Friday, August 03, 2007

Lavish Lilies

The Asiatic lilies are finished blooming in our gardens now, but the daylilies are putting on a wonderful show!

We've had a stormy Friday, with a couple of heavy downpours....very welcome in this dry summer. I was reading Zoey's blog this morning and am amazed at how dry it is in Michigan. Zoey, I feel terrible that your poor gardens are suffering so badly. I hope this rain comes your way!

It's been a hot week here in upstate NY, with temperatures in the 90's (32ยบ+ C) for the past 3 days. The cooler air that came with the last storm feels very refreshing.

Before I show you pictures of the daylilies that are blooming, here are just a few shots of the asiatics. This lovely red (Latoya) is very tall and multiplies rapidly. I've divided it several times during the few years since I first planted it.

This one is Centerfold.

My good friend, Chris, gave me several bulbs last year and I planted them during that very rainy spring we had. I thought they must've rotted because they didn't make an appearance at all. But lo and behold, this spring there they were, peeking through the ground. What a happy surprise that was! Chris gave me the red one above as well.

Centerfold and Catherine Woodbury make a great pair!

This bright orange lily makes a real statement! Posted by Picasa

Here's Janice Brown....she has a story behind her which I'll tell you next time. She's an early to mid-season bloomer, and always the first to bloom after the very early yellow ones.

One of my 3 originals (unknown). This is a shorter lily with a very prolific growth habit.

The lovely Cleo. She's tall, gorgeous, and puts on an amazing show!

Cherry Cheeks, a cherry red beauty. Posted by Picasa

Charles Johnston, a slightly deeper red.

The always lovely Catherine Woodbury, blooming happily here with monarda (bee balm) and Gloriosa Daisies (Black-eyed Susans) Posted by Picasa

Persian Market did remarkably well for just its second year.

Ruffled Apricot

This one is being overtaken by perennials and needs to be moved. I have a few like that.

By Myself....another that needs to be moved. Posted by Picasa

Mary's Gold has a huge bloom of 6.5 inches.

Chicago Star is being taken over by the red Monarda. I probably should move it as well.

Dallas Star. I love the combination of shades in this delicate beauty.

Here's Catherine Woodbury in a longer shot

Persian Market and the buff colored unkown lily, with Cleo in the distance at the bottom of that long garden. Posted by Picasa

Cleo again, in the early morning...........

............and in the late afternoon sunshine. I love this lily!!

Another longer shot of the triangular garden that Ross made for me last year, now known as the Lily Garden. Posted by Picasa

And finally, the cheery Cherry Cheeks once again, growing beside nicotiana (tobacco flower). In the photo above, this lily is just in front of the taller Persian Market. Click for a larger view.Posted by Picasa

Last Tuesday Ross and I paid our annual visit to Hawthorn Hills Daylily Farm, near Cooperstown, and spent a wonderful morning there. We came home with 7 new lilies!!! This is my birthday present..........a little late because we couldn't fit it in earlier. So that's what I've been doing for the past few days...trying to figure out the best homes for the new lilies! I'll post pictures of the glorious lily farm next time, and the new acquisitions.
Until then, have a great weekend everyone!

Mouse update:
The sneaky little mouse continues to avoid being caught. We found the trap on the floor under the kitchen table this morning, sprung, and missing the peanut butter. The sleepy cat was upstairs all night, snoozing at the foot of our Mousy had the run of the kitchen!


Moi said...[Reply]

all your lilies make a statement , Kerri....what an amazing collection you have. your garden's like a treasure trove. :)

Alice said...[Reply]

I began by selecting my favourite daylily, but by the time my head finished spinning round in circles going back and forth to check them all out, I decided I love them all, but perhaps the yellow ones just a little bit more.

Your garden is looking fabulous as usual, Kerri. Do you ever have people come out just to look at it, ie. folk from Church perhaps? I'm sure there's many people who would love to spend an hour or two in the fresh air and colour of spectacular flowers beds. Perhaps not so much fun whilst it's very hot, but when it cools down....

I'm very impressed that you know them all by name, too. (See, you could have learned all the cows' names,

Barbara said...[Reply]

It is just great to see all your beautiful daylilies in your wonderful garden. And I appreciate the long shots you made of the plants, so I can imagine how my newly bought beauties will look like in the future!! Up to this spring I only had three plants but when seeing all the amazing daylilies in the various blogs, my gray for them awoke....Meanwhile I planted more than a dozen new ones...and I cannot see an end!!!!
Greetings from Switzerland.

T*mmy said...[Reply]

They are all very pretty but the show stopper for me was that gorgeous Janice Brown!! So lacy and pretty!!
Don't you just hate wiley mice?? Tell that Jasmine to start earning her house rights...make her go without kibble for a day so she's nice and hungry
*evil grins*

Linda said...[Reply]

Kerri, you are absolutely amazing. What gorgeous flowers - and to thing they are only a PART of you flower gardens. I would love to just walk around your home. It's so beautiful.
Those little mice are so sneaky.
Have a blessed weekend.

Linda said...[Reply]

That should be "think" not thing. When will I learn to proofread my comments? Sorry....

Sonia said...[Reply]

Wow! Just stunning, wonderful flowers, Kerri!

Have a nice Sunday!

Annie in Austin said...[Reply]

Lily bed?? The whole place is a lily bed! How perfectly beautiful Kerri, and I couldn't choose a favorite either... and like that purple-blue nicotiana a lot.

