Sunday, August 09, 2009

Daylily Delight

July and August bring a riot of color to the gardens, and a daily stroll around the yard to see the newest daylily offerings truly is a delight.

This past week we've been blessed with some very welcome blue skies and sunshine, although the previous 2 mornings were so chilly that I had wear socks and cool weather slippers to keep my frozen feet warm. Friday and Saturday temperatures hovered in the mid 70's and a cool wind blew, but it was good weather for weeding and other work in the gardens.

In the long shot above, "Ruffled Apricot" daylily is blooming profusely, now into its third week. There are several others keeping it company, but it's the standout.

This photo was taken on July 20th, the second day of its show, just as the red asiatics were finishing their bloom. The white "Centerfold" asiatic can be seen in the background, still going strong. Posted by Picasa

And here it is, loaded with blooms on Friday, August 7th, just 2 days ago.

Just look at those lovely, plump buds. I think this one gets the prize for the most blooms this summer. Posted by Picasa

To the left of the star an Easter Lily ( Lilium longiflorum) has just finished its bloom (click to enlarge and see the haywagon in the background),

...but 2 weeks ago it was in its glory.
Don't throw that potted lily away after Easter. Plant it in your garden when the soil warms up.

"White Temptation" is also part of this grouping, and if you enlarge for detail, you'll see it has 3 large blooms in the top photo.

A little lost amid the hot colors is "Catherine Woodbury", and to her left is the tiger lily I grew from seed, about to bloom for its second summer.
I'd really prefer fewer Gloriosa Daisies, which spread themselves a little too liberally for my taste, but I didn't get around to thinning them when I should've, and now they're blooming everywhere...madly! They do put on a bright show, and passersby seem to love them (so they tell me....which is very nice), but I find so many of them a bit overwhelming. Posted by Picasa

But Catherine knows how to hold her own! I've divided this lily several times and she's in about 6 different places throughout the gardens.

Do you notice that little grey blob? It's Reuben waiting patiently in the driveway for me to come and feed him (and there were others out of the picture).

"Mary's Gold" has huge 9 inch blooms. I like her surrounded by those pretty pink and red Phlox and the Monarda (Bee Balm).

She manages to stand tall above them.

My favorite spider daylily, "Cleo" is on the lower end of the Driveway Garden, shown here in bright morning light.

Now if I point the camera away from the sun a little you can see her color better.

And a long shot in afternoon light, with those peacefully grazing cows in the background.

She's surrounded by "Cerise Queen" Yarrow, among other things.

"Dallas Star" needs to have the perennials around her thinned, to give her more room to grow, poor thing. Posted by Picasa

"Janice Brown" is up near the top, but she's short and not visible in the long shots.

Over in the Lilac Garden, "Chicago Star" is another one with huge, showy blooms.

And "Catherine Woodbury" can be found here too, among the daisies. Posted by Picasa

Molly was keeping me company down at the Fence Garden on this day, a week ago. Behind her we see "Atlanta Moonlight" and the peach, "Abstract Art". The red is "Ellen's Lily", a passalong from my blog friend, Ellen. It had loads of blooms this summer. Posted by Picasa

The beautiful "Atlanta Moonlight". Posted by Picasa

"Abstract Art"

Along the front, between the peonies, and new last year: "Chamber Music".....

"Lady Fingers", another spider.... Posted by Picasa

And Bama Music.
It takes about 3 years for them to reach their full height and become well established.

Also by the peonies, "Flore Pleno", a passalong from my gardening friend, Jean.

We're skipping right past the Lily Garden, and heading over to the Phlox garden, as this post is becoming too long. I really must try to do shorter posts more often! The Lily Garden will have a post of its own.

Here we have the bright and charming "By Myself" amid the Phlox, but she is not alone....

The diminutive "Bali Hai" resides here too.
Speaking of diminutive.....poor little "Butterpat", in the Fence Garden, had its buds eaten by a deer!
This is a first for us, amazingly. I'm not sure why they don't bother my gardens more (they did eat the 2 apple trees we planted a few years ago), but I assume it's because they have plenty to eat in the surrounding fields and woods. This was an awful scare though, and we promptly applied a deer repellant around the gardens. Luckily, so far they haven't been back.
We saw one wander into the field of sweet corn one morning recently, so they're probably snacking over there, along with the raccoons. The wildlife are well fed around here!
We had our first taste of sweet corn for dinner tonight (yum!). It's good of them to share :)
Posted by Picasa

Wandering up to the Coneflower Garden we find "Unknown Purple" (no tag on it when we bought it)...this one has such gorgeous color and form.

