Monday, February 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - February '10

It's still too early to look for signs of life in the snowy February garden.

 No tiny green stems of snowdrops poking out of the frozen ground yet, and the sedum in the dish garden wears a crown of snow over its wizened brown stems.

But in an upstairs window the red-flowered zygo cactus is blooming beautifully.

These lovely flame colored flowers are a sight for sore eyes.
The pretty vine intermingling with the cactus has been given a name! My dear friend, Merle, of Merle's Third Try in sunny Melbourne, Australia, tells me it's called Kenilworth Ivy. Blog friends are so helpful. Thanks so much, Merle! 

It even has tiny flowers blooming! Aren't they sweet?

Ivy Geranium Belladonna is the only geranium blooming at the moment.

A pretty cyclamen is brightening the plant table. Posted by Picasa

The new Amaryllis bulb, Minerva, has a bloom stalk, but no leaves. It should be opening soon. The 4 older bulbs have lovely green leaves but no bloom stalks. Perhaps, with a bit of luck, they'll come later. 

This white Wax Begonia is putting on a lovely show.

The pink Babywing Begonia behind it has just a few blooms.

Last month's star, the Clivia, is holding out with one last lonely bloom. This plant, with its 13 blooms, has been such a delight for the past month. They've lasted for all those weeks and have only just fallen off, save this last one which opened later than the others. Posted by Picasa

And there's sweet Molly, still in the same spot, watching the birds. None of us are moving too fast around here!

Pretty Tink, Molly and Hannah's mom, sits on the step outside in the snowy yard next to a pot of sleeping pansies. Only time will tell whether or not they'll wake up in the spring. I know I'll feel a lot more energetic when the warmer weather and brighter days arrive. Winter makes me sleepy. I think it's that urge to hibernate. Posted by Picasa

Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for gathering us all together for Bloom Day. Go and visit her to see what's blooming in other corners of the world.

Happy day after Valentine's Day everyone!
Seize the Chocolate!


Alice said...[Reply]

Ah, Kerri, you've done it again. You really put me to shame the way you always find some little beauty in flower (besides Ross) no matter what the weather and time of year.

I guess you really do appreciate any colour and the efforts the plants go to to produce that uplifting scene.

I think we simply take our gardens so much for granted when we can work in them, or see something in flower all year round without really having to do much for it.

Your pleasure in each and every flower, and everything that happens in your garden, is so inspiring.

Thank you for time and effort you put into every post.

Von said...[Reply]

In my neck of the woods that charming little creeper is called "Mother of All Living", now that's much prettier isn't it?
Here is grows in stone walls, is the hardiest of plants in Winter and dies down in Summer.Drop by sometime for a chat over the fence!

jo©o said...[Reply]

Goodmorning Kerri,
All those little gems tucked away in the greenery. And I like the way some of your plants look longingly outside from behind the window in a warm room. Do you put the begonias out of doors in the summer?
Nice rummage thru your plants over a cup of tea.

Muhammad khabbab said...[Reply]

Very lovely blooms specially begonia and cyclamen. Clivia still blooming for you? that is strange, mine only flowers in hot summers.

CiNdEe said...[Reply]

I love your flowers(-: I barely rescued my Christmas Cactus from the frost. Some didn't survive. Needless to say they did not bloom this year! That will teach me to bring them in earlier next time!!!!!It doesn't usually get that cold here but this year we had a 20 year record low of 17degrees.
I loved your bluejay song too!

sweet bay said...[Reply]

You always have so much blooming indoors. The cactus is gorgeous. I love that little vine too.

Darla said...[Reply]

One day I'll be successful with indoor blooms..Your plant table is loaded with beauty!

NellJean said...[Reply]

Great indoor show this February. Zygo cactus is super, with or without the little vine. Happy Bloom Day.

Lynn said...[Reply]

Kerri, your plants looks so happy. I like the red cactus bloom with the pretty ivy best (and the kitties). "Seize the chocolate" is hilarious! Hold on--April's coming soon.

Lisa at Greenbow said...[Reply]

I am amazed at all the plants you have blooming at this time Kerri. Your green thumb is showing. Happy GBBD.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...[Reply]

It must be wonderful to be able to grow beautiful indoor winter blooms. I'm just not an indoor gardener - I rely upon Mother Nature to take care of my plants!

Love the kitty photo! I'm sure they'll be ready for spring.


Isabelle said...[Reply]

I did some gardening on Sunday afternoon! Nothing creative - mainly raking up dead leaves - but it was good to be out and I did a bit of forking the earth too.

Now it's all frozen again, but it gave me hope.

Love your pictures.

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...[Reply]

Kerri, you always have the most gorgeous houseplants! They're all so healthy and have luscious blooms. I think my Clivia is starting to send up a flower stalk. Can't quite tell yet. I've kept it in a very cool bedroom all winter. Maybe it's time to bring it out into the warmer part of the house?

