Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stoney Grove B&B

When my friend Chris and I work at the Letchworth State Park craft show, we stay at wonderful Stoney Grove Bed & Breakfast near the village of Mount Morris. Sharon West, who runs this lovely place, makes us feel like we're spending the weekend with an old friend. She's such a sweetheart and so much fun to be around. It's no more expensive than staying at the local motel, and SO much more enjoyable! She spoils us with wonderful breakfasts, and sends us on our way with coffee and fresh baked banana bread.

The house is decorated so beautifully inside and out, and the grounds are lovely, with pretty gardens, a pond and horse trails leading back to a view of Conesus Lake.

Here's one of the incomplete pictures, which I can't seem to fix. I've reposted it several times, to no avail! So I give up! It'll just have to stay broken for now.

Edit 10-23-06: I thought I'd repost this picture one more time to see if it would come out whole. Low and behold, it did, but when I went to delete the partial picture I found it was now whole, and so were the other 2 in the post above, which I intended to try and fix! I don't know how it happened, but I'm happy all the pictures are now whole...without any help on my part! Blogger is a strange bird! :)
P.S. I posted the picture into a new post using 'Picasa' and 'Hello' and intended to copy the code and then paste it into this post, and then delete the post with the resent picture. That's the method I sometimes use when Hello sends my pictures before I'm finished queuing them, and I want to add more pictures to a post. If I try to add them using Blogger it never works for me.

Early morning mist in the back yard. How lovely it was to wake up to this view!
While we were eating breakfast a mama deer and 2 fawns wandered through the yard, past this pond and down along the trails. I didn't have my camera right there by my side, darn it all, and by the time I ran to get it, they were gone!

Sunshine makes the colors pop out!

Sharon has bright Fall decorations by the lovely fence and the front door. The house is filled with the most esquisite pottery made by her sister, who has a shop in Hammondsport at the bottom of Keuka Lake. I can't believe I didn't take some pictures of the pottery!

Maple and dogwood trees Posted by Picasa
This is the Finger Lake region...a really beautiful area of NY State, with lots of wineries. If you're ever in this neck of the woods, you should stay at this beautiful B&B. It's in a wooded area and is truly a little bit of heaven. What a way to spend a working weekend :)


Karen said...[Reply]

BEAUTIFUL, beautiful photos. The turkey vulture, the gorge, the falls, everything. Superb!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

The gorge and the falls are beautiful...and so are the fall colors of your last picture. Our trees are still mostly green with just a tad of color, not much yet.

Alice said...[Reply]

I can't see the FOR SALE sign, although I'm looking very hard.

Sorry, Kerri, you'll just have to keep going to the craft fairs so that you can visit this beautiful B&B. I think if I stayed there I would have the breakfast but forget the bed as I'd want to stay awake all night to enjoy the whole place.

You're such a tease with these photos - but thank you, anyway.

Sissy said...[Reply]

So, beautiful, Kerri!

HORIZON said...[Reply]

What a lovely place to stay Kerri- l can see why you like to go there. Lovely early mist in the garden and fall colours. l remember seeing NY State in this way -nothing like what l had imagined.
Take care for now my friend,

PEA said...[Reply]

I love Bed & Breaksfast places for that exact reason...the house is usually so beautiful and the grounds gorgeous! What a delightful place you get to stay at!! Love the pumpkin display too:-)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

Kerri...the bed n breakfast sounds lovely. Jimmy & I stayed in one when we went to visit Motherkitty & Tomas and you're right, it cost no more than a normal motel room and you get a wonderful homecooked breakfast and it feels like home. We are hooked on B & B's.

Your partial picture is even less of a picture when you click on it...did you notice that?
Blogger did that to one of my pictures but I kept deleting it and it finally published whole.
Today blogger was nice to me.

Linda said...[Reply]

That looks like a wonderful place to stay. We stayed at two B&B's when we went to Colorado this past summer. As you said, they are a little more expensive - but so worth it. The breakfasts were out of this world!! I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
I so admire your pictures and the way your post looks. I can't figure out how to get more than one picture in unless I just stack them all one on top of the other with no writing in between. But then I am absolutely not a computer whiz!!