Monday, March 03, 2008

Squirrel Talk

Oh boy, oh boy, I've struck it rich! Sunflower seed for breakfast! Black gold! Mmmm, yum,yum,nummmmm......

........huh? Whoozat?

Oh, hi lady! Whatzat?

You wanna take my picture?

OK, just let me pick this seed out of my teeth so I can give you my best smile.....

Whoa! Wait a minute, whatzat big furry thing?!! Posted by Picasa

I don't like the way it's looking at me......

Ack! It wants me for breakfast!!!

I gotta get out of here!

......But I sure hate to leave all this black gold.

Hang on......

Hey furry thing....look over there, behind me! Posted by Picasa

See all those turkeys? They're much bigger and fatter than me.... Posted by Picasa

Wouldn't you rather have one of them for breakfast?

(Click on the picture for a better look)

Maybe even two. There's plenty.... Posted by Picasa

Phew! I think it, where was I?

Hey lady, leave me alone will ya? Give a guy a break.....I'm tryin' to eat!


Nancy said...[Reply]

Wow! Wild turkeys in your back yard....that is so cool!

kenju said...[Reply]

We have gray squirrels here, so it is nice to see a red one for a change.

Barbara said...[Reply]

Great pictures together with a funny "story"! You were at the right time on the right place!! Super!

Hillside Garden said...[Reply]

Kerri, you live in a wonderful world. Your cat is angry?


tanya said...[Reply]

Hilarious. And great shots! Love it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...[Reply]

That rascally squirrel is gonna eat up all the seed. I just love the way your kitty is watching him. I wish she could get it for you.

You have a big flock of turkeys. My goodness. You could have a big thanksgiving feast with all those turkeys. I think they are so pretty when the start displaying.

Cherdecor said...[Reply]

Your little squirrel is prettier than the ones we have here. It looks like he put mousse on his tail to spruce himself up before breakfast? LOL!

Oh, to have turkeys in my backyard! You are blessed with wild life all around you!

Your kitty is so pretty! I love all the colors in its fur.

That was a cute story to read before I start my day.

I must get to packing. We are flying to Puerto Rico tomorrow! Whoo Hoo! Sunshine, here I come!!!

Susan said...[Reply]

Sooo cute! You could write a children's book! Have a great day.

verobirdie said...[Reply]

Lovely pictures and a nice story to go with them:-)

Pam/Digging said...[Reply]

Cute, Kerri, and good pics. How neat that you get wild turkeys in your garden.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...[Reply]

LOL! We don't have any red squirrels around here. That one is cute, but it looks positively scrawny compared to my squirrels. Let the poor thing fatten up a bit.

PEA said...[Reply]

LOL oh Kerri, what a fun post...your words truly did match the expressions on the squirrel's face and you'd swear that's what he was saying! hehe We have had a couple of squirrels hanging around here all winter long and at times they don't get along, what a racket they can make! I see you still have snow there as well...we have tons of it yet and although yesterday it rained, it didn't get rid of much snow and today it's back to frigid temps. We usually have snow here until at least mid April. Take care my friend and keep taking those gorgeous pictures! xoxo

WiseAcre said...[Reply]

I don't mind the squirrels, our dog keeps them away from the house by barking up the wrong tree. Red squirrels can be a real pain. The gray ones are happy to nest in trees but the reds want to move into the house.

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!
They're all cute and cuddly compared to Turkeys. We once had a flock go through the vegetable garden (6 foot high deer netting did no good)and they left behind a scene that resembled a WW1 battlefield. Everyone should be careful what they wish for.

judypatooote said...[Reply]

Cute story with cute squirrels. And it's cute the way your kitty is ready to see that squirrel up close.....

Crappy day here today Kerri, I don't know if it's heading your way....but it's sleet and really blowing....and then we are suppose to get snow again....after all the snow left us, it's coming back....

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Great photos! I think that red squirrel is smiling!!!
Poor cat, but I am glad it is indoors.

Amy said...[Reply]

So funny and sweet! I haven't seen our squirrel at the feeder for a while now - I love to watch his antics. But, I'm seeing substantially less seed in the mornings so he must be trying night time raids.

It's interesting to see that the squirrels there look the same as ours, even though you're on the other side of the continent and quite a bit further south.

Layanee said...[Reply]

What a little 'poser' that squirrel is! Love the cat pictures and turkeys also! I need to pick up some sunflower seeds...thanks for that reminder!

Zoey said...[Reply]

cute squirrel conversation, Kerri. That's a lot of turkeys! Saturday we had about a dozen strutting down our road. We don't feed them, so they usually hang out in the neighbor's yard.


What wonderful pics of the squirrel! I never get to see anything but the bushy tails as they race up the trees with our dog in hot pursuit. Our yard is officially a "squirrel free zone".

Apple said...[Reply]

I doubt Jasmine wanted to eat him, she just wanted to invite him in to play. LOL. I rarely see red squirrels around here and I haven't seen a turkey since the fall.

I hope you're getting rain and not the ice that we're getting!

