Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Colors of Fall

After about 10 days of chilly temperatures, a few rainy days and some gloomy, gray skies, our 'extended summer' came back. How lucky can we get?
We've been enjoying some gloriously sunny fall days, and last Sunday was among the best, with temperatures in the mid 70's (about 25ºC), so my husband and I decided to take a drive after church to savour the beauty, and photograph the wonderful fall colors. I mentioned in the previous post that we hadn't seen a lot of color yet, but since then the leaves have finally turned, and are giving us a truly spectacular show after all.
I think last Friday was probably the peak in our area because we had rain and strong winds on Saturday, which caused quite a few of the leaves to fall. However, the countryside is still looking magnificent, and driving through it is pure delight.

This hay field is being 'green chopped'....a little is chopped each day and fed to the cows. I drive by this meadow on my way to and from work and love to see the changing view each day.

This is a field of soy beans ready to be harvested.
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There are some cows under the trees enjoying the gorgeous weather. You'll see them better if you click on the picture for a larger view.

A little village nestled in a valley....

.........surrounded by farms.

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We saw colors that were amazingly bright and beautiful!
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There are plenty of huge Maples around here and they give us some of the best color.

Until recent years cows could be seen in abundance, dotting the countryside, but these days they are scattered sparsely in our area, and many of the farms are not 'working farms' anymore.

Ah, there's a bossy enjoying the sunshine!

And here we are home again! There's our farm in the distance, and our neighbor in the foreground, borrowing the little John Deer to do some mowing. Posted by Picasa
Monday felt like a mid-summer day with the temperature reaching about 85º! I did some gardening, moving a few plants and generally tidying up. It's hard to believe we're so close to the end of October, with Halloween just around the corner!
I appreciate all who stop to say hello and hope you're all having a lovely week :)


Val said...[Reply]

You wrote:
We saw colors that were amazingly bright and beautiful!

And thanks to your superb photography, we saw those colors too! Thanks, Kerri!

jellyhead said...[Reply]

Oh, oh, OH! those photos are astounding.

And I want to come live in that village. (Do they need a wobbly-headed doctor there?)

Apple said...[Reply]

The weather here has been unusual. In the morning the kids have been asking me to turn on the heat and in the afternoon whining because it's too hot.

The rain took away a lot of the leaves but we still have some pretty colors left. The rolling hills in your area were beautiful in the summer and they're spectacular now.

TUFFENUF said...[Reply]

Oh Thank you, Kerri, for posting the beautiful photos - It is so beautiful there, I can almost feel the fall!!

verobirdie said...[Reply]

Thank you Kerri for those pictures.
I'm not a religious person, but when I see nature like, I might think there is a God somewhere who created that.

Susie said...[Reply]

That was such a lovely Sunday drive. The countryside just looks so very peaceful...
Thanks to your beautiful eye for photos we are all privileged to share that beauty with you.
I'd love to see it in person someday though!
It is still quite warm here in the daytime but leaves are really falling!
love and ((hugs))

Blissful Begonia said...[Reply]

What gorgeous countryside you live in! Thank you for sharing those photos.

Cherdecor said...[Reply]

Kerri, I loved looking at all your pictures. Is there any significance to the hill with the flat top? Back in Ohio, there is a hill with a flat top and it is called Ft. Hill. At one time it was a look out for the Indians. Our farm was at the base of the hill and our farm had been the site of an Indian village. Just wondering.

Barbara said...[Reply]

This is a beautiful post about a beautiful countryside! You captured wonderful moments of golden autumn colors. I guess you love very much the place you live and its surroundings! Thank you Kerri for showing all this wonderful pictures. We've had a light frost the last days and it is cold now (around 5°C) and we are actually missing sunshine! Have a good time and enjoy the mild temperature!

Tracy said...[Reply]

Always nice to see photos from your neck of the woods. Looks like you have some lovely color there.

Val said...[Reply]

Such lovely colours they turned out to be, and how nice to have warm weather to enjoy them. Good for you. Its good to get an idea of the countryside around your farm. Thanks!

Sandy said...[Reply]

Your fall colors are beautiful and quite striking. I can't believe how beautiful everything is there and how warm your weather has been. It's been cool and rainy (Yipee) for about 3 days with temps in the upper 50's. (The YIPEE was for the rain. hehehe)

Thanks for taking us on your lovely drive.

Cris said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri... You know that Fall is just one of the things I miss about your country, there are so many things and people I miss. When I looked at your pictures I thought of my first Fall there... it was exactly 20 years ago when I was an exchange student. So glad you posted these, my favorite season there. Have a great weekend!

Robin's Nesting Place said...[Reply]

Kerri, what gorgeous scenery you have. How blessed you are to live where there are so many beautiful trees. The fall is pretty here in Indy, but it is so flat and there aren't many trees at all. It is a shame too because the few trees we do have are stunning.

Alice said...[Reply]

Thank you for my 'awesome autumn' drive. The colours quite different to our autumn, as you may remember. The trees have such dense foliage and you have whole stands of the same variety of tree which intensifies the colour so much. I'm sure the very atmosphere must radiate with the colour. So difficult to capture on camera, but you did it wonderfully well.

