Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Focus on Poppies

That's not just a title....it's an instruction....for myself.
Many weeks have gone by since I last posted, and you know how much happens in the garden in spring. Life is busy! Between plants, birds, other garden visitors and daily life in general, there is so much to post about that I'm having a hard time focusing on just one topic. So, I've finally zeroed in on poppies for today!

The ethereal Oriental Poppies are such a beautiful sight to look out upon as they nod in the early morning breeze...

...but they are shaded by a small Maple tree until late morning, making it difficult to photograph them in the soft morning light that captures colors so well.

Consequently, most of these photos were taken around 11:30 AM when the sun had moved enough to shine on that garden bed.

I adore this shade of salmon pink... Posted by Picasa

...and those tissue paper petals with the drops of dew still clinging to them.

Their dark, spidery centers are a stark contrast to the delicate petals.

The vibrant orangy-red shade is harder to capture with the camera so that you end up with the true color.

Late afternoon light produces more yellows. Posted by Picasa

My focus is wandering......
You didn't really think I could do a post without including a couple of kitty pics, did you?
Columbines and Lupines are just 2 of the other beautiful bloomers filling the garden with color at the moment.

And then there's Hannah....always my faithful companion when I wander with the camera. I think she's a ham.

Regal Mr. Cardinal has been visiting regularly. I'm not sure if the missus is home with the children but we rarely see her.

Hubby is spending time working outside, moving slowly, but breathing the fresh air and soaking up the sun's rays, both of which are so good for his recuperation.

Near the end of May, during a week of soaring temperatures, a sweet friend of our daughter came up from the city and helped her get a good start on planting a large market garden. Those girls worked very hard out in the hot sun, but they had a good time doing it!

Can you believe we're 8 days into June already?

Refocusing on the poppies now....
 one last shot of them basking in the late afternoon sunshine....Posted by Picasa
something we all like to do.


Beth said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri!

Thought of you the other day as I see my gloriosa daisies and larkspur flourish in my garden. Thank you again for sharing your seeds. I love my flowers.

I've only tried the California poppy and it wasn't quite like I expected. They were completely overgrown and didn't flower much .... your poppies look lovely.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

The poppies are pretty! I think I like the red ones best, probably because the show up so well.

Is that your daughter's garden that the girls are standing in? If it is, wow, it is big!

Don't you love being up on top of the hill? It is so pretty around there. It must be stunning in the fall.

I don't know where our cardinals go in the summer, but I rarely see them. I did run into them down in the woods, a pair drinking out of a small pool. Wouldn't you know, though. My camera battery died and my other one was home.

NellJean said...[Reply]

Your poppies are lovely.

Oriental poppies do not thrive here, so we have the various annuals kinds, soon gone as the weather warms. I never met a poppy I didn't like. Thank you for sharing yours.

I think there might be something restorative about riding on a tractor. Dh claims his leg never hurts when he's on a tractor seat.

Needled Mom said...[Reply]

Oh Kerri, how did I miss the post of your hubby being rushed to the hospital? It must have been when we had company and no computer time. I am so sorry to read that, but just thrilled that he is doing better. The remnants of pneumonia last sooo long too. It is nice to see that he is out and enjoy the sunshine and a little work at the same time.

Your poppies are really stunning. I just love poppies for their very delicate appearance and willowy look in the gardens. As well, the poppy pods are always such a delight to pick and make a bouquet in a pot.

Those gals look as though they are enjoying the work a little too much!! It is always fun to have a companion to lighten the workload.

Yes, I think that Hannah is a camera hog! Too funny!

Take care of yourself and your hubby.

Robin's Nesting Place said...[Reply]

I'm so glad that you hubby is feeling better and enjoying the birds and flowers!

Your poppies are quite lovely! They seem to be very happy in that spot under the tree.

Roses and Lilacs said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri, I just love those pink poppies. I'm not thrilled with my orange ones.

I hope you never stop including the kitties in your garden photos.

Cameron said...[Reply]

Glad your husband is better. Scary stuff!

Love the poppies--I'm a big fan, but the California variety is really outdoing all the others. That said, I've not tried the oriental! :-)

Tabor said...[Reply]

LARGE (?) market garden? This looks like a tremendous project. I wish them a fruitful summer. I have just a few poppies, and of course, I planted them in my raised beds which get weekly soakings of water...probably should move them elsewhere? Tell me how you care for yours?

Karen said...[Reply]

Your poppies are beautiful, Kerri!

And no, I can't believe we are this far into June already.

Beth said...[Reply]

Kerri, Your poppies are so pretty! I think I'll be adding poppies to my wish list for next spring! Happy Gardening!

Lisa at Greenbow said...[Reply]

I am so glad to see that your DH is able to be out and about. Nothing more restorative than to do something you love outside. Your daughter is very ambitious with that big garden.

Von said...[Reply]


Linda said...[Reply]

Pink Poppies! How gorgeous Kerri.

Stuart said...[Reply]

They are just gorgeous Kerri. I love the way they poke their cheery faces out of the sea of green that envelops them. A delicious spring/summer vista if ever there were one.

Apple said...[Reply]

I hope DH doesn't overdo but I know he must be happy to be out and doing! I've had rotten luck with poppies here so I doubly enjoyed yours.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I am drooling over those poppies. My luck with poppies here is minimal. I planted an icelandic poppy this spring, and it's doing well so far. But two different patches of seeds haven't come up, and the plant I put in last year didn't return. Argh!

sweet bay said...[Reply]

Both your farm and the poppies are beautiful! I love those pink ones.

It's great to hear that your husband is feeling better and enjoying the spring sunshine.

Susan said...[Reply]

Finally found the comment button, this old age thing is a bummer!

Love your poppies!

verobirdie said...[Reply]

Kerri, so sorry to hear that your husband has been sick. It must have been a hard time indeed. Good to see that he is recovering.
Your garden is beautiful as always.
Take good care!

Sunshine Mom said...[Reply]

Such beautiful photos!! I especially love the one of the cardinal. Gorgeous!

Mountain Mama said...[Reply]

Your Poppies are just gorgeous!! I don't have any right now but my neighbor offered me starts of her orange one. I was thinking I might wait and get seeds when they are dried.

Your kitties are always a sweet addition to your garden pictures. I'm glad you are able to capture them for us to see.

em said...[Reply]

ah, i like the pink ones. dau is starting market garden?! what a great idea! glad to hear hubs is getting out of the house. hope all is well.

Kateri said...[Reply]

I love the pink poppies!

Kate said...[Reply]

Wow, those poppies are beautiful, especially the pink ones - they look so delicate. I'm surprised, though, that no critters get to them, since they're not fenced in. Have you had any problems of the four-legged variety?

Bird Girl said...[Reply]

Funny that you decided to focus on poppies. Every year I think I'll take some pictures of those bright, orange poppies on our road - and then I forget - and the next thing ya know...they are gone! Your poppies pictures make me want some - I also love the salmon color. How pretty! OF course the orange against the spring green grass is breathtaking. One of the prettiest poppies I've ever seen was sort of dark pink. It was an opium poppy (which used to be illegal to grow in the U.S. I don't know if that is still the case but they sure are gorgeous! I saw them at Fearrington Village in North Carolina. I do have one picture of them - but not digital.
Love the kitty on the fence in the flowers - SWEET!