Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - April 2011

The mid-April garden is springing to life!

I can't remember ever appreciating the newly emerging blooms quite so much.
Perhaps it's because our winter seemed everlasting.

The sight of blooming Daffodils lifts my soul.

This time last year the gardens were bursting with blooms, but they're all a little slower this spring.

Hyacinths were fully open for last year's Bloom Day, but the flowers are just emerging this week.

A few Crocuses are still blooming and the bees have been busily enjoying them. Posted by Picasa

There's a small patch of golden yellow Crocuses in the Clematis Garden.

These beauties have just finished, but they were still gorgeous just a few days ago.

Most of this mixed group are drooping now as well, but they were such a delight during their brief reign of glory.

Hannah is so happy to be exploring the outdoors again.

She thinks the Daffodils make a good hiding place for watching the birds.

The blue flowered Scilla siberica (Siberian Squill) is one of my absolute favorites. Posted by Picasa

Bees love it too.

The yellow and white Daffodils in the Clematis Garden were some of the first to open just a couple of days ago.

Snowdrops are finally beginning to fade, after blooming for a month, and don't look as good as this now, but it's amazing how well they hold up to the inconsistencies of early spring weather.

There's something so endearing about the little bulbs of spring. These Chionadoxas (Glory of the Snow) make such a pretty patch of color.

The pink Helleborus has been slow to open.....

......but here it is, finally!
Not as spectacular as some I've seen on other blogs, but very precious to me after waiting 4 years for this bloom! Posted by Picasa

There are a few new blooms on the white Helleborus. It began blooming back in October and is still producing blooms after napping under a blanket of snow for several months.

The Silver Maple is ablaze with fuzzy red flowers and I see a haze of red from the maples in the surrounding woods.

We've had several beautiful, sunny days lately (with April showers in between) and I've been out doing some clean-up in the garden beds. It feels so good to be out in the garden again, feeling the warmth of the sun!  
Hannah is in full agreement :)

And how wonderful it is to once again have colorful blooms to photograph and enjoy. Posted by Picasa

I hope you're enjoying your spring (or fall) garden as much as I'm enjoying mine. Posted by Picasa

Carol of May Dreams Gardens has a long list of other gardeners showing off their blooms for this April Bloom Day. I hope you'll find time to visit her and click some of those links.
I notice that Carol's Indiana garden is quite a bit further along than our upstate NY zone 5 garden, but we'll get there. I'm quite happy to go a little slower and just enjoy each day of these long awaited spring blooms.


Bernie said...[Reply]

Your garden is looking such a pretty picture. I can understand why you and Hannah would enjoy being out there any spare moment you can find. I just adored the golden Crocus, all those lovely daffodils and the stunning blue Scilla. Thanks for sharing such great blooms ... all of which I would never get to see here.

Lisa at Greenbow said...[Reply]

I am in full agreement that this winter was a bit too long. The daffs etc are well worth the wait. I think even Hannah would agree with us. Happy GBBD.

Apple said...[Reply]

I love the drifts of color that you have. I haven't missed much about NY but I'm sad that I'm missing my spring bulbs.

Sissy said...[Reply]

I think your bulbs are spectacular, Kerri!!

Needled Mom said...[Reply]

To me spring is all about the daffodils. I can only imagine how welcome the sight of the blooms is for you after your endless winter this year. Hannah is definitely enjoying the outside as much as you are too.

Summer is definitely coming!!!!

Lynn said...[Reply]

Beautiful springtime blooms and photos, Kerri! I especially love the last image of the daffs. We have a first-time blooming hellebore, too, and planted in 2008. It was so worth the wait (even though the foliage never disappointed). Happy spring!

sandy said...[Reply]

I agree with you, Kerri. The winter seemed to go on forever. The temperature is only 42ยบ today, and it is past the middle of April. I have a couple of squill blossoms blooming, but not even the johnny jumps are opening like they usually do.

You garden looks good. I can tell you have been out working.

Love that header, I am going to change mine when I ever get to take spring shots.

Muhammad khabbab said...[Reply]

Your crocus are looking very lovely. I tried them twice in my subtropical garden but they did not bloom very well. Your garden is in top form. Happy bloom day.

Tabor said...[Reply]

After doing my volunteer garden work I got a few hellebores seedlings and and while they are just little three and four-leaved plants I am happy to see them being hardy in their little pots until I find some nice shady places for them.

wildlifewatcher said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri, You have taken beautiful photographs of beautiful flowers. My own favorite of all flowers are the varieties of Daffodil/Narcissus. Have a great day and enjoy the flowers!

sweetbay said...[Reply]

Both your cats and your spring flowers are beautiful!

HORIZON said...[Reply]

We've also had such lovely spring weather these past few weeks Kerri and after such cold weather it is just wonderful to get out in the garden. Fantastic photos as always. Whenever l see a Hellebore l think of you- years back l planted some after seeing them on your blog :)
Hope your husband continues to get better :)

Mountain Mama said...[Reply]

I sure know what you mean about a long winter. We had snow out in the county again this morning. Gee it's enough all ready!
I love the Daffodil's too Kerri and am enjoying mine more than ever. I spent a couple hours outside today, cleaning out a flower bed and transplanting some Sweet William's I started in my veggie garden last year. I got some tilling done and am planning my veggie garden but it will have to warm up a lot before I can plant.
Oh my gosh!! My little Yorkie was just barking his head off and when I looked out there was a big buck eating my flowers. I ran out and chased him away then sprinkled blood meal all over the front yard to discourage the deer. Unfortunately he had just eaten the tops from my lovely patch of Solomon Seal. I need to be more careful. Just can't trust those critters.
Enjoy Spring dear Kerri and I hope you don't have trouble with critters eating your flowers!

Barbara said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri, this Spring, with all its rich splendour of flowers, we have been spoilt for the long lasting winter. Everything started to bloom in a short time and so's amazing. The warmth of the April sun made us often believe of being almost in summer. Today we have the first little rain shower for weeks (it is bitterly needed). I like your daffodils (which are already faded here) and I notice, you like helleborus plants too :-) ! Your red one is indeed a beauty!
Enjoy Spring and have happy Easter days together with your dears!
Love from Barbara

em said...[Reply]

hi kerri... thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog... i've been too busy to make the rounds or blog so my traffic is dropping off... but my recent contract is just ending after 3 years, and i need to find a new job. so i'll be home much more until i do... hope i find a job soon... but meantime, it's spring! woo hoo! hope spring is treating you well...

scottweberpdx said...[Reply]

Great have lots of wonderful bulbs coming up...what a great riot of spring color!

Isabelle said...[Reply]

Lovely, but so far behind us in Edinburgh. Not for long, though - I can sense you accelerating...

songofthewolf said...[Reply]

Nice pictures today! It's kind of frustrating how slowly everything is blooming this year, so every flower is so nice to see!

essemia said...[Reply]

I just love all the spring flowers. Makes me want to smile, lol. Your Helleborus are beautiful. I was so proud to have TWO flowers on one tiny little one but then our puppy took one away and made me very mad!!

I'm ashamed to be such a bad visitor lately. Hopefully it'll be better from now on.

Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

Moi said...[Reply]

today is our first sunny day in a long long time, and I was invarably reminded of your happy-beautiful garden.....It even makes your kitties we all know what high standards cats there, you have their approval too! :)

em said...[Reply]

hi kerri, happy mother's day! that purple fringed tulip is called 'curly sue.' say, for epimediums, visit mail order place that's the best... epimediums need zone 5b or higher... do you have that? hope to see you posting soon and that all is well!