Monday, January 12, 2009

Colors of Winter

We have to search for color in the winter landscape.

At first glance it appears monochromatic.

But there's pale color in the sunrise....

Soft peachy hues on the snowy trees....

and muted gold as the sun lights the treetops. Posted by Picasa

I find a little color up by the barn - dual wheels for the big Ford tractor...used for spring field work.

A broken, crooked window in the machinery shed.

Hay bales on a wagon.

Snowy conifers by the compost piles.

Not much color in the woodpile, but there's a glimpse of red on the tractor as hubby plows snow.

(Click photos for a larger view)

Oh, there are some rich, earthy shades in the birch bark! Posted by Picasa

Wheelbarrows waiting to be put away in the shed.

Snowy green tractor and buildings.

The neighbor's red barn, now used to house horses.

Our old barn by the shale bed. Posted by Picasa

Jasmine is a bright spot against the white expanse, as she ventures out into the snowy morning.

Molly thinks she might like to go too.....

...but changes her mind quickly and heads back for the door when she feels that icy snow on her paws.

Within a very short time Jasmine is at the front sliding glass door, scratching at the screen (which needs to be replaced because of her bad habit). "Let me back in please, Mom. It's cold out here!" Posted by Picasa

Sheba goes with hubby to the mailbox. She's a barn cat and doesn't seem to mind being out in all kinds of weather.

Hubby plows some more snow.....

It keeps him busy.

The birds arrive early to fuel up against the cold. There's a male hairy woodpecker on the suet, goldfinches and sparrows on the tray. Posted by Picasa

The goldfinches are wearing their olive-gold winter colors.

But the blue jays are always bright in color and brash in nature, brazenly scattering the small birds from the tray to eat their fill of seeds and corn. They don't stay long though, so there's always plenty to go around.

The chickadees and goldfinches love my (their) Christmas present. The cage feeder keeps the big birds out.

The little male downy woody loves that suet! Posted by Picasa

We've had a female red-bellied woody showing up quite regularly too. I wonder if she's the same one that came last year.

The little gray and white juncos are some of the earliest at the feeders in the mornings. They come just as the darkness begins to lift.

Oh, here's another early bird....Mrs. Cardinal!

And...a brilliant spot of red.....Mr. Cardinal, who has begun to grace us with his presence more often lately, if briefly. I've yet to see him on a feeder. I don't know if it's the same pair we had during the summer, but back then he was the bold one and she was the shy one.

At the end of the day, as the sun sets behind the hills, the winter sky delights us with a glorious show. Posted by Picasa
The colors of winter are there for us to find.....we just need to look a little harder.


jodi said...[Reply]

More awesome bird photos, and now happy cat pics to go with them. I'm with you; I do love some of the watercolour shades of winter, even as I long for green. But I think we northerners NEED this period of less polychromatic scenery so that we appreciate our growing seasons even more.

David Spooner said...[Reply]

It's good to see Uncle Dean is keeping busy. Are the Grandkids going to visit. All that snow to play with. -4 F here is Germany. Great pictures. You realy put alot into them.

Tabor said...[Reply]

Lovely photos and it looks like you have gotten your share of the white stuff. I especially like the bird and Christmas lights photo. This might make a good Christmas card one year!

Colleen said...[Reply]


That was a beautiful post! You have no idea how badly I needed to be reminded that even January has its beautiful moments!

I love all of the bird photos--I need to put up more feeders, I think.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...[Reply]

I always love your farm scenes!

Molly and Jasmine are so cute! I know how cats tiptoe in the snow. Sheba is a tough girl alright!

We have the same birds and I'm always entertained by them coming to the feeders. You've really taken great photos of your feathered friends.


Roses and Lilacs said...[Reply]

Your landscape looks much like ours. Another snow expected tonight. Loved seeing your cats and birds. Poor birds, I feel so sorry for them. All their natural food sources buried so long under this snow.

Debbie said...[Reply]

Kerri, your posts always bless me. What gorgeous pictures and wonderful perspective. I have to admit to be settling a bit into my winter blues and it is so nice to have someone point out the color and beauty even in our winter landscape.

Thank you.

Alice said...[Reply]

No need for rose-coloured glasses with sunsets like that, Kerri. Beautiful. I was wondering if the colour would reflect off the snow...but probably more likely to off ice instead.

Loved the spots of colour which, as you say, are there for the finding. Cat photos were wonderful.

Bit worried about dear Ross, though. He seems to spend a lot of time he not welcome in the house?

Catherine said...[Reply]

Lots of beautiful colors in your Winter garden! And beautiful the pink in the sky, and the red of the barn, and golden yellow of the hay contrasting against the white snow is stunning! And your beautiful cats too! :) That last capture of the sun set sais it all...gorgeous!
Fantastic post Kerri!
Happy New Year!

Lisa at Greenbow said...[Reply]

Great "color" pictures Kerri. I love seeing your cats. They look so fluffy.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...[Reply]

Dear Kerri.....

I’ve read of the snowy weather conditions in New York and have been thinking of you and Ross and wondering how the snow has affected you on the farm. Your pictures are really beautiful, as you say, the snow completely changes the landscape into a wonderful winter wonderland.

