Thursday, November 16, 2006

More Flooding!

The creek below our house flooded our road again tonight.

These photos were taken in early August, just after the 2nd flood we had on Saturday, July 22nd. The first happened on June 28th. If you care to see those pictures you'll find them in the June archives.

Earlier in the evening we looked out into the dark night and saw flashing lights on the corner. There was a fire truck and several other vehicles, and men marking the road with flares. I felt sorry for these men having to be out in the pouring rain on this very black night. The deluge of rain lessoned for a while and after a couple of hours the waters receded,
allowing the men to go home to their warm houses.
We've had another downpour or two since then, but the rain seems to have tapered off now to a steady fall. Just at dusk we had some strong winds along with the heavy rain. Apparently there was damage in some areas. The daylight will show us whether we have any tree damage.

This creek is usually a peaceful stream meandering through the meadow

For a good part of this spring, summer and fall, it has run much faster and had far more water in it than usual.

This is where it comes out of the culvet on the other side of the road. Tomorrow I'll take my camera and go see what it looks like after this night's flood. Posted by Picasa


Sue said...[Reply]

I know you said it was raining, but that sounds like you've had more than your share!
I wonder if the ground is just still very saturated from the rain earlier this year...
Stay warm, safe and dry!

HORIZON said...[Reply]

We are both having too much rain just now Kerri ! Wow- your place looks sodden. Keep warm and dry dear friend.

Connie and Rob said...[Reply]

Oh my, mother nature is always keeping us on our toes...Hope things dry up for you. We had a scary snow forcast but they were wrong. Yippee!!!

Take care,
Hugs, Connie

PEA said...[Reply]

Gosh, I'm sorry to hear you've been having so much rain again!! Over here it's just cold enough that instead of rain we're getting snow but saying that, it was pouring all last night and this morning it's freezing rain..ugh! Take care and stay warm! xox

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Hasn't this been absolutely ridiculous? Absurd, I say! Our poor little creek was the Colorado rapids last night. The volume of the roar is shocking. Thank goodness for sump pumps. I'm crossing my fingers that we'll get a break soon.

Kati said...[Reply]

I find water both fascinating and frightening, as a powerful force of nature! I've noticed such a contrast this year too, from the dryness of last summer!

Apple said...[Reply]

Blue! I saw blue patches for one whole hour this morning. Hope you did too and that the damage there isn't too severe.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...[Reply]

It has rained for days now here to, but we haven't experienced any flooding like you have. I hope the rains & flooding end soon for you and I also wish that the people of Oz could get some of this rain. I'm sure that you'll agree that we sure don't need any more at this time.

Annie in Austin said...[Reply]

I, too, wish for some dry sunshine for your part of the country.
The power of water is surprising - when we get flash floods, people drive into places with just a few inches covering the pavement and their cars are swept away! Please, don't get close to the culvert, Kerri!!


Anonymous said...[Reply]

Sometimes it is so much easier to have snow!! I know! I didn't mean to swear but you know its the truth Good Luck!!

Pamela said...[Reply]

Kerri, it is so discouraging when Mother Nature flares up and we are at her mercy. I hope and pray the weather settles down for you so that you may get back to the business of getting ready to enjoy friends and family for Thanksgiving!

Thank your dear father and hubby for serving to make this a better world! They will always be our heros!

Thank You for your well wishes for my birthday! It means the world to me! :)

Jeanette said...[Reply]

Lovely photo's I hope theres know damage or trees down on your property kerri. stay inside keep warm.

jellyhead said...[Reply]

I know that the rain has been a pest for you there, but it all looks so green and FRESH! Here in drought-stricken Australia, we're jealous of your downpours! (at least I am - we are in desperate need of more rain to fill the dams)

Hope the roads weren't cut off or anything too drastic. Have a happy weekend Kerri!

Linda said...[Reply]

I'm sorry it's been so awful there. It does seem like we are having such weather extremes. We are desperate for rain here. It would be nice if we could just take your excess.
Take care.

Sigrun said...[Reply]

Oh, thats bad, I do not like floods. Is something damaged?


Britt-Arnhild said...[Reply]

I have enjolyed my visit here. Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I sure wish that you could send the rain to Florida. We have had many forest fires and could use a lot of rain. Hope it will dry out for you real soon. I love the picture of the creek in your pictures.

Alice said...[Reply]

Remember that lovely sound of rain on the roof when you are snug in bed? Such music to the ears! What - you don't like it anymore? Well, I guess you've just had too much of a good thing.

Wouldn't it be great if we could somehow just rotate the weather to where it's needed, or the earth to meet the weather? Guess what - it's probably just as well we can't do that because we'd all want something different. The farmer would want it to rain so that his crops grew, but his wife would want the sun to dry the washing .... lol.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

We had some bad storms here, but now it is dry again. It sounds like the weather everywhere is changing. I hope we are not wearing out poor Mother Earth!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Oh terrible

Val said...[Reply]

Flooding? Some people have all the luck...

Not really, but you know what I mean, Kerri!