And "Charles Johnston", which was the first bloomer this summer....a wonderful cherry red.

Further up, in the Top Driveway Garden, is "Strutter's Ball". Still quite new, and not very tall yet, it had just a few lovely blooms this summer. Posted by Picasa

Some of you will remember the original "Janice Brown", which turned out not to be "Janice". I now think of her as "Heart of Sunshine", thanks to my dear friend Annie in Austin.

Up by the house, sitting pretty below Clematis Jackmanii, is "Joan Senior", a passalong from my dear gardening friend, Marie.

This day she had a tiny friend. Posted by Picasa

"Summerwine" is also in this Sideporch Garden.

Her color is one of my favorites. Posted by Picasa

This pretty creamy yellow (no name) is up by the big machinery shed, towards the barn. Do you see the double yellow Gloriosa Daisy behind it? We have a few of those happy accidents, compliments of the bees.

This is one of the original daylilies, divided many times, shared with friends, and planted in several beds throughout the garden.

"Catherine Woodbury" (another original...and "Summerwine" is the third...all 3 planted about 18 years ago), is also found in this garden, just around the corner. Posted by Picasa

Now, if you haven't fallen asleep, have a quick look back before you go. There's Clematis Jackmanii, still blooming by the side porch, but winding down now. It seems to have enjoyed all the rain, and has rewarded us with a vigorous and long bloom (click for a better look). Posted by Picasa
Thunder is booming, lightning is flashing, and rain is falling once again as I type. Hoping for sunshine tomorrow!

Happy August, everyone!


Marrissa said...[Reply]

Your garden always makes me feel so warm as if I'm actually there soaking in the sunshine. And as always, your brilliant photography blows me away! It's good to see Molly was giving you a hand, or supervising rather haha.
What part of Australia did you grow up in by the way..?
***Blessed Be***

Tabor said...[Reply] have super motivated me to print out this post and start ordering day lilies! The deer do eat the blossoms here. We have a nearby historic garden and they loose 30-40% of everything they plant to deer as they have no fence and open fields on every side.

Roses and Lilacs said...[Reply]

Your gardens are so beautiful. I love the mixture of colors and textures. I wish I could get gloriosa daisies to come back like that. They usually don't self seed in my garden.

Love the Cerise Queen Yarrow too. I will look for that here. Your combinations of daylilies, monarda, gloriosa daisies and phlox are lovely.

Apple said...[Reply]

You have so many and they are all so beautiful. How do you remember the names of all of them? My sister and I have talked about visiting a lily farm, a post like this could actually inspire us to go.

We just had another thunderstorm pass through. Maybe we'll get a few hours break and a peak at the sun this morning.

Autumn Belle said...[Reply]

Your home and garden is lovely. There are so many types of daylilies. Wow! I like Molly too.

Giddy said...[Reply]

Your daylilies are so pretty! I have an Apricot Ruffles, as well and you're correct, she's a real beauty.

I need to divide so much next year. I'll have to spend the winter getting my mind geared up for it.

Needled Mom said...[Reply]

It would be really hard to pick a favorite, Kerri, as they are sll so stunning. It must be so rewarding to look out at a sea of color when they are blooming so well.

I hope you get some sunshine soon. You have certainly had more than your share of cool weather this summer. The days are shortening and there is a coolness in the air here too. Fall won't be far behind.

whoistracy said...[Reply]

Fabulous!! Of course you know my favorite would be the last with no name. Wonder what it is- would love to add it to my gardens next spring.

Beautiful shots!

Linda said...[Reply]

The whole time I'm scrolling through those pictures I keep trying to come up with original adjectives - beautiful, lovely, amazing just don't seem to do them justice.
Not only are they beautiful,lovely and amazing - the way you've grouped the colors is just so ...... wonderful. There - a different one.
I think you've gotten all our rain and we have your sunshine and more to spare! Everything here is just dry and brown - so all of your colors are a real treat.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Oh my, you have quite an incredible collection of daylilies. So beautiful! All these garden blogs are leading me astray, and making me covet all the other flowers that I now "need". I have four different daylilies, isn't that pitiful? I surely need more, right?

