Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - April 2011

The mid-April garden is springing to life!

I can't remember ever appreciating the newly emerging blooms quite so much.
Perhaps it's because our winter seemed everlasting.

The sight of blooming Daffodils lifts my soul.

This time last year the gardens were bursting with blooms, but they're all a little slower this spring.

Hyacinths were fully open for last year's Bloom Day, but the flowers are just emerging this week.

A few Crocuses are still blooming and the bees have been busily enjoying them. Posted by Picasa

There's a small patch of golden yellow Crocuses in the Clematis Garden.

These beauties have just finished, but they were still gorgeous just a few days ago.

Most of this mixed group are drooping now as well, but they were such a delight during their brief reign of glory.

Hannah is so happy to be exploring the outdoors again.

She thinks the Daffodils make a good hiding place for watching the birds.

The blue flowered Scilla siberica (Siberian Squill) is one of my absolute favorites. Posted by Picasa

Bees love it too.

The yellow and white Daffodils in the Clematis Garden were some of the first to open just a couple of days ago.

Snowdrops are finally beginning to fade, after blooming for a month, and don't look as good as this now, but it's amazing how well they hold up to the inconsistencies of early spring weather.

There's something so endearing about the little bulbs of spring. These Chionadoxas (Glory of the Snow) make such a pretty patch of color.

The pink Helleborus has been slow to open.....

......but here it is, finally!
Not as spectacular as some I've seen on other blogs, but very precious to me after waiting 4 years for this bloom! Posted by Picasa

There are a few new blooms on the white Helleborus. It began blooming back in October and is still producing blooms after napping under a blanket of snow for several months.

The Silver Maple is ablaze with fuzzy red flowers and I see a haze of red from the maples in the surrounding woods.

We've had several beautiful, sunny days lately (with April showers in between) and I've been out doing some clean-up in the garden beds. It feels so good to be out in the garden again, feeling the warmth of the sun!  
Hannah is in full agreement :)

And how wonderful it is to once again have colorful blooms to photograph and enjoy. Posted by Picasa

I hope you're enjoying your spring (or fall) garden as much as I'm enjoying mine. Posted by Picasa

Carol of May Dreams Gardens has a long list of other gardeners showing off their blooms for this April Bloom Day. I hope you'll find time to visit her and click some of those links.
I notice that Carol's Indiana garden is quite a bit further along than our upstate NY zone 5 garden, but we'll get there. I'm quite happy to go a little slower and just enjoy each day of these long awaited spring blooms.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spring Magic!

Color is gradually returning to our spring garden, and each daily walk brings new discoveries.
There's not a great deal of warmth in the air yet and it seems to me I could count the sunny spring days on one hand.
Today's weather brought a mixture of rain and wet snow, with cold winds persisting, as they have for most of March and these first few days of April, so my exploratory walk this afternoon was very brief.
This past weekend brought sunshine though, and Sunday was the warmest and sunniest day we've had so far this spring.
Naturally the plants were calling out to be photographed, and how could I resist?

Snowdrops/Galanthus opened their diminutive blooms to the warm sunshine.

I found only one bright little Winter Aconite/Eranthis hyemalis blooming for a
 second season, but there are babies surrounding it! If you click the photo for a larger view you'll see that there's a busy fly on the flower.

Jasmine was happy to be out in the garden soaking up the sunshine.

Crocuses were just budding in the early morning but popped open for the first time in the warm afternoon sun. Daffodils are shooting up next to them.

These little purples are always the first to bloom.

Larger purples next to them are usually a day later

As are the whites.

Here are the large purples late Sunday afternoon.

And the lovely whites with the sun shining through their petals.

In the spring of 2008 there were still 2 nice clumps of about 30 of these golden yellow crocuses, but they were nowhere to be found in the spring of '09. Vole tunnels told the story of hungry little rodents, but this one tiny bulb was apparently overlooked, and happily, here it is making an appearance this spring. 

Nearby are a couple of nice clumps of this lovely lavender with purple stripes.

Daffodils in the Clematis Garden have big fat buds and are usually the first to bloom.

I love the coloring of the tulip leaves.

I was surprised to discover the Scilla siberica had tiny blue buds at the base of the leaves. I've been watching carefully for them to appear, and on March 30th suddenly there they were! I've never noticed before that the buds appear with the leaves. They bloom with the Daffodils so I wasn't expecting to see buds this soon. 

Bluebells are popping up beside the scraggly Primrose foliage.

There are Snowdrops to be found in several garden beds as I keep spreading them around. They can be moved at any time during the gardening months.

Lilacs are budding.

The Silver Maple is loaded with buds of burnished red. This tree is beautiful in spring, summer and fall.

And here is the most exciting discovery of all (at least to me)!
It's not much to look at yet, but the buds on this Hellebore have been long awaited. The plant was labeled as "Hellebore mixed" when I found it in my favorite nursery in the summer of '07, and this is the first time it's produced blooms.
After 4 years I finally know the color - it's pink and I'm so happy about that!
I'm keeping a close eye on those buds but they're not doing much yet, so I'll just have to be patient.

Happy spring to all who are emerging from a long winter!