already??? we had a 76 degrees weekend!!!!! i hink i can live without snow for a little longer...i dont want the colorful leaves to go.....not yet!!!!

clairesgarden said...[Reply]

I love the cat pumpkin! and the 'cat in the photo' thing happens here too, they can't bear to be left out!!

Isabelle said...[Reply]

... and yes, I'd love to see a NY farm in spring! You know I've often wanted your life - well, your garden, view and multiple cats, anyway. Not to mention those lovely grandchildren.

Noella said...[Reply]

Gorgeous photos, Kerri. I just love the pumpkins in the snow with the cats. You've got lovely grandchildren too.

Blessings to you,

Patsi said...[Reply]

Lots of fun.
Love the kitties :)

Amy said...[Reply]

Oh, what fun! Your grandsons must love to visit :)

Gardener's Garden said...[Reply]

Kerri I was getting a little lonesome for N.Y. and decided to visit your blog again. Yep you've got snow and I'm not one bit surprised. We used to be buried in Walton and never made the news since it was common down on the farm. We grew pumpkins in the truck garden and saved some for Halloween and fed the rest to the pigs. I love your shots of the kids and especially Murphy on the steps in the snow. Thanks for all the wonderful memories.

Mountain Mama said...[Reply]

Snow already!!! My goodness, I sure hope we don't get it for a long time. Your pictures of the pumpkins with snow on them is really pretty though and the kittys too.
It looks as though a lot of fun was had on pumpkin pickin day. You made some wonderful memories.

Seeing Anew said...[Reply]

Your fall photos are so beautiful! I feel like I've just been on a visit to your farm! Your grandchildren are really lucky to be able to experience farm life on their visits. Everyone, including the cats, looks like they're having such a happy time.

Titania said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri, What a beautiful Pumpkin harvest you had. I can see the fun your lovely grandsons had bringing in the harvest. The area where you live is just wonderful. The deco for autumn on your front porch looks so eat! But you probably can guess which is my favourite picture...yes you are right it is the pumpkins with the white snow hats; it looks just fantastic. Lovely post Kerri, I am sure you have been so happy to have your family visiting at such a nice time. The lantern looks very professionelly carved. Take care, Kerri.

joey said...[Reply]

You've had quite a few adventres since my last visit, Kerri! Sorry about the power loss ... how frustrating (we had our first snowfall here yesterday). Your autumn photos are lovely but those dear grandboys are the best! I have 2 about the same age that live close. Time together is as good as it gets!

Sarah Laurence said...[Reply]

Wow! A white Halloween - I've never seen that before. I love the cats with the pumpkin and your carving. Your fall foliage photos below are just lovely. I especially like the red farm and the hay rolls. You live in such beautiful country. I noticed in your profile that you love James Herriot (one of my favorite authors too) and I can see why you'd enjoy living where you do. I'm sure your grandkids must love visiting.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

This is such a beautiful series of photos, Kerri. The shot of the snow on the pumpkins is outstanding. Looks like a good time was had by all, including your cat!