Babara said...[Reply]

Your post proves again that you're having a green thumb, dear Kerri! Even in winter, when everything is covered with ice and snow, you're having some color spots though they are inside. Happy you, all your beautiful plants are rewarding your conscentious care! We're still having snow too and the temperatures are below 0°C. I continue to have my winter sleep until Spring really arrives ;-) !!

Needled Mom said...[Reply]

I always love seeing your bloom day posts.

Hopefully spring will come early for you and we will soon see all of your gorgeous outdoor colors. The zygo cactus is just stunning. I really like the color of that one. It must be a feast for your eyes at this time of the year.

My amaryllis bulb has also sent up beautiful leaves this year, but no bloom stalk yet. I am wondering if it will at all.

Next month I expect to see something popping through that snow!

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...[Reply]

Kerri, Since meeting you last winter, your indoor blooms have stayed with me. It is beautiful in your house during the winter! I am tempted to add some plants to the 5 I have...but would probably be disappointed because my cat thinks they are for snacking. I still haven't found anything to take away his taste for them. Having cat grass doesn't solve the problem. I do need to make a note to add a geranium-surely I could find a place for just one:-) Yours are lovely!

Gail said...[Reply]

Kerri, I usually don't keep houseplants~~I am notorious for neglecting them...but this year I sure wish I had. The winter's been long and looking at yours makes me remember how important they are for keeping one's spirit up. Especially when you live in zones colder then ours in nashville. here's to hoping your spirits are raised every time you look at one of your indoor beauties~gail

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Beautiful photos. I have decided that I will pick the next place I live by the windows! I want more places to keep plants indoors. Never thought of bringing in an Ivy Geranium, I do have place to put one of them.

You have more snow than we do, but not much. We had four inches yesterday, but it has almost all disappeared.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...[Reply]

Your indoor blooms are just beautiful! I just have no luck with bringing begonias or geraniums in and having them bloom. Your windowsill of plants and flowers with your cute kitty in front looks so cozy and pretty.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Like you, our garden is still buried under snow, but I manage to keep my spirits up with indoor blooms that I keep buying!

joey said...[Reply]

I'm joining the list of 'buried under snow' garden, Kerri, but do have many happy blooming indoor plants. Yours look so healthy & happy :) I'm waiting patiently for my Clivia to bloom. I transplanted Ezmirelda last summer (same pot for over 30 years) and think she's mad at me :(

*Ulrike* said...[Reply]

Your cactus is so pretty! I have several pink ones, but am looking for different colors now. A neighbor gave me a piece of hers and I believe it is white. All of your indoor plants are growing great, I won't show you mine! Today we finally got up to 60. It has been the first day since the beginning of January that we have been this warm. And we are in the south!!

GardenJoy4Me said...[Reply]

Kerri girl ! That new header picture is so pretty .. the light values are beautiful .. that is just the right light that I love to see : )
You have so many gorgeous house plants .. I have "snake plants" because so far I haven't killed them .. throw in a few scrany African Violets and there you go .. a dismal showing of ineptness ? as an indoor gardener ? LOL
Love seeing Molly .. your little furry kids are always a treat to see : )

Beth said...[Reply]

Your houseplants are so pretty, especially the Christmas cactus! Like the kitty too.

Merle said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri ~~ I am so glad I was able
to help with the Kennilworth Ivy and I love it, must take some photos of some of my plants. Fortunately as you would know, we don't have to take our plants indoors thankfully.
Your zygo looks lovely as do your other plants. Always something bright to see here.
I am much the same - the swelling isn't draining as quickly as I'd like. Guess I had better be patient. Take care yourself, my friend, Love, Merle.

Susan at Charm of the Carolines said...[Reply]

Spring will be here before you know it. Carpe Chocolate!


Mountain Mama said...[Reply]

Kerri every time I see your indoor garden I want to make one too. It is so lovely, and to have flowers blooming when there's snow outside must be so rewarding! I love your kitty's too. They are so beautiful and content looking. I can't have cats here because we have lots of coyotes and raccoons that would enjoy them for lunch!
How wonderful that Merle named your pretty vine for you. I have never seen one myself but will be watching for them at the nursery.
I have to separate my ancient orchid cacti this spring. It is so rootbound I can't water it anymore. Poor thing!
I'm hoping you don't have to wait much longer for spring dear. All your gardens will be awaiting your green thumbs and fingers!

Merle said...[Reply]

Hi again Dear Kerri ~~ Thank you so
very much for the lovely card - full of flowers - so pretty. That was very nice of you. I am seeing a different doctor next Monday, so may get more help there.
Take care, dear friend, and thanks
again, Love, Merle.

Midlife Mom said...[Reply]

Oh Kerri you have such beautiful flowers in your home! Such a ray of sunshine during these gloomy winter months! I'm wondering if you are getting the storm that has been coming up the east coast. We have just had rain from it so far. Hardly any snow at all now, can see the lawn and the green grass left over from last summer.

Take care and again, thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers with us all! xoxox