Friday, January 14, 2011

Cardinal Colors

Mr. Cardinal graced us with his bright red presence on the front porch this morning

and stayed long enough for me to snap a couple of shots.

Our very snowy, cold weather this winter has brought lots of hungry birds to the feeders.
I've been counting for Project Feederwatch on Fridays and Saturdays since November. It's not too late to sign up to count. It goes through to early April and is a great winter passtime. You can read information about the project by clicking the above link or the button in the sidebar. 
Today the feeders were busy with 15 different species.
Some come in large numbers but we usually see only a few Cardinals. Lately though I've observed up to 8 at a time, which is quite a treat. They look like bright Christmas ornaments in the big Sugar Maple and surrounding shrubs, and of course are absolutely stunning against the snow.

They come early with the house sparrows, tree sparrows and juncos.

Mrs. Cardinal is shyer than Mr. C. and
doesn't usually venture as close as the front porch. She's sharing the tree with a chickadee and sparrow here. 

Mr. C. gives me more photo opportunities. I think he likes to pose. Those green blotches you see are Christmas lights in the foreground.

Mrs. C. spends a lot of time feeding on the ground
with her sparrows and a junco here.

And here with a mourning dove and male house sparrow. Posted by Picasa

It's not often that I manage to catch Mr. and Mrs. together.

Mr. C. likes to gossip with the crowd on the pole feeder tray....a mourning dove and house sparrows here.

Even the bossy bluejays will stop by for a chat.

Mrs. C. likes to socialize on the tray too. Posted by Picasa

She rarely comes to the porch feeder tray like Mr. C. though. Posted by Picasa

He's just a friendly guy!

And we're awfully glad to have him and the missus and all their feathered friends to brighten things up around here. Posted by Picasa


Bernie said...[Reply]

Kerri, you do get to see some beautiful birds. The Cardinals are just magnificent ... what a brilliant colour they are. You really couldn't miss that plumage in the drifts of snow! It was fabulous seeing the birdlife from your neck of the woods.

Indian Home Maker said...[Reply]

What an amazing vibrant red!!!Gorgeous bird!

Paul said...[Reply]

Wonderful. Do you miss sulphurs and galahs, or are the north American birds a good substitute?

Tabor said...[Reply]

Lovely! The Cardinals do brighten up the gray of winter. I think the most we have had here is 6, but they bring joy.

Naturegirl said...[Reply]

Hello and happy New year my friend!
I have been absent from your blog and others for some time as life j has a way of keeping one busy with this and that and priorities!
What a delightful post seeing my favorite bird the cardinal! I have a new found respect for our feathered friends while out here enjoying the sunshine of the southwest.
What courage our snowy birds have to survive and forge for food with such harsh elements!
I am birding here as well but it is difficult to photograph them as they love to play pose and fly away!! Perhaps I'll invest in some birdseed today and scatter below the tree outside my window.
hugs and waving from the sunshine!
snowbird Anna

Anonymous said...[Reply]

What a beautiful pair of cardinals, Kerri. I like the the shots in the twisty tree, best.

sweetbay said...[Reply]

Beautiful shots of the cardinals in the snow Kerri! The male is a gorgeous splash of red in the winter landscape.

Kylee said...[Reply]

I never tire of seeing our cardinals and those of others. Such gorgeous birds, both male and female!

Needled Mom said...[Reply]

I have always LOVED seeing the bright red cardinals against a snowy white backdrop. Your photography of them is just marvelous.

Susan Tidwell said...[Reply]

LOVE your bird pics. I just got a new laptop and transferred some of my desktop photos - several are of your flowers, would you give me permission again to use some of your pictures? You have such a beautiful place there. I imagine the big wood furnace has been keeping y'all busy filling it up! Have a great day!

Babara said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri, amazing and great shots of the birds. You seem to have the perfect place to watch them and take pictures. Isn't it wonderful that such colorful little creatures smarten up our cold and unfortunately often grey winter days? It's a pity, however, that we do not have red cardinals over here.
Stay warm, my dear!

maria said...[Reply]

You snapped some beautiful pictures of the cardinals.

You are so lucky to have them in the winter.
How do you attract them?


em said...[Reply]

kerri, how did i miss this lovely post? i haven't been feeding the birds this year, so as not to exacerbate the squirrel issue, and i miss them so much! thanks for letting me visit with your bird feeder! lovely shots, especially mrs. c, i know how shy she can be. thanks so much!

retriever said...[Reply]

Beautifull fotos birds, greeting from Belgium.

Louisette said...[Reply]

Love color of cardinal, on sneuw, best regard from Belgium

Louisette said...[Reply]

Visited small kennel my golden zitablue in Belgium, haapy end winter, go for spring another nice season.

Patrick's Garden said...[Reply]

As someone who has seen sulphers and galahs in NSW and cardinals in Kansas, i subcribe to Stephen Stills thinking: love the one you're with,

flowers said...[Reply]

Lovely lovely bird pictures.

Moi said...[Reply]

:) I have always wished to be able to capture a Mr. Cardinal on my camera ( I will not mind Mrs Cardinal either but I have a little thing going for Mr Cardinal instead :)) I will just have to buy a bird feeder as soon as I get done with my apartment living!