I'm glad you shared 'my cows' with the rest of the world. They and their surroundings are so beautiful. Loved the little village and I'm sure Jelly would be in her element there.

You must often feel such joy when you come over the rise and see your home nestled there just waiting for you.

The countryside is as beautiful and my special friends who live there. I know you love living in one of God's best masterpieces.

Lisa at Greenbow said...[Reply]

Thank you for sharing the beatiful countryside photos.

The beans have all picked in this part of the country.

Isabelle said...[Reply]

What absolutely wonderful photos. I've always lived in the city (though Edinburgh is quite a small city) but when I read your blog and see your photos, I'm determined to retire to the country one day. (Not to America, mind you - that might be a bit of a drastic change at this stage in my life, so it's all right: I'm not about to become a squatter in your garden..)

OldRoses said...[Reply]

So beautiful! I'm always so envious of the beauty surrounding you until I remember what winters are like in that part of the world. I don't miss them. Enjoy the wonderful colors of autumn.

Annie in Austin said...[Reply]

Twenty years ago I used to do needlepoint on long winter evenings, and many of the popular kits featured farm scenes which seemed quite idealized to me. Your photos are are of real scenes rather than imagined ones, Kerri, and your country is more beautiful than any needlepoint.

How cool that you can drive around and see something like this!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Naturegirl said...[Reply]

You certainly captured autumn in all her glory! I have no fall color in my garden as yet..~you must come see.~ The weather daily is warm and the evenings cooler. My acer rubin maple is still green I show that too.
Soon I am sure I can post such lovely fall scenes like yours. Country drives with your husband looking at glorious scenery is a blessed moment..I love them! hugs and have a great weekend Annaxo

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...[Reply]

How great and fantastic you are doing this , just the more photo's the more I get the impression of your country, now the great fall colours!!!

I think you know that I went to Italy? If not so I publiced last week almost every day something I saw there, today some Art-cows, I always think of you... watch and see yourself

have a great weekend:)


Inland Empire Girl said...[Reply]

It is interesting that you have as much red as we have yellow. We took a drive and saw many turning trees in bright yellow. What a tour of photos. Beautiful.

Blackswamp_Girl said...[Reply]

Oooh... Kerri, what beautiful photos! They actually made me a little homesick--even though I know you're in NY, that's what the farmers' fields look like back in NW Ohio, too. I keep trying to find a way to incorporate these two specific colors into my bedroom: The beautiful bronze-brown of the ripe soybean fields as shown in your picture above, and the grey-brown of the ripe wheatfields. I finally found a paint the color of the former, but am still looking for the right wheat color. When I nail it, I'm going to paint that on the ceiling.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri ,
I am glad you liked looking at the Italian (Cows) and other impressions. Thats a co-incident Ha! Tell your friend about my blog, maybe he/she likes to look at the South ITalian pics,
Where did she/he go in Italy? I lived for 6 years in Rome, did you know that also?

I hope you are doing well:)
Have a great weekend:)

Dianne said...[Reply]

That's some gorgeous land up there-a little touch of God's land I would say. The trees down here are just changing and it's in the 30s tonight!

Hillside Garden said...[Reply]

Lovely Fall photografs, Kerri! It's wonderful outside in the moment.


Layanee said...[Reply]

All of these picturesque shots are calendar worthy! What a lovely place. Love the previous post with your grandchildren, pumpkins and kittens. Magical combinations!

Bare Bones Gardener said...[Reply]

Gorgeous autumn colour. But remmeber us downunder where we are sweating away already.....and it's not summer yet.

Mountain Mama said...[Reply]

Your photos are just beautiful I wish I lives in such a gorgeous place. I love country!!

Bart said...[Reply]

Fantastic colours!
Greets from belgium

Giddy said...[Reply]

Kerri, your posts are always such a treat! It was photos just like yours that caught my imagination over 40 years ago and I fantasized that someday, I would live in New England and here I am, enjoying every moment.

Noella said...[Reply]

Just dropping by and found your wonderful photos! What a beautiful place to live.

I'll be calling back for a visit again!

LindaD said...[Reply]

Each one more of a sigh than the last. So beautiful and lifelike, you're drawn in and next thing you know they are plucking on your nostalgic heartstrings.. I love your photos.. Its that breath of 'home' even though its been nearly 30 years. I guess you can take the girl out of New England, but you can't take New England out of the girl.. lol.. trite old true saying. I'm so grateful you love and are talented at capturing your surroundings to share with us.

Cathy said...[Reply]

Gorgeous scenery around there!

Patsi said...[Reply]

So serene and quiet. Beautiful countryside. I bet you sleep great.

New to blogging and I'm having a good time viewing garden bloggers from all over the world but there are some things I don't understand.

I have a question on my blog you may be able to answer since you seem to be seasoned at blogging.
If you have time?
Anyway your blog is most enjoyable.