Sandy said...[Reply]

Those pictures are FABULOUS. Jasmine is having a fit trying to get out there to chat with the squirrel.
That little squirrel will tell all its little squirrel friends about those sunflower seeds and you'll have lots of visitors coming and going on your railing. That little feeder that Ross made sure came in handy for feeding the squirrels. Your squirrel looks like our fox squirrels with the red tail.

You have your own wildlife refuge out there...just look at all those wild turkeys too. I loved the captions and your little was cute.

I can't get near enough to our squirrels, or the birds, to take their pictures. The feeders are too far away from the house. I'm going to have to sit near the feeders for a while this summer to get the critters used to me being there...that's the only way I'll have a chance of getting a picture.

I wonder if deer like sunflower seeds?

Sandy said...[Reply]

After closer inspection I think that little squirrel is a frequent visitor at the bird feeders. That little squirrel is a fat little thing. hehehe

Jeanette said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri, Cute squirrel and lovely story, I think kitty would love to get out there and play chasey with the squirrel...

Robin's Nesting Place said...[Reply]

Kerri, that is the cutest squirrel! Fun post!

Annie in Austin said...[Reply]

The squirrel looked different from the ones around here - thanks to your commenters who ID'd it as a red squirrel.
You made a cute photo essay Kerri! But I'd rather see them in your garden than digging holes and exposing the roots of my container plants!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Sonia said...[Reply]

Great photos, Kerri! The squirrel is so cute!

Really you live in a wonderful place!

Midlife Mom said...[Reply]

Kerri I just loved this post! I too love taking pictures of the critters that wander into my yard for a snack.

clairesgarden said...[Reply]

love it! poor jasmine, teased by a squirrel who knows the benefits of glass doors!

Needled Mom said...[Reply]

Fabulous pictures. I love the running commentary too. The squirrel looks as though it has just come from the beauty salon with the spiked look!

Mountain Mama said...[Reply]

I love your pictures and your captions are perfect.
We have lots of squirrel's here but no snow, thank goodnes. In fact I plan to mow my laun tomorrow for the first time this year.

Elzie said...[Reply]

Just love your pictures and small stories around them. Guess the squirrel had a real party there. And the cat had something to do too LOL.
Hope you have a great Thursday.
Love Elzie

Marie said...[Reply]

Hehe, I just love this post! You have a wonderful blog!

Have a nice day :)

Barbee' said...[Reply]

Clever as always! I see you have the same type feeder with the same problem we have :)

TUFFENUF said...[Reply]

Kerri, those New York squirrels look so different than the Florida type. The ones here are more gray colored with fluffier tales. I wonder do you know are the a different variety??? Great photos!

kate said...[Reply]

This was funny - those squirrels are so brazen and adorable (I can say this because there are very few squirrels around here.)

I just finished reading - great accounts of squirrel armies... you'd get a kick out of this too!

Isabelle said...[Reply]

I had no idea that wild turkeys still existed. Wow. Love the pictures and the commentary.

What a lot of snow you still have! All summer, I seriously wanted your life: garden, view, cats, grandchildren... Now I'm not quite so sure. It looks chilly!

Mind you... turkeys. Amazing.

SOLARA said...[Reply]

Wow you have so many wild animal around your house! so cute!

Alice said...[Reply]

Isn't he just beautiful. Just how I picture a squirrel. I remember being so disappointed in England when I saw my first squirrel, just a little scrawny grey fellow. I had expected them to be red with beautiful curled tails.

Do they do any damage in the garden, like nibbling shrubs or anything like that?

Would the cats chase them if they were outside, and how to they get along with those turkeys?

Do they have any quirky little habits, apart from posing for the photographer?

Blackswamp_Girl said...[Reply]

LOL! How fun, Kerri! :)

Katarina i Kullavik said...[Reply]

A very entertaining post! I enjoyed every second of it!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - it made me find yours and I'll certainly be back!
/Katarina (Roses and stuff)

HORIZON said...[Reply]

Wonderful story Kerri- l read it out loud to wee Sam and he loved it! Would you believe we had snow last week too!

JunieRose2005 said...[Reply]

:) I loved this post and all the cute pictures!


Kylie said...[Reply]

I'm going to start calling you St Francis of Asisi! (sorry about the spelling.) My mother is one with the squirrels! (and I am afraid.) So what does Dad think about your new language abilities? =^)

Tyra in Vaxholm said...[Reply]

Wow Kerri, so funny and beautiful!

Yolanda Elizabet said...[Reply]

What a fun series of pics! That squirrel is very clever. ;-)

You have wild turkey's in your garden? Wow!

Kate said...[Reply]

Love it ! Haven't seen a red squirrel since I lived in New England. Thanks.

david santos said...[Reply]

Nice, nice, nice and nice, Kerri!
Thank you. I loved this post.

Susie said...[Reply]

Hi Kerri,
What a delightful post. I love the hairdo on that squirrel :)
Your turkeys certainly look well fed!
You still have so much snow. We're basking in beautiful sunshine these days..

Moi said...[Reply]

haha........that chipmunk's a sweetheart even if it talks a tad too much..haha!!:)