There is such irony that a mouse can live in your kitchen... maybe the cats think they're above chasing mice since they're blog stars now, and all tired out from posing for photos.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

PEA said...[Reply]

I never knew there were so many different types of lilies!! Omigosh, Kerri, they're all so beautiful and so healthy looking!! Every one has its own little character and the colours are breathtaking. I've just got two types of lilies but I think next year I'll look for more!! Now you've got me hooked! lol Oh dear, that little mouse sure is a wiley one! lol xox

Cathy said...[Reply]

Your flowers are just beautiful. I did not know there were so many lovely varieties of lilies. :-)

Val said...[Reply]

This post makes me want to go out and get a bunch of day lilies. We have only a couple of varieties that were already here when we bought the house. They are prolific and require NO work!

Susie said...[Reply]

Each of your lilys is prettier than the one before. And lucky you to have gone on a trip with Ross to buy even more!!
Maybe you're not serving the right "mice friendly" food in your traps. Isn't Jasmine a hunter?

Apple said...[Reply]

I'm just really learning about the different types of lilies this year and added a couple of different ones. I can see why you'd look forward to a trip to Hawthorn Hills every year. You have a great selection of colors and all your beds look beautiful.

I think the mouse likes his chances better with Jasmine than with the barn cats!

JunieRose2005 said...[Reply]


Such a beautiful garden you have- and so many types of lilies! It's such a nice trip , coming to your place!

Good luck with the little mouse...I've had those visitors in the past!


Karen said...[Reply]

Your unknown daylily (the first one) looks a lot like "Summer Wine". Of course, there are so many look-alike daylilies that there's no guarantee, but you could read up on it and see if its habit and bloom time matches your daylily.

Saija said...[Reply]

i LOVE your lillies!!! wow! mine are all bloomed out ... they were just wonderful while they preened in the sun!

blessings to you ...

judypatooote said...[Reply]

Your lillies are you have so many.....and now that you mentioned deviding them, I know what is amatter with mine...I have never devided them, and hardly any blooms....mine are stella deoras.... I really, really love the one that is curley on the's just not fun working in the garden with out my hubby... so I try and keep it simple...

We had rain today, and it was so badley needed.....

Cris said...[Reply]

Janice Brown captured my attention, I'm curious now with her story, hope you tell us soon. Oh my, your camera is sooo good, or should I say you have an eye for photography. Kerri, wishing you a great week!

Dianne said...[Reply]

Awesome photos and some fabulous daylilies that I have never seen before. It's nice that you tell us all the names in case we 'go looking' ourselves.
Do you cut bouquets for the house too?

Hillside Garden said...[Reply]

You are a lot of weeks after me in the garden. Your Daylilies are looking great, a fun, to see them.


Tabor said...[Reply]

i love daylilies, but have never seen such a healthy assortment. They must fill you days with real joy. Now, if I can convince deer not to eat these, maybe I will plant some.

Inland Empire Girl said...[Reply]

Thanks for the inspiration to pick some different lilies for my garden. You have done an outstanding job in the variety of colors and types. I would also just love to roam your gardens.

Naturegirl said...[Reply]

Kerri your lilies are stunning! Although I am not a great fan of day lilies I am awe struck by the beauty of the ~Cleo~ It looks like an asiatic which I do adore and have growing in my own garden!The color of the ~Cleo~ is gorgeous!!
It is always a treat to come by and see all you flowers in bloom and your wonderful garden! hugs NG

JoAnn-NL said...[Reply]

Hiy what a beautiful 'lily' garden I am very very impressed, how do you do that? It would take you probably night&day to work in your garden...

Holiday greetings from me JoAnn

Layanee said...[Reply]

Your gardens and lilies look gorgeous! Such a bounty of color and all looking so healthy! Beautiful!

Garden Lily said...[Reply]

I enjoyed my "walk" through your garden, especially the photos of the daylilies. Stunning! I am adding Cleo to my wishlist. Thanks for sharing.

Elzste said...[Reply]

You lilies are so lovely. Don't you have problems with "lily rams"? I have and they eat all they can on them. Except for the flowers.
Love Elzie

along the way said...[Reply]

the beauty of your pictures makes me wish I had not only a garden this pretty, but a camera!

Nabeel said...[Reply]

I like lilies a lot, even the name is soft and pleasant, just like the flower :) Beautiful pictures and such a wide variety of them you found.

Sandy said...[Reply]

I just love the ruffled edges of your Janice Brown daylily. All of daylillies are beautiful and I'm glad that you are getting the needed rain to make your garden grow. We're still very dry here.

Hope you escaped that bad NY storm yesterday morning.

We were VERY SURPRISED to spy a cute little mouse in the house the other evening. And with two cats in here too. The mouse seemed very friendly and not afraid of Jimmy at all. I think it is in here because of the excessive heat outside.hehehe. Smart mouse.

Seeing Anew said...[Reply]

I never realized lilies came in so many different colors. I feel like I've just been to a lily museum! What a nice collection!

Zoey said...[Reply]

What a vast collection of lilies you have amassed. They are all lovely.

Just look at your GREEN grass. I am so jealous.

Still no rain here. They say maybe we will get some on Sunday. Wouldn't you know I have an outdoor wedding luncheon on that day?

JoAnn - NL Photography said...[Reply]