I always enjoy seeing your cats...... I love the one of Jasmine as she ventures forth into the snowy morning..... she has a gorgeous coat and like George, its amazing how it thickens up for winter. Ross looks to be enjoying ploughing in the snow!

Last week it was bitterly cold here in Wales, but only a sprinkling of snow down in the village, more on the mountains. Like you, we’ve had some stunning sun rise and sun sets.

Hope you and Ross are keeping well....... Happy New Year to you both and keep warm. Love - Marion

HelenJ said...[Reply]

Lovely winter photos! And really nice cats too....
Thanks for visiting my blog. /Helen

verobirdie said...[Reply]

Oh Kerri, those pictures are beautiful, especially those with the sunrise (at least in my opinion).
I could have borrowed your husband last week: we've got 10 inches of snow all of suddent, and we were not prepared at all :-)
Take care

Pear tree cottage! said...[Reply]

Kerri, your snow filled garden and life at the moment I think just reflects the beautiful colours that will fill your home in a few short months...........when spring arrives. However in showing us the colours of this your day gives us a peek of a wonderful life, home and family, and that is so nice. I little like coming over for a cup of tea.

I say to myself each time I visit you and see your lovely photos "This is why I enjoy being a blogger, this is being part of a world full of beauty" thank you for another beautiful post Kerri.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri,
Anytime you post birds I'll be here:) Lovely photos and shots of them, so closeup and clear! My feeders aren't quite that close to my window so unless I get something other than a 300mm lens they might not look that good!
Seems you are in a very drab part of the year...but I'm glad you can find some color in it. NY is definitely NOT Virginia!. (I lived in NY when I was younger, for 3 the snowbelt of the Catskills, in the Albany NY area) We got SNOW there, too:)
Hope you are well these days;!

Isabelle said...[Reply]

Yes, indeed, very beautiful but much too cold for me. And where are the flowers?? Amazing to think that they're lurking there beneath the snow, ready to do their stuff.

Apple said...[Reply]

You've had some beautiful skies there. I wish Mom had the variety of birds that you get. She'd be thrilled if your woodpeckers and bluejays paid a visit. Molly certainly has taken to being a house cat! I hope you guys are both staying inside as much as you can this week! brrrr

Barbara said...[Reply]

As you mentioned, dear Kerri, there is always a spot of colour to be seen, even in this lovely winter landscape which you showed us. You are a good observer :-) !! This red cardinal is stunning. I also like to watch the various birds coming to the feeder now.
I hope you're fine!Stay warm and take care!

Sue said...[Reply]

I'm glad I scrolled down to see your lovely snow and bird pics. You have some awesome bird feeders, too. No wonder you have so many kinds of birds!

clairesgarden said...[Reply]

stunning photographs kerri! love the colours to be found if you look!

GardenJoy4Me said...[Reply]

Kerrie .. the sunrise and sunset pictures are so beautiful .. all of your pictures are wonderful. I'm in love with your cats of course .. they are beauties of another kind.
The birds are a wow ! .. we don't have many around us so looking at these are amazing .. Cardinals stand out so much with their colour .. but I love seeing the woodpecker and those Juncos .. pretty darn near perfect girl !

Kylee said...[Reply]

Beautiful, beautiful farm scenes, Kerri. And your kitties are just gorgeous!

Giroflée said...[Reply]

Kerri , I love your pictures ,birds ,cats ,country side all I love I put ,your blog in my favorite and come often to see these marvellous photos of your beautiful area
thank you for sharing and sorry with my bas English

Cris said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri! Such beautiful pictures that makes us see the other side of Winter, to me it means beauty and quiet moments by the fire to admire God's creations. And we just came back from the beach... :-) what a contrast.

. said...[Reply]


That is a glorious snow-scape photo reportage.
I must admit that I prefer it from a warm room in photo-format, rather than having to feel the cold ;-)

Lovely scenes and skies. Your compositon is so original.
BTW, I dropped you a line.

Susie said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri,
Just stopping in to say hi after my blogging break. Your snow photos are all wonderful, but it certainly is a contrast to our very mild weather. The last couple days we've had some light rain, but we need so much more.
Hope all is well with you and Ross...

Entangled said...[Reply]

Your winter photos are beautiful! Especially the skyscapes!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I enjoyed viewing your 'colorful' winter pictures! Quite different thatn here in north Texas. Question: What is the old shale bed you mention, near your old barn?


Moi said...[Reply]

i agree with you, Kerri..they may be hard to find but doesn't that make them all the more precious :)
and look at you, you hit a jackpot with them, when you decided to go looing for them :)
i love,love,love red barns in snow........i know mine's rather too conventional a taste, but what's there to not like about red barns .......:)And the winter sunsets always seem so much more intense, it's like the sky is trying to taunt the dormant earth, while the earth is waiitng for spring to show its true colors ......


Moi said...[Reply]

*looking (oops!)

Noella said...[Reply]

Beautiful, soft colours, gorgeous pussy cats, and colourful birds.

Excellent photos, Kerri, and mood.

Greetings from Western Australia!


Su Chua Phin 徐蔡斌 said...[Reply]

I am mesmerised by these pictures :)