Karen said...[Reply]

What a "delight"ful post! You know how much I love daylilies. You are lucky to get a Flore-Pleno from a kind friend. I still love the Catherine Woodbury. It's not hard to remember the names when they are your "babies" is it? At least that's how I think of mine.

Layanee said...[Reply]

It was a glorious season for daylilies here also although they are on the wane. Division is on the agenda for the fall. Have to have more also. Your gardens are full of color and a treat to the eye.

Alice said...[Reply]

With each successive photo I thought, "This is my favourite", until now I'm a dithering mass of indecision. So I've decided that I love all of the daylilies and the liliums....and I do.

I'm glad you've had a couple of days in which to relish the smorgasboard of colour that is your garden.....and to photograph it so that we can delight in it, too.

Thanks, Kerri. You really set a high standard for the rest of us to aspire to.

Haven't had a photo of dear Ross for a long time. Are you working him too hard?

sweet bay said...[Reply]

Kerri what an absolutely gorgeous post! Your beautiful borders with the lovely hilly countryside in the background -- all I can say is "ah" and "wow!".

You have prompted me to put many more daylilies on my want list. ;)

Gorgeous photography and gorgeous flowers. I always very much enjoy seeing your posts.

Lesley said...[Reply]

Sooooo lovely - soooooo jealous.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous garden in such detail.

Lesley x

Marlene Depler said...[Reply]

What beautiful daylilies! And such a variety. I only have three daylilies, and they are already done blooming for the season.

Zoey said...[Reply]

What a tranquil summer setting with those gorgeous daylilies down on the farm, a cat on the if there was a cherry pie cooling on the windowsill, it would be just perfect!

You are a lucky lady to live in such a beautiful setting...actually "luck" has nothing to do with it, YOU created it all with your hard work. I enjoyed seeing the fruits of your labor.

Marie said...[Reply]

Amazing flowers :)
Beautiful post!

Val said...[Reply]

I only have two variety of day lilies = one early one, yellow. And the other one, which has been wonderful - you have inspired me to go and take a photo as soon as its light. I think it was originally a passalong a few years ago....

em said...[Reply]

kerri, wow, what a lot of blooms! you must get tired of me saying "wow!" when i come here. i like summer wine the best. did it photograph true to color? your color combinations and the sheer mass of blooms makes for beautiful beds and a nice contrast with the black and white cows.

hope to see more soon!

joey said...[Reply]

Amazed you know the names of your beautiful daylilies, Kerri ... shame on me that I have lost their lovely names throughout the years, but I love them ... your beautiful garden speaks because of your loving hands. Thanks for your kind words, dear gardening friend. You were one of the 1st connecting with me with our love for life and gardening. Hugs.

Titania said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri, your garden is really a riot of the loveliest colours and blooms. The day lilies are just marvellous. Janice very subtle lovely colour. The creamy yellow, no name has really caught my attention. Oh Ah if we would be just a tiny little bit closer we could exchange!! I have bought some new ones again, can't wait for them to flower. It is getting rapidly warm now and dry!
Enjoy the weekend and do not work to hard!

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...[Reply]

Wow Kerri, I am quite speechless - fabulous daylilies, as you say daylily delight

Barbee' said...[Reply]

Absolutely gorgeous, Kerri!

DivaGlinda said...[Reply]

In a cooler, wetter, summer I might be inclined to play favorites, but this year of exceptional drought makes me appreciate all the daylilies, Kerri, and even the gloriosas!

Heart of Sunshine, Cleo and Joan Senior are especially lovely while Summerwine & Catherine Woodbury make me remember my Illinois garden - think they could still be growing there a decade after I left?

I've been working on the Divas of the Dirt blogs so this will say Diva Glinda - so glad I took time for a refreshing visit to you!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Barbara said...[Reply]

I am completely overwhelmed, dear Kerri! Your daylilies are just fantastic. So many different sorts and's a real daylily paradise! Some of them are in my garden too, but they showed only a few flowers this year (I bought them last year) and even the "old" ones were not very successful this year (slugs were faster!). So I have to wait for another summer to come.
We've had some very hot days last week, the last summer days to enjoy!
Have a good week!